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01-08-2009, 07:29

Hello chaps,

So here we, are at the summit, looking down at the rest of the world. :D
Everyone who has stuck to the task should have a 2000 point army finished.

If you have stuck with the project till the very end. First WELL DONE! Second, this is the thread on which you post your work for month TWELVE. (The work you have done in the month of JULY) and your finished army shots.


If like me you have struggled with both time and motivation at some point in the last 12 months you will have part of an army painted.
Whilst I know some of you have run out of steam with this project and that you have not completed the task I honestly believe that everyone who got involved in this project is a winner

To quote myself from month 10

"If you reach for the stars and fall short you might still make it to the moon.
It is better to tried and failed than never tried at all.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Ask yourself one question : Have you got more painted now than you had at the start of the project?
Ask yourself another : Have you got more painted than you would have if you had never signed up to this.
Ask yourself one more : Have you met a great bunch and enjoyed being part of this?

There are no losers here. Just a great bunch of guys with a load of beautifully painted minis."


I would just like to thank everybody for their involvement in this project. For the motivation, the inspiration, the support, and for helping me get so much painted. I wouldn't have done it without you. I hope you all enjoyed this and got lots of your stuff painted too.

I would also like to say a special thanks for those of you who 'stepped up' and gave so much to this project and offered so much support to so many and really kept the project going when 'real life' got on top of me.

Thank you all. I have enjoyed spending the last twelve months in such fine company.

All the best,



Zark the Damned
01-08-2009, 11:51
Thanks for posting this up. Congrats to everyone who has joined in and gotten to the end.

As stated in Month 10, I would be doing an additional 500pts to take me up to a total of around 2500 (as I felt a bit guilty spending 2 months on Gotrek and Felix). Am happy to say this has been achieved and indeed exceeded!

First up; Marius Leitdorf and Captain Heimrich. GW released these at exactly the right time for me to include in the army - and what Averland army would be complete without Mr Nutso himself?

Marius Leitdorf Counts as: Merc General with Heavy Armour, Barded Warhorse, Sword of Battle, Enchanted Shield (represented by a really tough horse and enchanted barding!) = 152pts

Captain Heimrich is: Merc Captain with Heavy Armour, Shield, and Sword of Might = 76pts

Running total = 228pts

I really love these models, GW sculpting has improved considerably over the years!

Next up are the Goldfeathers; Averland's Elite Crossbowmen unit.

Counts as the Marksmen of Miragliano + 2 extra guys = 202pts

Running total = 430pts

Mostly Empire Crossbowmen, a spare Free Company guy to hold the standard (inset picture) and Maximillian Damark to lead them (I had the figure from an old trade)

Thirdly, Averland's Fury - DOW Cannon, 85pts

Running total = 515pts

Just the plastic Empire Cannon. Was fun to paint something relatively simple for once!

Fourthly, the Order of the Bloodied Martyr

Counts as: 9 Duellists with Bucklers and Champion = 64pts

Running total = 579pts

Mordheim Sisters of Sigmar lead by an Empire Warrior Priest. Again, excellent GW figures and provide an alternative to the acrobatic warriors in a GW-only setting. Mostly red because I couldn't figure out a way to make Yellow look good on them...

I ran out of picture allowance for this post, continued below...

Zark the Damned
01-08-2009, 12:21
Finally for this update, Three Wizards

3x Hireling Wizard = 180 pts

Running total = 759pts

An assortment of alternative wizards for when I want to dabble with other Lores of Magic. From L to R:

Halfling priestess of Rhya (counts as Lore of Life Wizard)
Wizard from the Celestial College
The Dark Homunculus (counts as Lore of Death Wizard)

And finally, the army shot! Was a struggle getting this lot to fit in one frame...


Overall total points = 2025 + 759 = 2784pts

It's been a blast - I plan to continue expanding this army, albeit on a slower basis, with more exotic RoR plus a bunch more Pikes and Crossbowmen. Then eventually branch off into a proper Empire Army (as it's very much an Empire themed DOW army anyway)

01-08-2009, 13:18
Well, here we have it at last, the final months work.

Dark Elves.

Unit: Malekith, the Witch King
Points: 920
Army Total Points: 4564
Models: 125
Background: Malakieth himself has finally arrived to oversee the assault on the High Elf homelands. The Dreadlords should be worried now, lest they step one foot out of place.
Build/Conversion: Straight from box
Painting: Lots of drybrushing, relatively easy to paint up when I actually got working on it.
Basing: Sand, GW Charadon Granite, Vallejo MC Stone Grey, flock/static grass.
Highs/Lows: I snapped the dragons left foot off above the ankle joint while mounting it on the base, that caused a few choice words to be spoken.
Still to do:Next yearís challenge.


Army for 2008/09.

Congrats to everyone who took part, job well done. Now lets keep the momentum going with the new tale.

Ego Ninja
01-08-2009, 16:23
I cant believe how quickly this last years gone!

As this month is the final month i decided to do something special for my Warriors of Chaos, it doesnt fit into the main army list, but looks cool none the less...


Ill post a complete shot of everything ive painted for the tale this evening when I get time to take it all out of its case :)

Id like to thank harry for starting all this, and all the people who commented on my work over the year - you kept me painting - and now for the first time since I started playing again ive got a fully painted army :)

My aim for next year - im going to try and find more time to make comments on peoples work - I only managed once this year :cries:


02-08-2009, 00:10
Vampire Counts

5,040 points



5 Dire Wolves (40 points)

20 Zombie Horde (including standard & musician) (92 points)

Total for this month = 132 points
Model Count = 25 this month!


And the final army shot.


Sort of a lord being turned and his loyal retainers have risen from the grave to serve him in all eternity.
Either that or he just leads a load of dead people...

Straight out of the box (or blister).

I use the Wargames Foundry Paint System so my colours will be a little different to the GW names.

Using a mixture of bases from Back-2-Base-IX (dirt) and Foundations of War (battle debris). Undercoated black, drybrushed with all three drab colours, with the stones picked out with all three granite colours. Varnished (dullcote) and static grass added. Drilled, Pinned, Glued & Magnetised!
Have used cotton wool on the ethereal models to try for that "ghostly" effect.


Finishing the tale on time, and with all figures painted.

Dire wolves. Absolute pains to paint.


Vampire Lord (205 points)

Vampire (100 points)

Vampire (100 points)

Vampire (Ghoulkin) (125 points)

Count Mannfred (riding barded Nightmare) (495 points)

Vampire (100 points)

Vampire (100 points)

Konrad (145 points)

Necromancer (55 points)

Necromancer (55 points)

Necromancer (Corpse Cart) (130 points)

Wight King (Battle Standard Bearer) (100 points)

Wight King (95 points)

20 Skeleton Warriors (hand weapon, shield with full command) (180 points)

20 Skeleton Warriors (hand weapon, shield with full command) (180 points)

20 Ghouls (including Ghast) (168 points)

20 Ghouls (including Ghast) (168 points)

5 Dire Wolves (40 points)

5 Dire Wolves (40 points)

20 Zombie Horde (including standard & musician) (92 points)

20 Zombie Horde (including standard & musician) (92 points)

20 Zombie Horde (including standard & musician) (92 points)

25 Skeleton Warriors (hand weapon, shield with full command) (220 points)

10 Skeleton Warriors (hand weapon, shield) to bolster the other units to 25 strong (80 points)

5 Black Knights (full command and barding) (180 points)

4 Fell Bats (80 points)

20 Grave Guard (including full command) (270 points)

24 Grave Guard (including full command) (318 points)

4 Spirit Host (260 points)

5 Blood Knights (including full command) (325 points)

5 Cairn Wraiths (including Banshee) (275 points)

1 Varghulf (175 points)

5,040 points...........and finished!

40k orks, dwarfs and wood elves!

Thanks once again to all the TOFP painters for last "season" - I wouldn't have got the army finished if it wasn't for your help & encouragement. Thank you one & all.

Here's to next year!


02-08-2009, 13:57

STILL TO DO: 20 gobbo's 4 spider riders and 5 shields (for the wolf riders)

Low: not finishing in time.
High: Still painting A LOT in a single year.

(in fat the finished stuff; in red the unfinished stuff)

Grom the Paunch of Misty Mountain (255)

Goblin Big Boss (Ulagís Akrit Axe, 64)
Goblin Big Boss (84) on Giant Scorpion (40)
Orc Shaman (Level 2, 2x dispel scroll, 150)

Core Units:
22 Boyz (2 choppa's, 184)
20 Gobbo's (hand weapon + shields, 110)
21 Gobbo's (bows, 104)[B]
5 Spider riders (spear, bow, shield, 100)
[B]10 Wolf riders (spear, shield, 170)

Special Units:
10 Boar Boyz (258)
Rock Lobber (75)
Rock Lobber (75)
Goblin Wolf Chariot (60)

Rare Units:
4 Stone Trolls (240)
Pump Wagon (40)

TOTAL armylist: 2009
TOTAL painted: 1813

This is what I should have posted, finished and all, this month, but horribly failed at doing so...



And this is what my final army is like, including those unlucky few:




03-08-2009, 14:12
well here it is made it !! apologies tho guys just need to base this months entry but with work going crazy and kids being on their holidays ( you should see my kids fail their animosity and stupidity tests) my free time is going to be unpredictable so i'll post now

firstly i'll say cheers to everyone involved in tofp i've enjoyed my year i shadowed the last one without posting and have felt really involved and part of something and although my painting is improving only through practise and not directly through the tale the comments have challenged me to work on other aspects of my skills ie slowly gaining confidence to master green stuff and to pay more attention to my bases which i will be pushing myself in the next tale

enough of the waffle

Army : Brettonian rules Chaos army

This months painting: 3 Pegasus knights = 165 points
Grail Reliquae = 136 points
Damsel = 70 points
12 men at arms = 60 points

Background theme : Kaldours Knights, a character from the liber chaotica, an all cavalry army of traitors from the Empire Tilea and Brettonia who have sought favour in the realm of chaos. Painted as templars as a homage my commander in chief and also to try and tie all the different styles together

Build/ Conversion : Pegasus knights were gw gulvar models with bitz box riders
Grail reliquae is 40k living saint with rackham celts as pilgrims
Damsel is a game zone warrior priest
Men at arms are rackham models

and an army list

Army so far: lord kaldour ( king Louen) =728 points
Thrall (fey enhanteress) =545 points
the green knight =275 points
Paladin (bsb) horse
Virtue of knightly temper
Banner of the lady =220 points
Paladin horse
Armour of agiluf
Virtue of duty =130 points
Paladin horse
Great weapon
Questing vow
Birth sword of carcassonne
Virtue of discipline =134 points

Damsel horse
Level 2
Chalice of malfleur
Dispel scroll =164 points
9 knights of the realm (fc) =240 points
8 knights of the realm (fc) =216 points
8 knights of the realm (fc) =216 points
6 knights of the realm (fc) =168 points
12 bowmen (fc)
Light armour
Braziers =109 points
18 men at arms (fc) =117 points
10 questing knights (fc) =307 points
3 Pegasus knights (fc) =195 points
Grail reliquae with 9 pilgrims =145 points
5 mounted yeomen shields + fc =115 points
5 mounted yeomen shields + fc =115 points
5 grail knights (fc) =220 points

Total army points =4353 points

heres the photos

pegasus knights (riders just need fixing to the mounts


grail relquae


damsel (left) and the green knight i failed with (right)


some hounds i'll use as men at arms (just need to do the handlers)


wip of my king louen model


and my army shot yep my kids love helping me so i make i mean encourage them to help make scenery in the school hols and here is the army with a display thingy (very much wip) which hopefully we'll finish


hope to see some more stuff soon and see you in the next tale

03-08-2009, 14:19
sorry for the double post but as i had the camera out heres a hopefully better picture of last months


05-08-2009, 01:45




5 carrion and 10 archers

BACKGROUND; The taint of Nagash hangs heavy over all the realms of Nehekhara, but in the shadow of Nagashizzar itself there are creatures that even today fall victim to the curse of undeath or are otherwise mutated beyond reckoning by the deposits of warpstone encrusted through the blighted mountains. Such fell beasts are rarely meddled with lest they raze a city to the ground, however the Great King has found use for some.
Amongst them are the carrion birds, gigantic avian creatures infused with supernatural resilience and possessed of the Sun Kings undeniable cunning. By imbuing these monsters with incantations of servitude the Kings scouts are now innumerable, scrying the blasted wastes for any sign of life so that it might be eradicated. None shall disturb the great Storm Crow until he decrees his legions are prepared for war.

BUILDING/CONVERSION; Nothing whatsoever this month

PAINTING/BASING; All pretty standard. The carrion flesh was just dwarf flesh washed with gryphonne sepia, badab black, and red ink

HIGHS; Having 5 fully completed carrion will open up some new strategies in my upcoming games i hope. And you can never go wrong with 30 archers either...
LOWS; Carrion can be slightly fiddly to paint, but thats no big deal

STILL TO DO; as always still need to grass up the bases.




and the ebay bargain that I'm currently preparing for month 12 part 2


Army shots later in the month, until then here's last months again for any who missed it


05-08-2009, 06:08
Painted last month.
Alter of Khorne:

The base:





The army shot.


05-08-2009, 06:13
Warriors of Khorne

Here is what I Should have been painting for my last month. My Lord and general (mounted and on foot) and some heroes.



Instead I built this:
(Still WIP But I thought I would show you what I had been up to).





05-08-2009, 08:56
Hey folks, I'm in work at the moment so just a quick one to say well done to everybody who has got their painting done so far. I've pretty much finished my stuff, will take me about an hour to finish the last 5 Corsairs this evening then I've just got to AoW Sorceress (which I can't paint until Maelstrom send me some spray) & some bases to have 1800 points done so I should hopefully be posting over the weekend (possibly without the sorceress if my spray hasn't been delivered).

Is this the first month for entries in the new TOFP/TO40KP or just WIP with entries in first week of September?

05-08-2009, 09:21
This is the LAST MONTH of the OLD TOFP your last months work and final army shots.

Morglum Necksnapper
05-08-2009, 20:10
I love all of the armies you guys painted. And Harry that is an amazing display!

07-08-2009, 23:03
Thanks very much.

I dropped out with my Orc and Goblins but here are the wolf riders i did get painted and everything I have painted so far for my Orcs and Goblins. (It is not the biggest waaagh ever:D)


08-08-2009, 00:23
Didn't finish my Lizzies either. Here is what I did get done:



Also built my self some Jungle terrain:




Lots more pics on my thread if your interested.

08-08-2009, 08:30
Awesome pyramid harry. I saw you mention it on your blog and made the wrongful assumption of khemri and got way too excited. But lizard pyramids are still cool and all the jungle plants on it are a nice touch.
Love your wolf riders too, is your painting method for the fur covered in the blog?

Magos Explorator
08-08-2009, 09:28
Fantastic shots and terrain, Harry! :)

My own stuff for the final month will be coming soonish... trying to finish off the last 3 models, which are almost done!

Everything else is looking great, too; Braad, I hope you manage to finish those final figures at some point. I know it can be a bit frustrating to just have a couple more things to do!

08-08-2009, 16:32
Braad, I hope you manage to finish those final figures at some point. I know it can be a bit frustrating to just have a couple more things to do!

I wouldn't worry about that very much. It's just summer, I got a painting dip during this period every year.

By the way, the unit already grew to 30 by now, and is possibly the last big core block I need, as long as no plastic savages are released.

Though I might also be getting gnoblars and convert forest goblins...

08-08-2009, 18:14
you know harry, i wasn't too sure about the chartreuse green theme of the lizards as single models, but seeing it all together, i definitely dig it.. very cool and radiant.. love the racing stripe stegadon on the left :D looks like trouble!

09-08-2009, 04:59
Well I'm pleased to announce that I have now finished painting my Lionriders (waiting for an 'about bloody time' from Nephilim of Sin and/or Jonahmaul :p) which means I have now hit the 2000pt mark. Though I got to the end, realised I had forgotten to convert a musician so I now have to find something suitable I can stick on the back of one of them to represent it :angel:.

I'll be basing the remaining models this afternoon and if all goes well you can expect pictures of the 600pts of this army you haven't seen on Tuesday!

Thankfully I only have to paint two ogres for the first month of the new TOFP or I'd be in a bit of trouble here :p.


09-08-2009, 07:24
Is it okay if I do it?

That's about bloody time!

And get those pics coming! And this is to all others too! There are several who alreay were (way) past 2000 points, so in the least I expect their pics!

There should be 15 here already, in the least, who are past that point.

09-08-2009, 07:32
I'm still here, have finished my DE's except for my Sorceress so just have to finish basing 25 models & then I can take pics! Then need to finish my TO40KP stuff really quickly!

09-08-2009, 08:10
@ Braad: Well I suppose that is what I get for showing a sneak peek of the unit everyone would want to see even though I had no intention of finishing it until the final months :p.

@ Jonahmaul: I take it you are finishing with 1800pts then if you haven't done that sorceress?


Magos Explorator
09-08-2009, 15:23
Magos Explorator's High Elves
2000 points - 10 months and 2 jokers

So it's the final month of this year's Tale, and I'm now up to 2,000 points of High Elves, so I am feeling quite pleased with myself. :) (As a note, the summary at the start of the thread was a month out of date.)

Over the past month I've painted 8 Spearmen (including a standard bearer and a musician) and 1 Shadow Warrior; I also moved house, which slowed me down a bit. It's also meant that I've not found a good lighting setup for photographs yet, so these pictures are pretty poor, and I couldn't get a decent one of the command/Shadow Warriors at all. So I'll try to re-photo them again at some point...

Anyway, here's the 6 regular Spearelves:


And a long-distance army shot:


You can see the command in the Spearman unit, and the extra Shadow Warrior. I freehanded a sword held in a first on the banner, which I am quite pleased with. The lower shelves hold the Skaven I managed to paint over the year.

I own a few more Elves (some more Spearmen and Shadow Warriors) so will continue painting over the next few months but the 2,000 points are done. Thanks to Harry for coordinating--it has been really fun, and I have painted loads more than I would have otherwise. Feels great to have a fully painted army on the shelf! Thanks also to those who've offered comments and encouragement over the past year.

I'm not participating in next year's Tale--I plan to concentrate on 40k for a year, and the only other Fantasy army I have is Skaven, who I think would be too numerous for me judging by my attempt this year, but I'll check in and see how everything's going.

11-08-2009, 08:56
*Places ladder up against last hurdle*


*Collapses in a heap on the other side*

Well I made it :p.





Goblin Warboss on "Wolf"
11 Goblin Wolfriders with musician (3 + rest of command done in previous months)
6 Goblin Lionriders (you can stop holding your breath now Nephilim....)

BACKGROUND: Still nothing written down!


Goblin Warboss: The Avatars of War Goblin Hero cut in half at the waist, given new legs from a common goblin 'donor' and stuck on The Thing In The Woods from Mordheim as his 'wolf'.

Goblin Wolfriders: Another unit diorama piece, plus my usual random minor conversions all over the place.

Goblin Lionriders: Goblins on the lions from the HE Chariot kit. The Goblins all had to have their legs cut apart and the gap widened with GS so they could fit.

PAINTING/BASING: My usual fare. Only new paints were on the lions, but I can't remember what I used other then a Dheneb Stone base coat....

HIGHS: Several:
a) Having finished two TOFPs with a complete army, and once again amongst fantastic company.
b) Having finished a conversion heavy army in a year that was bought/assembled/converted/painted/based each month, unlike last years DE which were all bought and assembled before the TOFP had started.
c) Having kept Nephilim of Sim waiting for my lion riders all year. Ha!

LOWS: Admittedly I'm not as thrilled with my Warboss conversion as I have been with all of my others. A combination of The Thing In The Woods being slightly too big and the actual gobbo slightly too small is probably why (though had it been only one I dont think I would have minded so much). But it isn't like I'm not happy with it, which I am, but it just didn't work out as well as I had imagined it.

Oh, and once again failing to take decent pictures! Things are either blurry or they wash out the highlights or in the base of the lion riders seems to emphasise either the mounts or the riders and make them look somewhat odd (you get a better sense of them in the army shot at least). Well that's what I get for using an 8-10 year old digital camera.....

STILL TO DO: Base rims on the most recently based models, and still shields for the entire army...

And all of the banners. I still can't decide what to put on any of them. I might go with black and white checks on the lionrider one though.

And now what you have all been waiting for... Lackluster pictures! Yay!

Goblin Warboss (think I might call his mount "Tiny")




The Wolfrider unit diorama I'm quite fond of


The Lionriders

The picture is here somewhere.....

I'm sure of it.....

And now that I've had my fun making Nephilim wait even longer for the picture, here you go.


And finally the army shot


Not very big as far as Goblin Hordes go, but these blighters can be dying to the man (or gobbo...) in your lines by turn two! Turn one if you go first and move towards me...

And now that I've finished the army I can give them their first game in the coming weeks to see if that holds true!

@ Zark the Damned: An excellent army, well done. I particularly like the Cowboy/Bandito Hireling Wizard from this month.

@ Bluesabre: There is that final push for points I was waiting for, but SuavelyDunn beat you in the end. Though it is a bit hard to say you came out second best when you got over twice the amount of points done as most people. Malekith looks excellent

@ Ego Ninja: Yes, he dopes look very cool indeed. It has quite a bit of movement in it considering it is a mode standing still, so kudos for that too.

@ SuavelyDunn: Jeez, even a small month for you knocks out another 25 great looking models. I painted fewer that that in the last two and I'm posting them late....

Are your armies for the next set of Tales going to be huge armies like this? Or is the same volume of models going to be spread over the three armies (of which I'm really looking forward to seeing the Orks)?

@ Braad: Quite the army you ended up with despite missing those final goblins. How big is the painted section of all your Orcs and Goblins now?

@ nagged: Well encouragement and inspiration is what the Tales are about, the first Tale was what got me painting models with more then flat colours and the odd drybrush on metallics. Since you are looking to push yourself in terms of your bases next Tale, my only recommendation would be to use a finer grain rock/sand on them (thinking of your "Green Knight" here), otherwise they look great with the foliage you are using. And your "Pegasus" Knghts look fantastic, they make an excellent centre piece unit. And don't get me started on how awesome the display board is looking either.

@ StormCrow: Great work from you again. The carrion look really good, and I'm waiting for Part 2 so I can see those Ushabti all painted up.

@ Harry (WoK): You know, that fortress probably counts as a full thousand points worth of painting. You barely see the handful of unfinished models amongst its vast size anyway.

@ Harry (O&G): The O&G need to get re-released purely so I see you painting this guys in another TOFP. As I've said in the past, I wouldn't have even been doing the goblins I've just finished if it wasn't for the huge inspiration that was your massive wolf bulk painting attempt at the start of your log oh so long ago.

@ Harry (Lizardmen): I've already commented on the Lizzies before, so all I can say is, where do you store all of your terrain? It seems like everyone of your armies has one or more giant pieces of terrain to go with it.

@ Magos Explorator: Those HE look fantastic. The blue flames on the shields in particular catch my eye. Are they free-handed?


11-08-2009, 09:00

Thanks for sharing that little Wolf RIder Diorama - I actually laughed so hard, Cola just came down my nose (and it hurts)

I love it - mind if I steal the idea for my Wolfies?

11-08-2009, 10:25
No problem Crube. I stole it from somewhere else anyway :p.

It was an army on Da Warpath where almost every model in the army was converted to show the army suffering animosity, but I'll be damned if I can find the log now (looked through the names of all 10 pages of painting logs there and no luck).


11-08-2009, 16:24
One finished army:


Highborn on Forest Dragon - 465
Branchwraith - 65
10 Glade Guard incl. full command - 144
15 Glade Guard incl. full command - 204
5 Scouts - 85
10 Wardancers incl. Musician and Bladesinger - 201
10 Wardancers incl. Musician and Bladesinger - 201
3 Treekin - 195
7 Waywatchers incl. Shadow Sentinel - 176
Treeman - 285


There is still some, albeit small, hope that I will get my Vampire Counts army past the 2000 point mark as well, if I manage to pull myself together over the next couple of days.

11-08-2009, 20:15
Looking great Magos, Doi and Emperor! Great to see people struggle over the finish line.

How big is the painted section of all your Orcs and Goblins now?

Ow, just a mere 7530 pts.
And 1328 in extra characters and specials.
I still need to paint 62 models in total, worth 1989 points, of which 10 characters...

Though I'm quite sure this number of points will be quite a bit higher when they release Azhag :p
But I took next week of, to devote some time to painting.

Magos Explorator
11-08-2009, 20:18
@Doi: I can't claim credit for the flames; they're moulded on, so I just had to blend the colours and not fiddle with getting the shape right. ;)

Nice army; your Warboss in particular looks great, both model and painting.

11-08-2009, 21:43
Well, here's my Army shot!
Sorry for being late, just came home from a vacation to the sunny state of Florida!

Chariot, Boyz, Savage Boyz:

Black Orcs, Squig Herd:

Chuckas, Savage Boar Boyz, Snotling Swarms:

Boyz, Boyz, Unfinished Night Gobbos, 6x Fanatics:

11-08-2009, 21:45

Characters close up: (Big boss knocked over in the background..)

Characters close up #2:

Army Shot:

(BTW, the phone which lies by the Black orc warboss on boar is to make him stand upright.. Out of glue... )

My total points, basic values, only whats seen, without magic items: 2740.
(Not on the pictures, 2x 10 spider riders and 4 Leadbelchers. Cant find them after I moved!)

Great stuff everyone, good work on thise tale. It's been a pleasure!
Cant join next tale unfortunately, will continue to paint whats left for my army; 10 squigs, some herders, 20 night goblin bowmen, and some orc boyz.

If I'm gonna start a new army, I'll probably return to a army i collected years ago, but sold: Tomb Kings.
Cya around people! =)

12-08-2009, 11:40
Ow, just a mere 7530 pts.
And 1328 in extra characters and specials.
I still need to paint 62 models in total, worth 1989 points, of which 10 characters...

Though I'm quite sure this number of points will be quite a bit higher when they release Azhag :p
But I took next week of, to devote some time to painting.

What's the chance we can get a picture of the lot? :p

Considering that it is for a horde army, that is all the more impressive.

@ EmperorNorton: Best of luck trying to get the VC finished. Is there much to go? I just remember there being some core troops.

@ Jimjim: I heard stunties had more of a beef taste ;). That is a very impressive army you have there. The vibrant blue works really well over the army.


12-08-2009, 17:33
@ JimJim
Looks great. always nice to see lots of orcs together :)

@ Doi
I actually did one, not so long ago... let's see...

Ow right, got it. Already half a year ago. Well, I might do one next week. Took the week of, so plenty of time to paint and take pics!

12-08-2009, 20:06
Congratulations guys, you all did great for even pulling it off for a whole year.

@Zark the Damned: Great characters, I didn't even know the new Leitdorf was out yet. He looks spectacular.

@nagged: Your army and display are a great sight. Well done! Display bases always make nice armies look even cooler.

@Harry: Much has been said about your khorne war machines and the whole army but on this display it's looking even more awesome. This is really a sight to behold. When i first saw the pictures now my jaw litterally dropped and I don't tend to be easily impressed by interwebz things but your army and the display go together so incredibly well.

13-08-2009, 23:55
Hey folks, just dropping in to say i'm still alive & I will post ASAP, I've been so busy recently it's ridiculous. But, i've basically painted everything except my sorceress as I was waiting until I did my tau before I painted her but think i might paint her over the weekend & then post the army pictures

15-08-2009, 03:22
Congratulations everyone who made it through the Tale! I followed it pretty much all the way through, even if I didn't get my painting done. Too many distractions like Bloodbowl getting in the way (Didn't even paint my Lizardmen that much to be honest).

Here's my stuff from when I dropped out about 6 months or so ago. You can see a little bit what I had planned in the background (10 Crossbowmen, starting my Flagellants), but alas, they have been sitting around unpainted. I hope to return to them someday, possible in next years Tale (Not this current one! Can't get distracted from my Dogs of War already), perhaps 1000 points of them to get the army up to 2000 points.

http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk232/someone2040/ToFP/End-1.jpg (http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk232/someone2040/ToFP/End.jpg)
Click the image to see a larger version.

Again, congratulations everyone who managed to stick it through till the end. Also congratulations to everyone who participated and got at least a months done, at the very least, we got some paint on our models!

15-08-2009, 09:52
@Zark the Damned - Phew!, big month to bring in the tale with & well done on the painting. As I said maaaany months ago, I donít like painting yellow and you have managed a great scheme with consistently good results. I like the idea of using Mordheim figures as the duellists - two birds with one stone! What model is the Hireling Wizard on the right?

@Bluesabre - Great paintjob on Malekith - a brilliant centrepiece for the army and you have a gorgeous looking dark elf force now - I am jealous!

@Ego Ninja - Agree with you - looks very cool! (and well painted to boot!)

@Braad - I did the same thing last year with my eldar, and never gone back to them since. You still have a fantastic army and have painted them really well over the last twelve months. Besides, you can always finish them next year ;)

@nagged - Thatís some great looking army youíve got there! And a Hirst Arts terrain piece too!

@StormCrow - Great painting on the skellies & carrion. I like the pose on the archers - they just look like they have shot and are watching them fly. Ebay is a curse - I couldnít stop buying vampires last year, but well done on finding the Ushabti.

@Harry - Wow. Mountain of Khorne. Literally! Really like the old Armorcast stuff youíve got there, and it is brilliantly painted. You must have an understanding wife...

@Harry - Love the colour scheme - really vibrant. Still think that the triceratops dude needs some company - heís a bit lonely... Bit of a terrain building fetish youíve had this month - looks great though and will really set the army off well.

@Magos Explorator - Well done on finishing the tale. Like the spearelves youíve painted and are you joining the 40k tale next year? If so I think youíll need a bigger display cabinet ;)

@Doi - Well done on scaling the last hurdle! Like the mounted goblin theme (still think you should put the giants on rollerskates...)

@EmperorNorton - Well done on finishing the army! Looks great!

@Jimjim - Congratulations on finishing the tale! Army looks brilliant!

@someone2040 - Thanks for posting the final army shot. Good luck for next years tale!

15-08-2009, 10:09
@ SuavelyDunn: Jeez, even a small month for you knocks out another 25 great looking models. I painted fewer that that in the last two and I'm posting them late....

Are your armies for the next set of Tales going to be huge armies like this? Or is the same volume of models going to be spread over the three armies (of which I'm really looking forward to seeing the Orks)?

Many thanks Doi, it was a real struggle to get these units completed, what with them being the last few AND the new tales starting straight away. Glad that I managed to complete them as they would be staring at me all next year!

That's a big NO to the huge armies for next years tale. I plan to stick to the schedule for the 3 armies entered and complete all three. I have designed the armies and they have been placed by the painting table AND WILL NOT BE ADDED TO :)

Can I ask a question to the audience? Have you got too many Orks when you have designed 1,500 points and can make the same army again with what's left in the box??

Till next time,


15-08-2009, 13:43
@Braad - I did the same thing last year with my eldar, and never gone back to them since. You still have a fantastic army and have painted them really well over the last twelve months. Besides, you can always finish them next year ;)

There are 2 certainties in life:
Everyone dies.
Braad paints orcs.

Its not about finishing next year, its just a matter of finding more orcs to paint after these are done :p
And then finding stuff after the next batch...

But for now that's not a problem, I got enough to paint to be busy for at least 2 more years.

15-08-2009, 13:45
@Doi - Well done on scaling the last hurdle! Like the mounted goblin theme (still think you should put the giants on rollerskates...)

The rollerskates idea was yours? I'd been lumping that in with Nephilim of Sin's other "you're army isn't all mounted" jibes :p.

That's a big NO to the huge armies for next years tale. I plan to stick to the schedule for the 3 armies entered and complete all three. I have designed the armies and they have been placed by the painting table AND WILL NOT BE ADDED TO :)

Well at least we are still going to get the same volume of models (I hope anyway), just split into three different schemes.

Can I ask a question to the audience? Have you got too many Orks when you have designed 1,500 points and can make the same army again with what's left in the box??

That would be a big NO ;). You can never have enough Orks. Ever. Anyone that says different is a no good weedy 'umie :p

Which reminds me, I should get back to mine....

@ someone2040: Consider me waiting for the next TOFP to see that army finished then :)

EDIT: @ Braad: Does certainty A only arise when certainty B runs out of models? :p


15-08-2009, 16:43
Man it feels good to get this army under my belt. I do have a few
more things to finish up like some more Maneates, Gorgers, Gnoblars,
Scrapper launcher ect..ect.. but for now I present to you my
"Bloodytoof" tribe at 2200pts + depending of how I gear them:

First up is the Man(Ogre) himself, "Bloodtoof"
This season he is sporting a well used Tenderizer for some Character

Then come his two buddies, Frick and Frack for some eating love.

Some Maneaters have joined the tribe for some chances
at some loot
Foot note, after I took the photo I noticed I forgot the bases, that's been
taken care of. I also have touched them up since I seemed to of forgotten
to finish them off. My camera tends to pick out all the things I miss, funny
thing is I used my wife's camera so it should come to no surprise.

So that's the tribe as it stands at the moment.

Its been a blast, looking forward to keeping it going with the next


16-08-2009, 08:21
EDIT: @ Braad: Does certainty A only arise when certainty B runs out of models? :p

Dunno... If so, I would probably control the earth at some point in time.

16-08-2009, 09:50
Well I don't think I'd object to that. You'd keep everything well organised in your Excel spreadsheets and spend the rest of your time painting Orcs anyway so you'd leave us all alone. Well except when Summer rolls around and you have to chase all of the fabled creatures in mini skirts that populate your area :p

@ BigJon: An excellent looking army. Where is the head of the middle maneater from? It isn't one I recognise.


16-08-2009, 13:49
Doi, thats the head from the Mordheim Ogre Pit Fighter. I just was not feeling
the head that came with it.


17-08-2009, 10:54
Barack's Daemocratic War-party

Army: Warriors of Chaos (Tzeentch & Slaanesh)

Painted this month:

Brutes of Uncleanliness
4 Chaos Ogres @ 240 pts
- Mark of Slaanesh
- Great weapons
- Chaos armour
- Standard bearer & musician

Total so far: 2725 pts


From the back:

And comparison to a Chaos Warrior:


And the finished army in all its glory:

Modeling: Ogre Kingdoms Ironguts with plasticard shoulder pads, green stuff fur and thigh plates made from old empire shields. And some misc bitz.

Painting: Deliberately the same scheme as my Warriors, except that the skin is dark brown, similar to my Ogre Kingdoms army.

Basing: As normal.

Highs this month: Finding out a way of making plasticard take a curve. Getting the dark blue foundation paint.

And lows: Trying to paint them without the foundation paint.

Yet to do: Movement tray. I am also considering adding some ornamentation to the armour plating. The scheme looked okay on the smaller warriors, but on the ogres you get plates that are a bit too large and dull.

Next month: We're done! Bwahaha!

17-08-2009, 12:48
Yet another fantastic unit for Barrack's Horde :). And I still can't believe you painted so much in the TOFP after joining later then everyone.

What method are you using to bend the plasticard into curves? I've yet to find a simple and reliable method myself. A lighter seems to just make it melt almost instantly :p.


17-08-2009, 13:02
I use hot water and a piece of wood with grooves in it to hold the plasticard in the desired shape while it is soaking. Quite simple and easy. There's some more details and pictures in my painting log (see link in sig).

19-08-2009, 20:36
Those are some pretty awesome models, Avian! Great to see you having such a great army in the end!

BTW, we're still missing quite a few people here, who were still going on up unto the last few months. Where are those pics?!?

19-08-2009, 21:24
OK, finally the comments I've been promising for ages, I'm really sorry for being so slack everyone.

@ Zark - awesome stuff & well done in getting those extra points done to bring the army up to an impressive 2500 points, particularly liking those Wizards

@ BlueSabre - excellent Malekith & an hugely impressive points tally. Glad to see someone else using that Guild of Harmony Sorceress too

@ Ego Ninja - yes it does look very cool!

@ SuavellyDunn - one of the most impressive armies in this years TOFP & I've no idea how you managed to do so many points to such impressive standards, be sure to expect a PM for some details on dipping when I come to do my own undead army (I'm sure I've asked for details before but can't remember what thread! Got few other armies planned before undead mind you!)

@ Braad - finishing is the main thing (so I keep telling myself) & it's a very nice army, be sure to post some pics when you get that stuff finished

@ nagged - i've loved the idea of your army all the way through & you've definately saved the best until last in my opinion because those 'Pegasus Knights' are awesome. Grail Reliquae is also particularly cool. What's the scenery the army is standing in?

@ StormCrow - very good stuff again, that army blends into the carpet/rug so you might want to photograph them on something that makes them easier to make out though!

@ Harry - that Khorne army looks amazing on that scenery, really like that Altar that you've done, especially the classic Heroquest Sorcerer! Not the biggest Waaagh but still impressive & the Lizzies are looking also very impressive (again with some cool scenery)

@ Magos Explorator - very impressive HE's again, loving those shields in particular, good luck with the 40k stuff, that's where I'll be hanging next year too

@ Doi - well done on getting finished, that army looks awesome, especially on your snow board. And those Lion Riders are amazing (hangs head in shame for not getting Dark Riders done). I've got a similar idea in mind for a Chaos Warrior unit if I ever get round to doing the army (so many ideas, so little time!).

@ EmporerNorton - very impressive looking WE army, well done on getting it finished

@ Jimjim - hope you had an awesome holiday, army is looking awesome, I love the vibrant colour scheme that proves that Orcs don't always have to be drabbed (works particularly well on the Squigs)

@ someone2040 - it's a shame you had to drop out but thank you for coming back in the final month to show us your stuff as it is excellent

@ Bigjon - awesome stuff again, loving that ginger Ogre! The pit fighter head works very well

@ Avian - loving the Ogre's & the army is looking excellent though any chance of seeing some better army shots?

Once again I'm sorry for being slack, I finished my stuff well over a week ago apart from the sorceress but was waiting until I finished my Tau before finishing her & posting but that plans changed again as I want to photo them so I will take photos when I get up tomorrow (I'm working nights at the moment) & show what I've done so far which comes in at about 1650 points then will get the sorceress done asap.

20-08-2009, 00:29
@ Doi - well done on getting finished, that army looks awesome, especially on your snow board. And those Lion Riders are amazing (hangs head in shame for not getting Dark Riders done). I've got a similar idea in mind for a Chaos Warrior unit if I ever get round to doing the army (so many ideas, so little time!).

On my snowboard? That's the white table cloth on my kitchen table :p. My actual snow board is currently yellow and brown from how the spray on glue dried after I scraped all of the bicarb soda off after a failed attempt :(.

Can't wait to see your army photos (even if you didn't get those dark riders done ;)).


20-08-2009, 00:35
Lol, just took another look, god damn it...fooled again!!!

20-08-2009, 23:16
@ SuavellyDunn - one of the most impressive armies in this years TOFP & I've no idea how you managed to do so many points to such impressive standards, be sure to expect a PM for some details on dipping when I come to do my own undead army (I'm sure I've asked for details before but can't remember what thread! Got few other armies planned before undead mind you!)

Thank you and ask any questions you want to. When I painted the units I started a painting book so that if I wanted to add any more units :angel: then I would be able to replicate the scheme used.

Sad I know, but I have found it useful.

21-08-2009, 06:14
Time seems to be flying by and I think I have to finally admit defeat. Regrettably I won't get my Vampire Counts finished, as I'll have to concentrate on my new armies if I want to get my first month's entries for the new Tales done.

The 1500 points that I did get finished:

But then I got defeated by a mix of overeagerness and lack of focus.
The core units that should have completed the army (and will, eventually):

21-08-2009, 07:18
Thank you and ask any questions you want to. When I painted the units I started a painting book so that if I wanted to add any more units :angel: then I would be able to replicate the scheme used.

Sad I know, but I have found it useful.

I do the same (albeit on loose bits of paper scattered around my desk :p) as do quite a few I talk to in the area who like painting (and one or two who paint because the feel they should, but dont necessarily enjoy it).

So we can all be sad together :D.

@ EmperorNorton: Well I have no idea how you expected to paint so many models in a month anyway, I know I sure couldn't manage it. Congratulations on getting to 1500pts anyway since you also completed the 200pts for your WE.


21-08-2009, 08:11
@ Emperor
Well, its still quite a big prestation, over 1.5 armies painted!

@ SuavelyDunn
Sad? It's actually a great idea!

21-08-2009, 15:34
OK, it's a day late but here are some pictures finally! Army comes in about 1650 points but I will paint the AoW Sorceress soon & post pictures to bring the army in at 1800 points (disappointingly not the full sized army but respectable enough considering how much I struggled at times)

BACKGROUND/THEME: Drow inspired DE army although I've never actually got around to writing a proper them for them!

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight from the box

PAINTING: Same as normal

BASING: Same as normal

STILL TO DO: Nothing except the Sorceress & maybe the scabbards on the crossbowmen to tie them in as units

LOWS: There's been a lot of lows throughout the whole Tale. I lost motivation at a number of times which I've found very hard to get back & basically just painted a load of stuff at the last minute. I think this is partly because of taking on too much along with getting annoyed at not having enough time for other things. The fact that I haven't played a single game with the army hasn't helped either as although I'm more of a painter than a gamer this contributed to me losing some of the love for the army. Oh, and I can't get the bloody Corsairs to rank up!

HIGHS: Although I've had a bit of a rant in the lows section it has been worth it, especially when seeing everything I have got painted together (which is more than I realised). If it wasn't for the Tale I'd have never have got so much painted & in two years I've got 3 painted armies (two Fantasy, one 40k) although a few additions are needed to them. Seeing other people's armies come together & the way that some have improved over the Tale has been very enjoyable.

@ SuavellyDunn - keeping a record is an excellent idea, I can't count the number of times I've gone back to paint something months or years down the line & struggled to remember how I did the damn thing!

I'm sitting out the TOFP this year but I will check in to see how other people are doing (although I might wait until after the first couple of months when it calms down a bit!)

21-08-2009, 16:41
1800 points, but still impressive! Good job on those, and good to see you caught up quite a bit since your last post (I had you on 5 jokers without month 12...).

Nephilim of Sin
22-08-2009, 05:12
::Claws back in:: Well, it wouldn't be a Nephilim post if it were not late, but I could say I planned it that way to keep the thread going!

Or, you know, just be late. Even if I am still listed as Washed Out...

First things first, I will be back to comment on everyone's excellent, excellent work (and especially to comment to one poster in particular...you know who you are...; ) ), so I will just say for now (to stop from double posting), excellent work everyone. It has been amazing to see these armies grow, and I know that I would not have had the motivation to keep going were it not for the help of you all. For some of us, this is the closest we have to a 'gaming community', and it has been a pleasure to be a part of it!


Da White Orcs of Da Once-And-Future-Git:

UNIT: 29 Big Uns with shields (the BSB is also in this unit).


POINTS: 2087 (2337 with upgrades!)



It was a cunnin' plan. All along the shaman thought he would be watching the 'Once-and-Future-Git' in action, when in fact it was the Git who was testing the Shaman, and his new Black Orc 'allies'. Imagine the confusion when the Git's personal bodyguard bulked it's way onto the field, followed by a horde of Orc mobs.

The Black Orc Grimfang Blacktoof hadn't expected this, to 'lead' this group into battle, and all the while the savage Shaman smiled, as he had been tricked. A cunnin' plan, as now the 'Once-and-Future-Gits' forces were days away on their own Waaagh!, leaving the Black Orc to prove himself in battle.

BUILDING/CONVERSION: The bodies are mainly from 3rd edition 40k Orks, while the weapons are a mixture of the biggest ones from Orcs and previously mentioned 40k Orks, and bulked out from the spikey accessories from both kits. The shields, which I hope adds to the 'Big Un' imagery, are mainly Ogre gut plates, while some are also Ogre 'hand weapons' (spiked fists and such). My favorite addition was adding the 'Iron Gob' bit to the Champions torso.

PAINTING/BASING: These are painted in the same fashion as the other orcs; I had wanted to add more of the 'Scorched Brown/Khemri' mix, but then realized that it was also the color I used for straps and belts. I forgot that the 40k Orks are loaded with straps and belts!

The bases are a new mix that I will be using for my NG army next Tale, and is the same mix but with Devlan Mud instead of thinned-down scorched brown as the final wash. I also added an Empire soldier casualty, as well as a horse, and the remains of an Empire Cannon chasis, but did not take into account how much room the Orcs actually take up, so they aren't as visible in the photos....Oh well!

HIGHS: Getting it done. It feels so great to finally have a full army, and I had much glee when I lined them all up for the final shot. Not to mention, I think the Ogre bitz really worked well in keeping the Orcs looking both fantasy and 'big'. I also tried something new with the metal (on the blades), and think I perhaps spent too much time highlighting it; I think the effect looks good, but it could end up being a low....

LOWS: Sliced my finger really, really bad when I was converting my TK last month, so that set me back a few weeks. After I sprayed them, I got the 'fuzzy effect', and almost gave up. However, I convinced myself to just try them, and am happy I did.

STILL TO DO: A few bitz here and there. The arrows need a lil' bit of detail done to them, and wouldn't mind giving the entire army another highlight to give them a lighter feel, but that will have to wait until another time.

Alright, now onto the pictures!

Big Uns Front:


And the sides:



The close-up on the champion (with Iron Gob torso):


The 'lost' detail on the bases:

And finally, the army shot, Da WAAAGH! Of the White Orcs!:

Thanks again for all the help and motivation guys! And thanks for making it through another one of my long posts (hey, it is the last one, that makes it okay, right?). Will be back to comment later, and again, job well done everyone!

22-08-2009, 10:21
The fact that I haven't played a single game with the army hasn't helped either as although I'm more of a painter than a gamer this contributed to me losing some of the love for the army.

Well I haven't played a game with my gobbos yet. But that was self enforced so that I could have a year of playing with a fully painted army for once (even if the new book made me change a fair few things in my list so that is no longer the case :p)

HIGHS: Although I've had a bit of a rant in the lows section it has been worth it, especially when seeing everything I have got painted together (which is more than I realised). If it wasn't for the Tale I'd have never have got so much painted & in two years I've got 3 painted armies (two Fantasy, one 40k) although a few additions are needed to them. Seeing other people's armies come together & the way that some have improved over the Tale has been very enjoyable.

Makes me wonder at the beast that Harry, McMullet and spikyjames created :p. I've painted more in either of the TOFPs so far then I did in total in the five years before them. I'm painting better then I've ever painted before (and I dont think anyone doing the Tales can say otherwise). I've seen a multitude of fantastic armies take shape (several of which rank among my favourites of all time, such as Harry's VC from the first TOFP). I've made more friends here then I have since I started Uni at the beginning of the year (take that real life social interactions :p). And most importantly, I haven't enjoyed the hobby as much as I have in the past two years.

Your Dark Elves have turned out fantastically. You've overcome the main failing I see in most Drow themed armies, which is that they just become too dark as they go with black armour/cloth as well as the black skin, with the great use of colour. It's a tie between the bolt throwers and the Guild of harmony Sorceress for my favourite unit/s in the army. Though I'm still waiting to see your final dark rider units :p.

::Claws back in:: Well, it wouldn't be a Nephilim post if it were not late, but I could say I planned it that way to keep the thread going!

Well it gave me something to talk about!

I really like this unit. The conversions are brilliant (especially the Ogre gut plates for shields). Will we finally see the Once and Future Git at some point, or have I just missed him? He wasn't the 'More blades on my chariot then you have hairs on your head' Warboss was he? And I hope you aren't going to stop all of the long posts in the new TOFP. Just because Night Goblins are shorter then your Orcs doesn't mean your posts can be!


22-08-2009, 10:32
@ Nephilim
Sweet! They really look great. The sheer amount of boyz you painted is impressive.

22-08-2009, 13:08
@ Braad - yeh, this month is basically three months worth of points with the sorceress (who will be painted soon) so some drastic catching up! That was another low for this year to be honest, would much prefer to have posted each month & kept up to date but hey ho

@ Nephilim of Sin - you mean I've actually managed to post before someone?!?! Gorgeous Orcs once again, really nice conversion & your skin tones & highlights/blending are amazing. Really like the extra little touches like the horse & soilder. Congratulations on getting the army finished & really looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the Night Goblins (will they be tied in to your Orc army or completely seperate?)

@ Doi - Agree with everything you said but to have to thank Harry, McMullet & spikyjames for starting this off as I'm getting more stuff painted than ever would before (I don't I'd even have 1/10th of the stuff I've painted done without them). I'm off back to uni in a few weeks so hope I manage to make some friends (I love you guys and all but want some real interaction too!). Those Dark Riders will get done at some point although think I will have a couple of months off from the DE's to try & re-find my love for them. Mind you having seen them lined up for an army shot I really want to add some of the cooler stuff to the army like Black Guard & Witch Elves...oh no.....NO, NO, NO NO, NNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!

26-08-2009, 06:20




4 Ushabti

BACKGROUND; For almost one thousand years now the Sun King has been preparing for his vengeance. Stirred from nightmarish visions he knows that the great enemy has returned and so prepares to face that dread sorceror who had slain him countless centuries earlier. With the holy wrath of his sire he marches, preparing to rally any allies living or dead who would have the usurper banished back to the hell he was spawned from.
The great Necromancer will be destroyed by the blades of the mighty Tomb Kings, and the bodies of his followers hewn and cast into the foundations of a Mighty Empire reawakened in the south.

BUILDING/CONVERSION; No need to convert these bad boys

PAINTING/BASING; I used all the same techniques that've got me through the tale.

HIGHS; 2 units of painted ushabti are always better than one when facing lousy dwarves...
LOWS; the tale is over :(...

...for now

STILL TO DO; these ones are all set to go




And the final army shot;


Of course there are still some things to finish with this army. About half of the bases still don't have the dead grass attached and there was a slight mishap after taking this photo in which a chariot lost a wheel and about 5 crewmen broke in half (lousy fragile #%!$?@). also I'd like to do some more highlights on the chariots and the new warhammer online expansion has given me ideas for new chariot banners.
There are also 20 more tomb guard i want to paint as well as a couple of extra liches, not to mention i ordered Settra a couple of months ago. But I've still got loads of painting done so for now I'm quite content (except for the broken models)

Considering all that i still want to complete for this army and the models I'll buy with the tomb king re-release perhaps there'll be a tale epilogue in the near future.

26-08-2009, 07:40
Now at the end i feel obliged to thank all the people who supported me, as well as return some of that support!

ZARK; Great use of the imperial model line, Marius looks suitably rich enough to command an army of mercenaries. On the whole your colour scheme has worked really well, there's a vibrance in your models and the rather eclectic bunch are brought together well by the use of your limited palette.

BLUESABRE; Bringing out the big guns for month 12! Really nicely painted once again and a fine addition to your impressively large army

EGO NINJA; Really nice conversion but I can't figure out the parts. Nonetheless all the pieces work well together to make this guy look like a total badass

SUAVELY DUNN; Geeze, you've been slacking off this month with only 25 models. Brilliant stuff, and to see the whole army together it's quite a force to be reckoned with. Congratulations on all your hard work, it's paid off!

BRAAD; Well it's not the biggest waaagh i've ever seen but as an addition to your already existing force (what is it, 8000 points now?) it's a commendable performance. I'm collecting orcs too but i doubt i could keep up that standard for 200 points a month. Hope to see the gobbo's finished in the future...or next tale

NAGGED; Great conversions, those pegasus riders are something else! The army as a whole has come together really well, and i particularly like your sorceror on steed. I never realised how easily it can be made to look like a corrupted bret!

HARRY; You really are the king. All that painting and attention to detail is astounding, but to build a scenic base for your ARMY is something else. Just the thought of fighting all those khorne warriors sends a shiver down my spine. You might have only finished one of your armies, but the commitment you show for the tale and the painters is an inspiring contribution to the warseer community. You and Braad deserve more than kudos, I hope you both win games workshop's global contest :p

MAGOS EXPLORATOR; Well done making it to the end, your elves have come along nicely. They'd make a great nagarythan loyalist army with their current colour scheme, an army full of shadow warriors ready to stick it to the druchii. I think everyone would love you see you do skaven next tale, even in the boys league. You know you can't resist new models...

DOI; You made it! And what a finish to boot, wow. That warboss is a cracker, and the animosity marker is awesome. Seeing your latest army shot i never realised just how many wolves you managed to finish. I still think the converted giants are a stand out, but the army as a whole is equally impressive.

EMPEROR NORTON; Another beautiful army. The colours you went with were a great choice for the wood elves, there's lots of life in those colours with a hint of underlying menace...perfect for the tree folk i think! I didn't know the wood elves had access to dragons either, there's a scary combo with the stubborn treeman. Good to see wardancers in abundance as well, those guys rocks.

JIM JIM; Maybe I'm not observant but this army seemed to spring up out of nowhere! Great waaagh you have there, and the painting is at a nice standard as well. The totem pole unit filler is a nice touch too, may have to steal that idea. The grimzug conversion is great stuff too, suitably maniacal

SOMEONE2040; sorry you couldn't make it to the end mate, but thanks for returning to show us your progress. What you have there is still a fine start for an empire force, and I'm sure when you get the itch to paint again they'll be done in no time.

BIG JON; Great army there. The muted colour scheme works wonders for the mountain folk, especially contrasted against their bloodied armaments! Your pit fighter man eater is a brilliant conversion, you could even pass it off as a bruiser he looks so damn mean. The rust on the armour is also well done, i like your technique.

AVIAN; No background this month?! great modelling and painting all the same. I think it's great that they look like they're mimicing the chaos warriors aesthetic, rather than being oversized chaos warriors themselves. It almost appears as a group of man eaters that wandered into troll country by mistake. The army has come together brilliantly (and quickly!) I also agree though that something to break up the blue plating on the ogres would be a good idea, even if it's some simple blood stains or dried mud

EMPEROR NORTON; tough luck with the vampires mate. It's hard to keep up the motivation with one army, frankly i find it incredible you were able to paint 1500 points for a second army whilst working on your wood elves. All the best for the next tale

JONAHMAUL; despite not making it to the end with 2000 points your army still looks beautiful, and your choice of skin colour has been a real standout. Hopefully you'll be able to show us more in the future because I'd love to see this army completed to such a nice standard.

NEPHILIM OF SIN; some more inspired modelling this month. I thought your black orc chariot would be hard to beat but here it is! I'm so glad you listed some of your conversions because it's definitely something i want to replicate for my own army. It's strange how well the Ogre plastics match up to Orcs and goblins, like you i found out recently how well an iron fist can be grafted onto an orc, a minor conversion i applied to my champions! As always i love the skin tone for your orcs as well, very grimy and realistic, superb! The army shot is impressive too, quite a group of 'ard boys you've got there!

Well that's it for me this year. Thanks again to everyone who stopped by and dropped me a comment, i really do appreciate it even though i tend not to reply :o All the best with your painting endeavours and hope to see some familiar faces for the next tale. Only 5 days to go...wow

26-08-2009, 09:03
Mind you having seen them lined up for an army shot I really want to add some of the cooler stuff to the army like Black Guard & Witch Elves...oh no.....NO, NO, NO NO, NNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!

And so it begins :p. I know the feeling...

DOI; You made it! And what a finish to boot, wow. That warboss is a cracker, and the animosity marker is awesome. Seeing your latest army shot i never realised just how many wolves you managed to finish. I still think the converted giants are a stand out, but the army as a whole is equally impressive.

Well adding 14 of the 43 wolves (not including characters or chariots) in the last update probably helped with that ;). I think the two giants would have to be my favourite units in the army too.

Great work on your Ushabti too (and at least you did the grass on their bases ;))

Surely there are another few of us to dwindle in before the month is over?


26-08-2009, 09:41
yup, i'll be dwindling in in about 2 days with pics. Got a tournament on Friday at WW to use them in, so need snowy bases on more than just two models!

26-08-2009, 14:42
And as I said in the 40K sister of this thread, I wanted to congratulate everyone on a job well done and some truly spectacular armies. These two threads every month are really inspirational and, for those that don't realise, are a great boost to everyone's motivation when just flicking through them (not to mention that they are preettty :p ).

Zark the Damned: I love the theme and style of your Empire force. Looking both mercenary and retro whilst looking very good. And the marauder giant is a great center piece.

Bluesabre: That is a great take on Malekith and the over all army is really stunning. The overall army looks fantastic as well as slightly sinister which is exactly how DE should look. Well done.

Ego Ninja: great work on the standard bearer and great work on the army overall. I am really impressed with the overall look and think that standard will make a fine center piece.

SuavelyDunn: Eeeeww! That is a my reaction on looking on that army (but not in a bad way :p ) The uniformity in the colour scheme when I first saw it gave me doubts, but as the force has built up my opinion has changed from unsure to unexpected joy. That is a seriously huge horde that you have painted and the overall effect is brilliant. They really have a nice horror movie feel to them and as I said at the start, a definite Eeeeww factor.

Braad: Orcs, orcs, orcs, orcs... Great job on that army. It looks to me very much the Grom the paunch horde that I always picture in my head. Nice mix of units, and of course, Grom himself is a real treat. Good work.

nagged: Great scenic backdrop and good work overall on a very unusual Chaos/Brettonian force. In particular I admire the reliquiry and think those pegasus knights really help cement the character of the army. The individuality you managed to get out of the knights of the realm and Empire is quite impressive, great job.

StormCrow: Now that is a tomb king army. Old, rusty and yet animated and alive. I particularly like the tomb scorpions you did, the colour scheme really fitted them and gives them something really unique and quite cool at the same time. The ushbati are a nice touch and (whilst giving me Diablo 2 reminiscence) the bronze brown colour scheme works well from them as well.

Harry: You do know your mad, don't you :p Firstly, the Chaos horde, which is a great intimidating Khorne horde and really looks stunning mounted on that mountain. Good work on the Cauldron and the Cannon, I have the epic versions and seeing the armorcast models is real treat. The lava stands in particular really unite this army and make it stand out for miles. On the O&G's, a hard army to paint (due to the size) and a nice start on a O&G army. Should be good fun for little scenarios and raiding breweries. And finally, the Lizards, bright, bold, and fit quite neatly with a kinda tropical feel. They remind me of what you can get to go in a fish tank, only much nicer done. the ruins look great, and I look forward to seeing next years forces. Good work on keeping momentum this year and for maintaining this project. And btw, you do know that you are quite mad? :D

Magos Explorator: Great work on the High Elf force (particularly since you moved house as well!) and good work on the banners, something I never seem to get right. Great to see some classic spearmen getting some love and they look very good for it. Well done.

Doi: Brilliant work on a nicely themed army. That diorama on its on was worth this months entry and the rest was just superb. The little conversions are really what this army has been all about and you have brought a lot of character to every regiment and the cart-wielding giants. Great job.

EmperorNorton: Great, elite small and nasty army. The effects you managed to pull off with the treeman and the lovely flowing colours on your elves is very finely done. I can sense much frustration from anyone who has to face that force and what else would you expect from a bunch of woodland pansies ;) On the undead, what you did get done was really well done, and as you have mainly skelly and zombie infantry left the rest should be easy enough to do ;) Good work on the graveyard and the spirits, they are really nicely done.

Jimjim: Great work on the O&G's. The squigs have really blown me away and I may well steal that colour scheme for the set that I'm currently staring at and thinking of painting. You've really got green skin down to an art and the overall effect is very neatly uniform and stands out very well, well done.

someone2040: Despite dropping out, that is still a very impressive start to an Empire force that you have gotten together. Hope to see it finished one day. Colour scheme is nice and if you maintain that basing across the army it will be a great sight.

BigJon: Big jon does big army eh? Very brutal army. It has a very dark feel to them and really fits these barbarians from the East. The two butchers really are quite grim (which is compliment!) and the blood is very well done (something which can often make, or break a model) which I'm hoping is due to technique and nothing more sinister...

Avian: So we finally see the daemocrats in full. Great back story along the way, but a very striking and bold colour scheme which really has suited them all. The characters on the discs have been a real highlight to me, though the great conversion work on the Ogres is also very well done.

Jonahmaul: Dark elves with dark skin has worked very well. The snow bases set off the dark colour scheme nicely and provide a nice contrast and with the faces being dark it makes the helms nice and menacing. great work.

Nephilim of Sin: This is such a nice compliment to the other three (and a half) O&G armies in the thread. This one emphasises the brutal and realistic nature of orcs and gives that darker impression of the brutality of their race. Great work.

Cheers for another great year folks, will equally enjoy the next no doubts.

26-08-2009, 15:32
Hi folks,

I am afraid, I have to quit. Yes, even this late. :(

I tried to get myself motivated to finish this tale, but the truth is that I really need and want to paint something different. Every time I would have some spare minutes, I see the partly finished tale models and completely loose my motivation and do not dare to paint something different. So, the effect is contrary to the goal of the tale. After I decided to quit and let the last few models unpainted for now, I felt better. I even painted a Terminator squad for my Ultramarines and really enjoyed it.

It seems that this kind of project motivation does not work for me that well. I need the freedom to switch between my projects and yes, I already have some big painted armies in my glass cabinet.

I think eventually I will finish the Tomb King army, but to be honest it will not anytime soon.

Thanks for all the support and the nice painted armies.

Here is (again) the army so far:


Good luck,


26-08-2009, 16:57
(what is it, 8000 points now?)

Close... very close...

Actually right now, it's 7530, but I need only very little core to be able to fill up extra character, special and rare slots to reach that might 8000.

Then, onto the 9000, and beyond!

Hi folks,

I am afraid, I have to quit. Yes, even this late. :(

Still, a great attempt! And nice army shot.

26-08-2009, 18:17
I'm moving this thread to Fantasy Project Logs.


28-08-2009, 21:14
I'm moving this thread to the new WarSeer Painting Support Forum.


31-08-2009, 10:53
Congratulations everyone on some stunning armies. Great work from everyone involved, here's hoping that I can finish the next tale and keep up with you all.

31-08-2009, 12:56
Some comments before we run out of month, and I have to start commenting on the next Tale :)

Firstly well doen to all who finished, and those who gave it as best they could!

Zark the Damned: Good way to finish off, an interseting collection you have there, look forward to what you can add in the next challenge.
Bluesabre: I aint finished yet! More to come in the new Tale.
Ego Ninja: Still loving that blue! Great way to finish off.
SuavelyDunn: That is one monsterously large undead horde! Well done to you sir.
Braad: The horde of green looks good, even with the unfinished stuff.
nagged:Very interesting work you have there, keep it up and next yuears tale will be even better.
StormCrow:Nicely finished units there, and in part 2 as well.
Harry:Not only does he shower us with wonderful oop mini's but he hits us with a massive display as well! what will we see in this next tale? All the armies look great.
Magos Explorator: Nice compact force of old mini's, well painted to boot.
Doi:Very characterful army you finished, well done.
EmperorNorton: Great looking force, once it's all together. Well done.
JimJim: Love the vividly bright colours of your army, really sets it apart.
someone2040: Sure they'll look great when theyre all done.
BigJon: Mean looking army for such small numbers!
Avian:The ogres fit in quite well, great job on the whole army.
Jonahmaul: Excellent looking De army, especially with the Drow them through it.
Nephilim of Sin:These guy's look great all ranked up together, very impossing!
rkunisch: A pitty you couldnt finish the tale, the army looks great though.

Again well done to all, and look forward to whats going to be put on show in the next few days.

31-08-2009, 15:14
I'm not out yet... army is done I just ran out of sunlight to take good photos in. I'll be posting my last post for this tale tomorrow so watch this space. I'll comment on everyone's fantastic work tomorrow as well.

01-09-2009, 07:06
High Elves

Models: 10 White Lions, 2 Tiranoc Chariots, 1 Repeater Bolt Thrower, 1 Archmage – Valour’s Heart, The Dawnriders, Talons of the Dawn, Milamber Starweaver

Background: Valour's Heart are a unit of veterans drawn almost entirely from Chrace. They were sworn to the house of Oaksong, one of Yvresse's oldest lines, during the Great War Against Chaos. After the last of that family fell in battle against the Dark Elves the unit was left lordless. They looked to their veteran captain, Arhalien, and he led them through the great darkness of that time, teaching much to his loyal second Baralei. After the war and the terrible death of Arhalien at the hands of Urian Poisonblade, the unit swore themselves to Baralei who was now a Prince of Ulthuan after inheriting the house of Oaksong's ancestral spear.

They still serve the Prince today with unerring loyalty and have many a time fought to the last against a myriad of fearsome foes so that their charge may survive. Baralei feels a great sense of kinship with these warriors - elves he has fought with, drank and bled with for over 200 years. As such, he is often found leading them himself where the fighting is fiercest.


Having defended his realm many a time from the white shores of Ulthuan, Baralei learnt long ago the power of the Eagle Claw Bolt Throwers, remembering his days as a humble Sentinel and seeing entire battles swung with a well placed hail of white fletched arrows. The prince often employing two or three in most of his forces, he is loathe to engage any foe without their support.


The Dawnriders form an elite cadre of Yvressian charioteers that have been trained to skirt the flanks of Baralei’s army, hunting down the enemy’s support units and crashing into the flank of their foes whilst ranks of glimmering spears attack the front. They have been trained by chariot masters drawn out of the realm of Tiranoc, it was during the Great War Against Chaos that Baralei saw the great effectiveness of these swift riders. The Prince now maintains a small force of these chariots and it is rare to see the Host of the Golden Dawn march to war without these majestic warriors.


Milamber Starweaver comes from one of oldest and most respected houses of Ulthuan. He is a direct descendent of one of the brave mages who volunteered to create the vortex alongside Caledor Dragontamer. The future generations of the Starweaver family have all lived up to their ancestor’s deeds. He is one of the Loremasters of the White Tower and his counsel is often sought on the topics of all things mystic. Not only is his sorcerous ability formidable he is also in possession of a keen political mind, wielding great authority throughout the courts of Ulthuan. To be allied with Milamber is to have one of the greatest elven houses on your side.
Milamber was an old friend of the original owner of the spear that made Baralei a prince, Talion Oaksong, and when the silver haired elf came to the Loremaster, Milamber understood that the fallen Talion must have seen something in this common elf to pass such a powerful weapon to him. Milamber offered to lend him his political support so that Baralei could stand on his own to feet as Prince.

It was not until the two fought alongside each other against the raiding Druchii that the Archmage saw what Talion had seen. In this silver haired elf was a fiery passion to do everything he could for his people. Baralei was ready to give the last full measure of devotion to the people of Ulthuan and he steadfastly refused to accept that the elves were in their twilight years.

Ever since, Milamber has done everything he can to give aid and support to Baralei. Where the Prince is a master of warfare he knows very little when it comes to the intricacies of politics – a domain oft as deadly as the battlefield. The Loremaster knows not what destiny is before Prince Silverspear but he plans to aid Baralei in every possible way until it is before him – he is prepared to give his last full measure of devotion.

Points: 645

Building/Conversion: Nothing here.

Painting: I used a variety of methods to get all these guys done, there is a little too much to comment on. Suffice to say, most of my recent time has been dedicated to getting Milamber looking like he does. I think he shows how far I’ve come during the tale and I’m really pleased with him – I have you guys to thank for that.

Basing: Standard method I've used for the whole army.

Highs and Lows: Getting a 2250 army fully painted! It is a great feeling to have all these models painted. Lows were doing the chariots actually, while I’m very pleased with how they look its just that they were quite annoying to paint and assemble. It took me so long to get the horses to a point where I am happy with them.

Still to do: Still many High Elves left to paint, but this army is complete.

Total Points: 2380 (Without magic items)

Next Month: Nothing left for these guys… but in the distance I hear the sound of thundering hooves and prayers to the Lady…

Chariot I

Chariot II

White Lions and Repeater Bolt Thrower

Milamber Starweaver

Milamber Starweaver

The Final Army Shot

01-09-2009, 12:02
Oh, the shame of posting in September!!

Anyway, here is the final Throng of 2000pts. Some changes (I have dropped the smaller unit of dwarves in favour of some miners) and these pics don't have the full finished banners. I took these to a tournament last week (hence the photos not being ready,etc) and they won the local Summer of War painting competition! (I won't mention that they were the only fantasy army entered, no...) They lost out to a couple of nice armies in the Warhammer World tournament though, which was a shame. They're currently in the Norwich GW cabinet for anyone who happens to be in the area. Anyway, changes for this month:

All dwarves finished with fully painted beards!

A heavily converted unit of Ironbreakers!


and a more detailed update:

Months 10-12

Painting- updating all the old paint jobs to a level I was happy with, converting, sculpting and tweaking 18 BFSP thane models into a unit of 20 Ironbreakers and bumping the miners up to a unit of 20.

Basing- adding snow to everyone's bases! Really adds a lot to the overall look of the army. Also adding bases to the Organ gun and Cannon (if anyone has a spare chariot base for the Flame cannon, let me know).

Ironbreakers front rank

Second rank

Third and fourth ranks (on unit filler bases- I had ran out of Thane models and was fed up of sculpting arms/beards/gauntlets/etc)

Miners (with Steam Drill and blasting charges)

Whole army shot:


Would like to thank everyone for the support and for helping me get an army done! I'm hoping that I can hold onto it as finances might require me to sell it :(

Will add my 2 pennies on everyone else's armies later on!

01-09-2009, 14:34
So here we go, time to hand out some comments!

Zark the Damned: Fine looking army of freaks you have there! Definitely looks like an army Marius would be happy to command. Love your wizards by the way! That Death wizard reminds of that guy from He-Man.

Bluesabre: Wow, 920 points in one month, you're a machine! :p Well done on that Malekith model, is the model meant to have a gold face like that or did you just paint it that way? Because if you did it looks great. Nice work on the dragon too, very neat painting.

Ego Ninja: I love that guy, he looks like he'd kick anyones ass. I particularly like the head you've given him. Nice highlights on the banner by the way.

SuavelyDunn: Congrats on having a huuuuuuuuuuuuge army. Looks amazing mate, I might have to try out that army painter product one day!

Braad: You've got some really nice models in that army there, so kudos for that. Particular fav of mine is that crossbow wielding troll. Good luck with the rest of your army, mate.

Nagged: Wow, those are some scary conversions! Well done on the whole thing. Awesome little diorama you have as well.

Stormcrow: Your army looks sick. I'm not looking forward to finally facing those carrion... my repeater bolt thrower crewmen are crying now, are you happy with yourself?! Sorry to hear about that little mishap with the chariots.. I guess thats what you get for collecting an army made of 3000 year old dead people... Awesome looking army, man.

Harry: Holy crap. Your efforts are pretty staggering, mate. One of my mates is such a lazy ass when it comes to painting his stuff and he works full time and says he has no time to do it. Every time he uses that excuse I mention you :D. I wish I had the talent to make the kind of dioramas you do for your armies but alas, I'll just have to bask in the warm glow of your successes. Brilliant stuff. Can't thank you enough for organizing this stuff as well, I've got more painted over this past year than I have in my whole time of collecting Warhammer.

Magos Explorator: Some fine looking Asur you got there. I just love how clean your painting looks, I don't know you manage to get it like that. You really do those old spearmen models justice. Awesome army. I still think that Battle Standard is one of the best I've seen.

Doi: Thats a fairly threatening looking Waaaagh! I love that Goblin Warboss on 'Tiny'. I never realized till now just how many Wolf Riders you painted over this past year... Congrats on that. Apparently, next year's summer campaign will give you some new Wolf Rider models to add to your army.

EmperorNorton: I love that army, it looks exactly like a Wood Elf army should: vibrant with models all over the shop. That Treeman really is a standout.

Jimjim: Wow, thats quite an effective painting style you have there. Very vibrant, that Black Orc unit looks suitably terrifying!

Someone2040: Its a shame you couldn't go with us to the end, I always liked the look of your army. Good luck for the future mate!

Bigjon: Always nice to some finely painted Ogres - and yours are definitely that. I've always wanted to fight a fully painted army of these hungry bastards, something exactly like yours! Well done on all your work, mate. I also have to agree with Stormcrow on the fact that that Pit Fighter could easily pass as a Bruiser, that guy is freaking scary! How do you manage to get that rusted look?

Avian: Some different looking Chaos Ogres you have there, definitely a nice paint job but what about screwing up their armour a bit to give it a less clean look? Of course, these are just my thoughts. The army as a whole looks fantastic, congrats mate.

Jonahmaul: Now those are dark elves. Traitorous kin with no sense of self control! Despite that, those are pretty amazing units you have there. The Cold One Knights in particular are standout, good luck finishing the army.

Nephilim of Sin: I really love the way you've painted your orcs. The little touches splashed throughout the unit really make them feel individual but cohesive as an army. I still cant get enough of that Black Orc chariot. Awesome stuff mate!

rkunisch: Sorry to see you couldn't finish, looks like a nice legion of the dead is massing there. Keep at it mate! I look forward to the day that it is finished.

Sparks: Jesus Christ. That unit of Ironbreakers is amazing! Just how exactly did you manage all that?? Kudos on that, my friend. I love the Steam Drill and Blasting Charges as well. I really like that scheme, looks very earthen (may have made that word up...) and very ... dwarfen.

A final farewell to this tale and a final congrats to everyone who participated, if only for a month or so. Very much looking forward to see you all for the next one.

02-09-2009, 09:29
Doi: Thats a fairly threatening looking Waaaagh! I love that Goblin Warboss on 'Tiny'. I never realized till now just how many Wolf Riders you painted over this past year... Congrats on that. Apparently, next year's summer campaign will give you some new Wolf Rider models to add to your army.

I'm just hoping I don't decide to redo the entire army with new models :p.

Your High Elves came out fantastic. Much more threatening then my gobbos ;). The freehand work on the mage's cape is especially stunning.

@ sparks: That Ironbreaker unit did come out really well. And considering I'm not really a fan of GW dwarves that is saying something. Congrats on the painting award too.


02-09-2009, 11:27
Darnoks Super-Late Entry: Zombie Pirates of 2008/2009

Well, I just don't have it with deadlines I suppose. One of the reasons why I shouldn't try this whole venture again. :o

Here are a couple of shots of what really got finished through this Tale. It is nowhere near the aimed 2000 points, but it is a good portion chewed away - and that is a great thing. I might finish this army to a playable standard (2000+ points that is) sooner or later, probably later, but not for now. I think I have a suitable model for the vampire captain at last, but when it will be done... who knows.

All in all I had fun doing the zombie pirates, even though some parts were more frustrating than others (#*%& rats :mad:). It is nice to see a project nearly done in the cabinet, as I now can do other things without the ever-returning thought of "well, you should do those pirates first, right?". And maybe one of my other dozen projects gets done now as well...




And a final shot at home in the cabinet, including WIP models as the Big Bess:


02-09-2009, 12:05
And some final shots of my last work on the zombie pirates, namely a second Undead Leviathan, and a Big Bess.

The Leviathan is made from the plastic Chaos Spawn, with minor GS work added. It got a "swimming tail", and I tried to achieve a single eye like the lanterns you see at deepsea fishes. The result isn't nearly as impressive as the first one, but all in all I still think it is okay. Sorry for the (very) bad pictures - again.



The Big Bess I worked on for quite some months, a bit here, a bit there. It is the single most complex conversion in the army, and apart from mysterious crew member #5 - yes, a barrel of fish! - everything is converted. The basis is a Corpse Cart, crossed with a set of imperial cannons. The crew is mainly the imperial gun crew with zombie parts, and the CC zombies got flaggellant heads and new arms where possible. I have no idea when I have the time and/or will to paint it, but in the end it willd efinetely be the centre piece of the army:





Thanks everybody for the support over the year, it really helped. I don't know wether I'll be part of a future Tale, but I would like to, if I find the time in my schedule. It was an inspiring experience, and I am happy to have been a part of it.

Magos Explorator
02-09-2009, 14:13
Big Bess looks great! :) (So do the rest of the models, but Bess in particular looks like a cool conversion).

Thanks to others for all the kind words about my elves. I've really enjoyed seeing everybody's models throughout the year, even if I haven't left as many comments as perhaps I should have.

03-09-2009, 00:04
@ Darnok: Surely you didn't finish too far off 2000pts? It's a very impressive force you have there nonetheless, especially considering the amount of conversions you've put into it. The new Big Bess looks really cool, even if I see it flying backwards when fired :p.


03-09-2009, 17:35
I think it is time to bring honor to the glorious!

See below, the final results of Warseers second Tale of Fantasy Painters:


Those who did not respond in the last month, and did not achieve 2000 points, were placed in the 'out' section.
Sadly, this section also contains myself...

It's been fun, keeping track of all this stuff. Onto the next!

04-09-2009, 06:27
Big thanks to you, Braad, for keeping track of all this madness! Well done to everyone involved and I'm very pleased to see that neat green line across my name. Awesome stuff.

04-09-2009, 21:08
This year will be a bit different though. I'll follow it point by point now, instead of just a '1', so that I can make growth lines for everyone :)