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Cpt. Drill
12-07-2009, 13:00
Hi guys. Me and a friend have been working on some alternate Skaven lists to represent the majour clans. These have mainly comprised of stealing units stats from other armies and putting them in to try and keep as much balance as possible. Once the first two are tweaked a little I will try and put them up (although the warseer getting rid of spaces makes stat lines a pain to copy and paste).

The main one is a Clan Moulder list, partly because it is my favourite clan but secondly it has alot of battlefield potential.It is the only one to recieve a alot of play testing and it seems to work out fairly well. Its main points are:

- Leadership 9 general, Master mutator with normal skaven 20cm command range with no option for a screaming bell.
- Wizards will have a new spell list one of which would be Vermintide the equivelant of raise dead but you summon a unit of ratswarms instead. The rest are along the lines of Deathfrenzy, Command and another spell that has been switched around alot, possibly just skitterleap.
- Monstrouse creatures as mounts, giant abominations that the Master moulders ride into battle, Still playtesting terror on them so would be either a black coach or chariot equivelant.
- Ratswarms are your core unit maybe with 6/+ as your basic allowence
-Rat ogres become -/4
- Clanrats would have a limit on them -/4
- Plague monks, the doomwheel and gutter runners dropped from the list.
-A unit of monsters roughly the same as dragon ogres just a 6+ save for 200pts, These guys would be really giant rats I am using some warhammer giant rats for models. They are a really nice unit I have found although incredibly fragile I am still unsure about how balanced they are in the few outings they have had they either die without a fuss or do alot of killing.
- Gargantuan, this is basically a stegadon without the shooting attacks and proabably a 5+ save. This guy will be mounted the same on a 40x60mm base. We wanted something similar to the giant tunnerling monster created by clan moulder in the background.

The clan Skyre list is more WIP at the moment only recieving one outing so far. Balancing the army is harder with this one to try and create a shooty army without making it too defensive.

- Lots of wizards, Effectively a grey seer as leader and two warlock engineers per 1000pts, They will all have an upgrade availible wich will either allow them to get +1 to casting warp lightnings or +2 shooting attacks if they join a unit a bit like dragon breath.
- Jazzails or unlimited
- Potentially slaves instead of ratswarms but they will have the same statline just for fluff purposes. You can just as easily use ratswarms though.
- Clanrats, stormvermin and maybe jazzails will all be able to take gun team upgrades. More or less these are salamanders they will give the unit an extra stand that has 2 shooting attacks.
- Plague monks, Ratogres and gutter runners dropped from the list.
- Poison wind globadiers might be in the list a unit with a 6+save 2 normal attacks and 2 shooting attacks that ignor armour saves, any ones rolled whilst shooting count as wounds against the globadiers and can cause confusion.
- Maybe -/4 on warplightning cannons
- Doom wheels become -/2
- A skaven warp tank... a bit like the steam tank with a fruity failed order table attached.

The Eshin and Pestilence are both causing a little more trouble but so far...

-Triads as characters with 3 attacks but little command value

-even more frenzied units in the form of plague censer bearers either as additions to plague monks or as a single stand alone unit.
- Couldren of poxes... Possibly doing hits to everything within 30cm of it. (Still needs work)

Would be nice to get some outside feedback on the list ideas. Incidentally if you want to follow the Skyre and Moulder armies in production check out my new blog!


Oh and special thanks to azraelezekiel for helping me to decide on Skaven. Your plan worked very well...

13-07-2009, 21:05
Very interesting.
Skaven are my favourite army so I will watch this with interest.
I have done some rules for the tank, globladiers and fire throwers.
Just a point, the bell is no longer a general's mount but a unit in it's own right.

Keep me posted or drop me a mail if you need any help!