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17-07-2009, 22:38
Hi ! Sorry to ask here on this thread, but I read the rulebook many times over and I can't find an answer to my questions.

It is about the movements. It is said that if issued an order correctly, a unit can move a determined number of cm. Is there a limitation to the types of move the unit can do ? In warhammer battle there are rules for wheels, turns, etc, but it seems there isn't any (or I just fail to see it ...). I can only find rules regarding movement blocked by terrain or enemy troops.

Also, is it possible to move a unit with an order and to make it charge with a second one ?

The real issue I have with all that is the easiness of making a flank charge if there is no rules regarding that ... You move your unit next to the enemy and then make it wheel on itself, and charge the enemy's flank with the second order.

On a side related note (I am still re-reading the book, so this one might be explained) when you charge an enemy unit, does the enemy unit have to align on yours ? Or is it possible for an enemy unit to adopt an irregular formation in a L shape to receive a charge on it's side and a charge in front of it on its front ? (Said unit will probably be annihilated anyways, but I am curious).

Thank you for your answers ! Ancre.

Cpt. Drill
18-07-2009, 03:42
Do not worry about asking, I found a few rules a bit open to interpretation but they way we do it is...

You can order and move, then charge in a later order. This does in theory make it easy to get flank chargers but those later orders start stacking up with minuses and they get pretty hard to do. Also your positioning should prevent any easy flank charges... (but thats up to you)

You aligh no your enemies formation, if they have an L then just get as many stands in as possible more or less... I have to say in all my years of playing warmaster irregular formations dont turn up that often... normal formations are pretty easy to charge!