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09-05-2005, 16:26

Just a quick and simple question really, but after yoru current army is completed and you've had a breather to play with it complete. What would your next army be for production, or giving up if ya know what I mean!

Well for me I am hoping to get my Lizardmen to 2,000pts before I start my next project.... Hopefully I will be able to venture into the land of Naggaroth after a couple of months of playing with the lizards and I might buy the book some time in the future.

But yeah what are you guys up for next? *Obviously Wood Elves are going to be the majority here hehehe*

09-05-2005, 16:32
Im actually a version of the rules behind, i have all of the information but i have to read them and play afew games to be more familiar.

As far as armies go; I have a ton of Skaven (not assembled) i could put together, a Ton of Brits (not assembled, well a few are, but the old models) i could put together, and a bunch of old wood elves lying around i could always start to play.....i ll have to get the new codex and start reading about the new Wood Elves.

I actually think i am going to do a Beastmen army. I talked to a GW store Rep in Dublin Ireland while on vacation and he got me thinking about getting back into Fantasy.


6th and Final Champion
09-05-2005, 16:39
Counts then wood elves for me. OR I might put counts on hold and wait for the tree huggers to come out.

09-05-2005, 16:45
I'd really like to start a Chaos Dwarf Army, regardless of whether or not the rules get redone.
I'd take the minimum of greenskin units, maybe only a couple units of wolf riders, a solid block of Bull centaurs, certainly an earthshaker cannon and a couple of death rockets.
I currently play with Darke Elves and Bretonnians and the idea of playing with a slow army that has plenty of artillery really appeals to me. For some reason, I've looked at the regular dwarf army and I'm not all that taken with it. I think it's the lack of sorcerers.

09-05-2005, 16:45
I have about 150 unpainted models for my Tau, Deamonhunters, Skaven and Brets to paint. If I ever get them finished I'm thinking about getteing some dark elves.

09-05-2005, 17:18
Why so uncertain? :D

I'm wrestling my Space Wolves 13th Company to 1500pts before my group starts our narrative campaign in July, although it doesn't look like I'll quite make it. Probably have to finish off a few units mid-campaign, although that shouldn't be too much trouble. After that.... Wood Elves! Yes I know they're going to be as common as dirt (or Chaos, as I like to call it :p ), but they were my first ever wargaming army, almost six years ago. I sold my army of 5th edition models back when they were actually worth something, and I've been having withdrawal symptoms ever since. Druchii just don't fill that elf-shaped void my WElvises left behind...

09-05-2005, 17:50
Wood elves for sure.

09-05-2005, 21:00
I have High Elves and Ogres...

Next group woll be Counts.

Crazy Harborc
10-05-2005, 01:05
IF I like the minies and the price tag isn't raised.........I "might" get the Woodies.

I don't have, Skaven, Lizardmen or Ogre Kingdoms. Of those three, the lizzies have the best chance of getting a barracks or two, in my basement.

10-05-2005, 01:15
I'm gonna be doing a bug themed beastmen army using the gorgeous new tyranid minis. It will be for a Lustria campaign my mates are running.

10-05-2005, 04:21
I want to buy *counts* 3, maybe 4 units for my Chaos army (marauder horsemen, horrors and actual furies, and maybe a unit of knights) and finish them off.

I also "need" to finish off my Skaven army, which involves the purchase of probably 6 units; rat ogres, plague monks, censer bearers, a screaming bell, giant rats and stormvermin... that way i have one of everything. I think that covers the Skaven end of things. Whatever gets me to 3000 points or so, and Stormvermin are optional. This may include another unit of slaves and clanrats, i'm not sure.

Once those are done, i am most definitely moving into Lizardmen. I love the scaly little dudes, and the bigass dinosaur is really cool too. :cool:

After 3000 or so points of that (should be eay enough to hit), probably Dark Elves, since i already have a bunch of Harpies that i used to use for my Chaos army, and the models are damn sweet. Plus, i used to have a DE army in 4e.

10-05-2005, 05:27
I already have TK 2500pts and empire 2000pts and thinking of starting a ork army in a later day and for 40k i just finihed seling a 5000pt ork and almost finished buying my witchhunters after that all fantasy all the way!!

Dirty Fingers
10-05-2005, 05:34
I'm currently working on my lizardmen. after i reach the 2000 point region, well, Ogre Kingdoms are looking mighty tempting. If anything, it seems relatively simple to put an army together.

10-05-2005, 06:44
Woddies, rwo army boxes. And change/trade stuff so I get a pure elf army...

My Chaos/Beasts are getting futher and futher away....

10-05-2005, 07:36
My next army (after I finish the army I'm working on right now) is going to be a Spirit of the Forest army, so..a Wood Elf army without the Elves, pretty much. ;p

10-05-2005, 09:10
It's to far and expensive to trade stuff MVA, it might have been a nice idea if you were closer. :)

10-05-2005, 09:34
Good question. I've no idea what my next army will be.

My Beasts of chaos are pretty much finished for some time now. I added a few more models last year and painted the last batch of them right before the P tournament.

Right now the army looks exactly like what I had in mind when I started the project. Sure, there are some possible add-ons (a unit of Bestigors, converted from plastic Gors for example), but I don't think it'll happen anytime soon.

I'd like a new army. I just don't know what to do.

Getting bored pretty fast, I suffered from the infamous "multiple armies" syndrom. I've never been able to stick to just one army...I always had more to switch between them.

That's why I'd like to make sure that this time, I'll find an army that'll be able to keep me interested for a longer timeframe. It's not as if I'd not play with older armies anymore (as long as I did not sell them of course ;)), I'm coming back to them. I'd just like to prevent that special urge to start something new coming up again soon.

I think I'll need an army that fulfils a wide selection of aspects (look, background, diversity when it comes to playing style...).

Right now there's no such army I think. Maybe Wood Elves will be like what I'm searching. Not sure, but at least they'd be an elite army.
Something I promised myself to do as the next project...no more games ending after 2 or 3 rounds cause of countless miniatures you have to move around and neverending turns. No more transport-problems when traveling with your army...and elite armies have a completely different playing style too.

At the moment I'd favour something like a mix of the Daemonic Legion Slaanesh army and the Cult of Slanesh list...both lists are not able to fulfil what I'd like my army too look like, but as a mix they'd be pretty close to being perfect.

Sadly it's not legal for tournaments...

Ok, you can wake up again now. I'm done here. :D

10-05-2005, 10:06
Well, I'm pretty much done with my Greenskins for now.
My next actual venture is to get back into Necromunda, but I am certainly looking at another Fantasy army somewhere close down the line (when I have more money and space :D )

Anything that isn't green is a fantastic start - and of late I have been looking closely at the Vampire Counts. However, I kind of want to theme my next army, and unfortunately I just cannot think of an original theme when it comes to the Counts... :(

I've always wanted to do a Dark Elf army, and I have a theme sorted. The only problem is that a regular opponent plays Dark Elves, and in a gaming group of 5 people, two of the same army can get a little tiresome...

Perhaps I should give it a little more thought and get back to you.
Thanks for reading this (ultimately) pointless post anyway :D

11-05-2005, 01:00
Damn you Sylass, you just reminded me that i want some units of beastmen. :mad: :p

11-05-2005, 01:48
It's to far and expensive to trade stuff MVA, it might have been a nice idea if you were closer. :)

Ahh, yes, that it would have been! You never know!

I have a feeling that Spirits armies aren't going to be as popular once the Elves come out. Considering how nice the WE mini's are and all, but hell, it just seems like a good idea to go for!

Plus it would contrast my beasts army pretty well too!

11-05-2005, 01:54
4500+ skaven
1500+ vampires
3000+ ogres
1500 orcs

I bought my vampires and most skavens from other players and didn't "repair" them since them, so these models are poorly painted and scrappy. Making them nice again will take A LOT of time.
With 4 armies, I think I have enough to be happy:D However, it's pretty sure I'll start a gnoblar army since I already got about 100. If it gets official, I'll really try to have a big army of those little sneaky guys. If not, I'll probably make a warband.

11-05-2005, 03:35
I currently have about 3000 points of skaven at my command, which I intend on expanding with the new models and more clanrats and night runners. But as far as another army goes, I think I'm going to braoden my horizons into 40K just because I found an awesome conversion army idea (Skaven as the Lost and the damned). But after that i'd love a new fantasy army. I've narrowed it down to dogs of war or Chaos (Beasts or maybe even a norse themed chaos army, it just depends). My mind changes like the wind, at one point I was considering an all wolfrider army, but I realized it would never win, and wheeras I don't like to win at all costs i like to be competitive. I just want to make an army nobody has ever seen. Though that is near impossible. But after i get a second fantasy army I'm definitely making a grey knights army (40K, they're just soo cool)!

11-05-2005, 06:00
I'm busy with my dwarfs now, and will be for some time, taking time out once in a while to do something else so I won't get bored.

At the same time I'm getting all the ogre kingdom models that I think I'll need/want for my next project.

So it'll be ogres at the end of 2005.

The lesson here is: Buy now, it'll be more expensive later. ;)

11-05-2005, 06:11
I just started a Orge Kingdoms Army. With my small warband of orge's I'm 4/1/1 Not too shabby. Ill have to wait and see what they can do when I get to field 2250 of them :D

11-05-2005, 06:30
Well easy answer for me, Wood Elfs of course. I've waited so long now for new miniatures and an army book that i just have to get my hands on the new wood elfs and start to collect them again.

Other wise im still happily painting my Eldar, Imperial Guard, Dwarfs and High Elf Armies till the new wood elfs arrive.


11-05-2005, 06:32
Elves... Ewwwwww And their damn tree humping ones too... lol J/k..

I still hate elves though :p

Ethereal Alpaca
11-05-2005, 13:09
I'm just about finished my skaven, so now I've dug out a load of chaos models I have lying around. So far I have some marauders (heads switched with the empire knights "hairy heads"), four chaos knights and enough to convert 7 or possibly 8 Flayerkin from ghouls and marauder bitz.

Crazy Harborc
11-05-2005, 17:17
Been busy painting bugs, lots of Bugs, MI's too. Today, I am still waiting on the soon(?) to be released, Woodies armybox. I started a mad money, money stash to "soften" the sticker shock when I learn the price of the armybox.

16-05-2005, 18:48
well, after a break from gaming, and a looong break from fantasy, ive decided to get in with something interesting.

khorne worshiping savage orcs. gonna start with 500-1000pts.

they found a big icon, they worshipped it, they frenzied, and they turned a slightly different colour. i mean, dont you get bored of green orks?

17-05-2005, 10:05
I'm currently revamping my 40K Tyranid army with the new codex release, which is probably going to cost me the next few months (plus I've got a lot of Dark Elves and IG left to paint). After than, I'm not quite sure, tough it will probably be a fantasy army (I've got 2 fantasy armies and 3 40K). The new wood elves look really nice, and when I like the army composition and tactics, I might try a small army. Tough I'm also tempted by TK (altough I already have a VC army) and a Slaanesh Daemon only army (which would also function nicely in combination with my DE as a CoS army).