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21-07-2009, 12:44

I've been a fan of warmaster since it first came out, the game is one of my favourites that GW have produced. I'm trying to drum up some more interest at my club, I have a large 4,000pts Dwarf army and I was wondering what people think is the best army to collect on the side to use against my Dwarfs for demos?

At the moment I'm swaying towards High Elves. They are opposed to Dwarfs in a lot of ways, and also the (in)famous War of the Beard adds a lot of hiostility between the two forces.

But on the other hand, there are the good old Orcs & Goblins, who are a good contrast to the Dwarfs, and again with a lot of background between the races.

Any thoughts?

Cpt. Drill
21-07-2009, 13:56
Orcs and goblins are one of the trickier races to use. They would probably be quite frustrating for a new player to use, especially seeing as dwarves have leadership 10. Elves could be a nice choice because of their leadership 10 but they are a bit dirty. Possibly skaven could be a nice match up or empire.

Probably either darkelves or Highelves would be best then you can show all different kinds of units and pretty different playing styles.

21-07-2009, 14:31
High Elves, no contest

21-07-2009, 14:39
if your running a demo, you'll have to be playing the "worst army", to enthusiast the newbie... soif you wanna get dwarfs in the demo, this is the army that should be played by your demostree, and you should be playing with Da Orcz 'n gobboz, as they are tactically challenging and a lot harder to play...

If you wanna have two demostree, then DE against HE or Dwarfs agains HE would be the way (although if you present the game with certain two armies, the chance of your newbies to get at least one of those armies is a big deal greater than having one that they don't know about)

21-07-2009, 17:06
also consider cost. both O&G and Skaven are expensive to buy. you should keep this in mind when you build it and what he will encounter when he chooses an army.

22-07-2009, 00:13
I agree with the others with regard to system and playability (and cost). Just another point though;

I think that warmaster has the ability to inspire by it's epic nature, and having a rolling horde whch envelops the table will look awesome (assuming you're up for painting 'em all). If there are a lot of Orc and gobbo WFB players at your club (or LOTR players) they will certainly get a kick out of seeing a truly massive horde in miniature sweeping over well ordered lines of dwarves.

03-08-2009, 22:13
Well that has worked a treat!

After playing a game, a few of the regulars at my club have gone out and bought Warmaster Ancient armies. It may not be Warmaster Warhammer. but it is still at the core Warmaster.

Looks like I'll be jumping over to warmaster Ancients in place of Warmaster. I strongly advise anyone wanting to drum up some support for this game to run demo games at their club, it does work.