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12-08-2009, 00:01
I am wondering how other people's experiences have been with ordering of Forge world products? My last experience has gone from exceiting with the order to down right disappointing with the delivery. but I want to hear from you.

12-08-2009, 00:06
I ordered on the fifth of October, and had my order arrive on the 17th thanks to express shipping- but with some issues and a missing model. It took two months of emails to finally get the pieces, and they threw in some extras as compensation. But there's no excuse for such poor QA and communication.

12-08-2009, 00:15
I like the look of their stuff, but I don't like their prices, so I haven't bought anything from them, and I doubt I will. It's not a question about what I can afford, it's a question about the worth I deem their products have...

Khornies & milk
12-08-2009, 00:33
I placed a 250 pound plus order on the 2nd of this month...arrived complete on the 10th.

and not a bad miscast amongst the lot...just some slight bendiness.

12-08-2009, 01:15
All pretty good so far. The occasional bendy bit or gaps, but thems the breaks with resin.

12-08-2009, 01:21
When I bought the khorne daemon prince and herald half of it was missing! Other than that they have been good.

12-08-2009, 01:31
they always replace everything they screw up but the wait times, combined with the emerging quality of GW products in the guard range means I use them alot less than I use to.

12-08-2009, 04:08
I've had pretty good luck with Forge World. The delivery time here in the states I consider a necessary evil.

12-08-2009, 07:55
All pretty good so far. The occasional bendy bit or gaps, but thems the breaks with resin.

Same here.

Price per usual, is the only issue. But it seems I'm always willing to dish it out... heh:rolleyes:

Foolish Mortal
12-08-2009, 08:08
I voted 'neither here nor there'.

Mostly good, some bad - never had any missing parts, but occaisional lengthy delays in delivery have sucked & some poor quality casts.

Worst I've had was a while ago when I placed an order, waited for a few weeks with no delivery. I phoned to see how my order was progressing, only to be told that they had no record of my order, despite having the confirmation e-mail in front of me. I was advidsed to ring back later after they'd looked into it, which I did - only to be told that, yes, the order was there and would be dealt with - WTF?

Most 'face palm' one I've had was an order including some brass etchings, which were out of stock & would be sent later. Indeed, they arrived later - 1 sheet of etchings in a HUGE cardboard box absolutely jam packed with padding - a simple padded envelope would have done the trick & probably saved a lot of postage as well.

Anyway I've pre-ordered the new Siege of Vraks book - so We'll see how that goes.

12-08-2009, 10:44
I voted amazing from start to *current day*
To date, I have only ever had 1 problem with orders, which was easily fixed.
1) Very bent gun barrel - told me how to fix it, offered to replace if it was too bent.

The postage time has increased (a bit), but it's still quick. Faster than quite a few other companies/people I've bought from.

12-08-2009, 12:04
The only things I get from Forgeworld are either from events or through third parties, so I generally don't have problems with postage times.

12-08-2009, 12:37
The items I've ordered have been great, but the lack of communication is more irking than the delivery times (I'm happy to wait - as long as I'm told that I'll have to/told when it finally is posted).

I don't care how few staff they have - they earn enough with what they charge to get a phone/email monkey.

12-08-2009, 15:47
I had to vote 'amazing' since my purchases from them include a Warhound and Weathertop, and along with everything else, I've never had any issues at all.

12-08-2009, 15:59
Only had one minor issue with a snapped halberd of the Nurgle Sorceror, got it quickly and nicely changed for free, so no real complaints, just wish shipping was quicker is all.

12-08-2009, 16:38
Have had bits missing, have had slow deliveries. Also have had deliveries arrive in under a week and have always had missing parts replaced super-quick. And it is all awesome stuff..

12-08-2009, 19:02
I have been buying from FW for the past ten years.

Yes there have been times when items didn't arrive on time and there have been times when items have been damaged and had to be returned for replacment (a Tau Tiger Shark).

But I would always recommend FW to anyone.

12-08-2009, 19:32
As long as you can tolerate the pricing, the delivery times, the mispacks, the miscast/damaged product, as well as the wasted time and frustration dealing with them to get it sorted out then the finished product can be quite exceptional. :)

That said, they don't provide enough value for me to order directly from them, and money isn't the issue, value is. I prefer to purchase second hand from someone who has already dealt with the headaches of *getting it right* from FW, or at shows/conventions where everything is properly sorted ahead of time...

13-08-2009, 01:37
I'm a fan. I had a very minor issue with a missing piece, I called them up and they sent it out right away. The guys are very polite and very knowledgeable about their products which is nice.

Oh and also their models rock!

13-08-2009, 14:07
gerally speaking they got some great looking stuff.
downside is the delivery which is dreadful to say the least.
and the quality sometimes tend to be awful too.
with these things combinden the prices are ridiculous.

I have gathered a vast amount of money and was thinking of going FW products but decided otherwise.
ie cba.

13-08-2009, 17:16
Products are amazing in general, some better than others but with a simple phone call any problem I have had has been sorted promptly.

It's a premium product so if the received product does not meet expectation, as a consumer it is you right to complain. The guys at FW are helpful and the customer support is second to none.

I recently received the wrong model, a phone call later and another was in the post to me. The fact that when it arrived it was the wrong model again was a little disconcerting but yet again a phone call later and the problem was highlighted and the remaining stock checked before sending out to me.Perfect!

For me I have a lot of projects on the go so if a FW order takes its time to reach me then I have plenty more to be getting on with.


13-08-2009, 19:13
I've run both end of the spectrum...
Order times :
3-4 days - 2.5 months ( around the Apoc launch) to the USA
Had a friend that ordered the Anphillion base ( the full one) and it took 7 months to cast and send... that would be the worst I've actually seen , vs I ordered a Reaver and got the model in 4 days, just ordered a Thawk and it is stated for delivery on Monday ( 5days including fri, sat sun and GD Germany is this weekend)

Every thing included:
Yes on both 2 item to 40 item to miss labeled bags : LR Helios ordered got Whirlwind in Helios baggies and not included by mistake but got shipped to door in 2 days

None to a bunch. Reaver was pritty clean , Tau Tiger shark AX01 and Crashed Valk horrid amounts and I'm having to use a dremil and my big bag of Trix to clean them up.

Customer service:
Top notch .... if you can get a hold of them. No toll free Number and they can take months to answer your order, I have noticed if the order you have a problem with is large you usually get help quicker , than say a single Item ( Reavers and Thunderhalks excluded). Some times it is a P.I.T.A. to get a hold of them, but when you do they make it right and ship it out ASAP with no questions asked.

The MKIIb Lr kit is notorious for the resin parts being cast too small and it need a ton of work to fit together correctly. This is the only kit that I've seen repeated issues with other than the chapter doors being either rubbery or to small.

Corporal Punishment
13-08-2009, 20:40
I have been buying from them fairly regularly and I have always had a very positive experience with them. And this is coming from someone who has a generally negative view of GW and their business practices.

I have always liked their stuff, especially the books. I just ordered the three book set of the Siege of Vraks and I can't wait to see it.

13-08-2009, 21:22
I have always liked their stuff, especially the books. I just ordered the three book set of the Siege of Vraks and I can't wait to see it.

They are good books, Fluff wise IA 3,5,6 are good. I've had mixed reviews on IA 4. My #7 should be in shortly.

I'm not saying any thing on type-o issues though ;)

13-08-2009, 22:43
I have also found them to be very helpful over the phone but I have never received an email reply from them.

14-08-2009, 13:56
I've never had any problems with Forge World (I live in the States.) The only gripe I have is my Vendetta conversion kit (which just came in) seems to have been shipped through Sweden... I'm not sure how European shipping works, but it seems a little bass ackwards to me.

14-08-2009, 20:05
I only used them twice to get some traitor guard stuff. Both times I got the models within a week and no issues with warping. I dont think its there fault but each time I got a package from them it looked like someone had played football with it. Lucky each time nothing was broken as I only ordered bodies and brass etching. Never every had a package look like this before, was just odd that both times from FW.

14-08-2009, 20:33
I have now made 4 orders in total to Forge World. None were ever valued for free shipping and I have never selected express shipping.

The quality has been perfect on everything I have ordered to date. No air bubbles, warpage, melted, broken or mis-casted pieces.

Death Guard Conversion Kit
Death Guard Terminator Conversion Kit
Salamander Terminator Pads
Salamander Land Raider Panel/Doors
Death Guard Sorcerer
Chaos Renegade Conversion Kits
Chaos Renegade Brassed Etch

My only gripes are shipping is rather long for the price you pay, no matter the reasons. I also would like Forge World to implement a 2nd email about your order. The first being your receipt with description of what you purchased etc. The 2nd which they need to create is a Your order and copy of order has been shipped. It would cut back I am sure on a ton of calls/emails they receive regarding whether or not its been shipped etc.

With that in mind I know my orders take 4 weeks to get to me, give or take a week. So I plan that and know that prior to ordering.

14-08-2009, 20:49
Great looking stuff.
Too expensive.

Wolf Scout Ewan
14-08-2009, 21:13
Apart from a few casting errors I cant complain.

I have always found the guys at Forgeworld helpful and willing to talk about new stuff. I cannot fault them for their customer service!

15-08-2009, 17:51
amazing from start to finish:D:D:D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16-08-2009, 09:18
I order with a group of people on average every 3-6 months.
In my experience I have always had some issues. These issues have always been resolved.

I think a better quality (and completeness) control would reduce the handling an postal costs for Forge world a lot. The worst part is that, in the end, I pay these costs.

On the other hand...it won't stop me buying from them.

- Almost every order missing or broken parts
- Communication via e-mail is hopeless

- Great miniatures
- Very friendly and helpful customer service (via phone)