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10-08-2009, 12:10
I just got the basics for O&G and the Empire.
The plan was to buy two full armies so I could play against friends as a “normal” board game. This turned out to be very expensive, so I decided to get the basic and expand little by little.

Now I got:

2xgoblins, 2xOrcs, 1x board riders, 1x O&G character pack, 2XHaleberdiers, 2x crossbowmen, 1x knights and 1x Empire character pack.

The character packs was a pleasant surprise as I see they have all the characters needed if my armies should reach 2000 pts. I think I’ll go for one model on each base, as I like the image of individual named heroes rather than a hero surrounded by body guards and advisors. I see I got all the Empire characters I’ll need and Most of the O&G, but I have one orc shaman and one goblin hero less than what is allowed, but I guess I don’t need them. Or…?

I have placed my heroes on round warhammer bases. They are higher than the warmaster bases, but it is a cheap and easy solution as I have enough round bases in my bitz box. It is an ok solution but thinner bases would be nice. Have any one tried to trim the round warhammer bases until they are as thin as the warmaster bases?

Currently my armies are very small. 600-700 points each I guess. Is it worth playing with such small forces, or should I wait until they are bigger, so I won’t be turned off?

Cpt. Drill
10-08-2009, 16:05
Awesome news on the armies front! Nice to see some more players and ones that are trying to ecorage others! I wouldnt worry about the Orc and Goblin shamans for now you dont need more yet but later on it could be nice. You could always make them from a spare goblin or orc clipped off one of the stands.

I agree with having just one character on a base, I like the think that it is that hero who is doing all the work rather than him and all his retinue, I mount heros on 40k round bases as it makes them easily recognisable during the battle and for my general one of the 40mm round bases. If you want something thinner I wouldnt recommend trying to trim bases, I used to use one pence coins for heroes and two pence for my general. it is pretty much the same thickness as a regular warmaster base.

As for playing fire ahead straight away! You could warne people that the game is truely at its best in larger points 2000-2500pts is an excillent size as at only 700pts the game will often be over in one decisive combat.

Would like to see some of your minis at some point and I hope all this helps

10-08-2009, 16:34
Thanks for the advice. I'll try the round bases in full size and see how they turn out when they are painted. I have 3 40mm bases aswell. I have put the O&G chariot on one and planning on having a wyvern riding general and a griffon riding general on the other two.

10-08-2009, 16:48
i like a "command group" on my heroes, a standard banner of some sort and maybe a musician. for wizards usually alone.

11-08-2009, 15:42
If you can get them UK 2p pieces (currency) make very good and very cheap warmaster command bases.
I wonder what the export restriction is on coins ;)