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12-07-2009, 19:23
1: How big is one stand? (in mm. Is it a cavalry base, or something else?)

2: Can I have a magic items from start, I.e a 10 pts sword on a dragon mounted chaos lord? Or are they gained later?

3: Dragon ogre shaggoths? Can I have them? I.E. Have one dragon ogre stand consisting of 1 shaggoth, but count as dragon ogres?

12-07-2009, 21:16
One Warmaster stand is 20x40mm a warhammer cavalry base is 25x50mm.

Magic items are chosen when you pick your army the points come from your overall points allocation. Magic items are of little relevance in Warmaster if you have a few points left and can't buy anything else buy a magic item but don't pick them otherwise the points are better spent on more units.

It's acceptable to use counts as for warmaster units so long as your roughly representing a similiar unit. Dragon ogres are monsters 3 stands based like cavalry so you would need the counts as unit to be 3 stands based like cavalry as well. The Chaos army really doesn't have a suitable counts as unit for a Dragon Ogre Shaggoth. At a push it could be a spawn (not great) or a Hero on Chaos Dragon. Or just model up a Shaggoth and put it in the middle of the unit with a regular dragon ogre either side and use the DO rules as is. A giant is the ideal counts as for a shaggoth but Chaos doesn't have one. The Beastmen army list has a Shaggoth it's very similiar to a giant ruleswise.

My shaggoth conversion (cheap plug :D)


12-07-2009, 21:57
1. a dragon ogre with a magic item upgrade?
2. a hero "bound" to the dragon ogre unit?

13-07-2009, 21:07
As above for 1 & 2.
The shaggoth should surface when the trial armies book sees the light of day.
It is included in the beats of chaos list.