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Death Korp
11-08-2009, 15:43
Hello all,

Older members of Warseers may remember me making a log about my attempt at making my armies bigger. Now, 2 years have passed and now I am back on the job! I am going to apocalyse 2 of my armies: the Iron Warriors and my Imperial Combined force (Guard, various marines and Inquisition). But first, the Iron Warriors:

My largest army is the Iron Warriors 18th Grand Company, clocking up to about 6500pts (only half of that is painted!) and is still going! I still have to 'Iron Warrior up' the Colour scheme a bit, as I forgot about the black shoulder pads...

I have plenty of things in my army, so I will be going on for a while (and I still want to buy more things! Here are a couple of things you will be expecting to see in this log:

*Ironclads been turned to Chaos!
*Lots more Vehicles!
*Getting all the units in the Codex
*Super Heavies!

Enough chatting and on to pictures!


The 'Ironswords' are the Warsmith of the 18th Grand Company Zarkisz's personal bodyguard, his chosen warriors ready to protect him at all costs. They are ferocious warriors, who kill will a ruthless efficiency and no no mercy.

My 25 Terminators and my Terminator Lord. Note the Standard Beaerer for them all. I want another set of 5 to have 3 complete 10 man sqauds for my 'Ironswords'. Will have to add an Iron Warriors Abbadon to them as my Warsmith. Need to think of a good conversion first though.


My Slanneshi Lord Galbetrix.

A Renegade from the Emperors Children Legion, Galbetrix joined the 18th Grand Company of depseration and fear of retribution of his Legion as he took his 'excesses' too far for even Fulgrim himself to accept. Zarkisz (my Warsmith) has him lead the Slannehi devottes in his force.

The model uses the Daemonic Steed from the WFB Slanneshi Lord and head, and Emperors Children bits. All together, I think its a nice model.


The Dreadnought 'Galthor'.

'Galthor the Mad. Galthor the Mindless. Galthor had these thoughts run through his mind as he was returned into his Sacophagus. Fear, sadness and rage filled his ravaged mind as soon as he entered the bio-mechanical beast of the Dreadnaught. He was completely lost from centries of sleep. He could not feel the kick of his bolter in his hand, the joy of the blood he spilt with his axe. He was in no mood for talking. he ripped off his chains of binding, and killed all the servants and slaves near him. Not even Zarkisz himself would greet Galthor, as he feared his unholy wrath.'

Galthor was made from a AoBR Dread and loads of Chaos bits. I reckon he looks pretty mean, and you'll be seeing some of his friends appear soon (when I buy them).

Here are some painted examples of my army (more later on in the day).


'Blade of Perberto', my Shadowsword. (Bad picture)

The Blade of Perberto is a Shaodwsword taht has seen mellenia of service, since the Horus Heresy. it is only recently in the 41st Millenium that it has fallen from the Imperiums grace, and has been taken by Zarkisz for his Iron Warriors. 'Blade', as it is commonly named by the warriors of the Legion gives the 18th Grand Company an edge in larger egagements, as the 18th Grand Company has regained its former strength.

All the Shadowsword is is the normal box set with Chaos bits added on. Simple, but effective (i'll try and get a better piccie later on)

And a picture of my painted terminators:


I will post more pictures later on, but for now, goodbye!



Mr Feral
11-08-2009, 16:21
It's good to see you working on your Iron Warriors again DK!

Can I ask, what kit does that massive standard come from?

Since you need ideas for your Abaddon count-as, I suggest lots of bionics (obviously!) and looking at some GW artwork for inspiration. :)

Death Korp
11-08-2009, 16:30
Thankyou Feral, I'll need to check out your log again, haven't seen it for a while!

The standard comes from the new Marauder Horsemen kit, nice bits in there to convert all chaosy things.

Bionics, a Servo Harness and Terminator armour is the order of the day for my Warsmith. I have some ideas, but I'l make a power armoured version of him first to get a jist of the idea.