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14-08-2009, 16:14
Are they at the same size than the warmaster figurines ? Do they mix well with them ?

I don't know where to start in warmaster (as I want to start all the armies :) ) so I thought about buying this box first. But the GW website says they're 6mm, which is smaller than warmaster ...

The ideal would be a picture of some of the BoFA miniatures next to warmaster miniatures, but I just need to know that they're okay to play warmaster with.

Cpt. Drill
15-08-2009, 01:44
Hay there the battle of five armies figures are a tiny bit smaller but this is unnoticable... The only thing that may make them stand out to a keen eye is the fact that they have more men on a base than warmaster.

I personally recomend the BoFA's game to everyone who shows a glint of interest in warmaster I think it is a great way to begin! It has a really nice scenario, some terrainand two armies, alot of the models can easily be used for many warmaster armies

Humans - Empire, Brettonians, chaos (marauders?)
Elves - Dark or high elves
Dwarves - ...dwarves
Eagles - Elves
Orcs - These are fairly none descript, I think you could use them as loads of stuff just painted right Marauders, goblins, peasants...
Wolf Riders - Orcs
Wargs - Chaos or orcs

Time for the shameless plug... I have done some warmaster themed plogs in the past.. Check them out! Oh and leave a comment... no one supports warmaster:(

Or maybe its just me

I will stick some size comparisons in my current plog for you :D

Totally shameless

Or maybe its just me

15-08-2009, 12:27
Thank you very much ! :) I really like the contents of this box because so many figurines can go from one army to another. (And also because I have around twelve goblin units in it ! )

AzraelEzekiel and a group of people that I don't even know their name but that I thank very much worked a lot in creating a bunch of nez lists including chaos dwarves and wood elves, so I might expand into these armies after !

(Oh and I saw your plogs before your message, I read them both in one go, I quite like them, you paint very well and your miniatures deserve to be seen more :) )

Anyways, thank you very much ! Ancre.

04-09-2009, 08:55
I use the gobolin in it with my O&G but with a file to remove the pointy ears and a different paint job they would easily pass as peasants

04-09-2009, 16:17
Got to agree with the Cpt. on this one.
I bought 2 boxes for my Goblin army then used the good army for my dwarves, wood elves and albion armies.
But you could use them as Capt. Drill advised.
The models are really nice and blend in well with standard WM models.
That and the hills are very useful ;)

Just a shame they stopped doing the seperate armies and units as there are some really nice alt models in that range.

Check my signature for examples of the wood elves.

04-09-2009, 19:59
I love your sig azraelezekiel :)

Now I just can't wait for my money to come in the bank and my room to be cleand (ugh ... this is hard work) and on to buying warmaster stuff !

I intend to do a chaos dwarf and a wood elf and a chaos army ! I'll put pictures when I'll be finally working on it.

04-09-2009, 21:43
Pop over to the sg forums
For my tips on quickly painting chaos knights and warriors.
It will save you weeks if you plan on a large force of them.