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16-08-2009, 21:21
An Anargo Sector Project Modelling Blog.

"Having failed to breakthrough the heavily fortified line of fortress worlds of the Castellan sub-sector with his probing attacks, Warlord Morzkraga swiftly launched an assault on the weaker fortress worlds of the Vinaca Chain that guarded the approaches to the neighbouring Madron sector. The three fortress worlds of Paulinn, Grun and Kholstrum that guarded the flank between the Madron and Anargo sectors were the target of this Ork assault. The speed at which Warlord Morzkraga changed the focus of his attack from Anargo to Madron left the Imperium reeling and the worlds of Paulinn and Grun fell quickly to the Ork advance. The loss of these two fortress planets isolated the Kholstrum system from the rest of the Madron sector, fearing that the loss of Kholstrum would isolate the two sectors from each other the Departmento Munitorum authorised the creation of a Imperial Navy Battlegroup and the raising of three Imperial Guard Army Group's to reinforce Kholstrum and to take back the worlds of Paulinn and Grun."

- Excerpt from "In Defence of the Anargo Sector: The Kholstrum Campaign" - Commissar General Ardaven Nox.

Welcome to my very first modelling project blog, for those of you not aware this project was inspired by the awesome although recently quiet Anargo Sector Project (http://anargo-sector.net/). A fan based project to recreate an Imperial Sector in detail. Since I've struggled to get any of my armies painted they'll be making a showing in the Tale of 40k Painters thread, hopefully that'll encourage me to paint not one, not two but all three of my Epic armies complete.

So first up we have an Ork Warband, it's going to represent one of the many Blood Axe Warbands under the command of Warlord Morzkraga, I intend for there to be a lot of scratch built vehicles in this army, I bought a load of old skull face battlewagons off ebay and i'm going to attempt to convert them into something less comical... that's the plan anyway. At the moment I have a rough idea of an army list but nothing concrete, hopefully it'll be around 3000pts when I'm done.

Secondly I have the Imperial Guard, this army is going to represent the “The Glorious” Cordilan 63rd Mechanised Infantry Regiment and the units that supported it, that is if I can acquire enough transports for my Mechanised infantry otherwise they might just be infantry.

Thirdly we have the Maledictor Adeptus Astartes, the majority of this army will be made up of the 3rd Battle Company under the command of one Captain Silvanus.

Ok so that's enough of an initial introduction, on to the pictures:

Ork Warband


A Warlord Titan.


Maledictors Tactical Detachment.


Thanks for looking.

17-08-2009, 02:02
Where do you live, Haarken? If I ever come to your country, we're going to fight to the death... with tiny miniature soldiers.

Awesome stuff. Seeing that old Warlord in Legio Nemesis colours just warms my heart. And it looks like you're putting a lot of time and effort into the orks, which is impressive, consider how big ork armies tend to be.

Also love the introduction, btw.

17-08-2009, 05:49
Hey CELS, glad to see you're still around. I'm very much living in England and you'd be more than welcome... to the death it is... now if you could just wait about 12 months until the tale finishes then there might be some armies to fight with.

The choice of colours was obviously taken from your Legio Nemesis though it was pretty much a happy coincidence as I struggled to find the article on the forum and had already settled on these colours when I stumbled across your photobucket account again.

I have to say the Orks really took me by suprise, as they're the least favourite of my armies, I wasn't sure I would put the effort in they required but somewhere along the way I got inspired and now I want them down as best as i can possibly manage.

Anyway really glad to see you around, hope you keep on popping in because lord knows I'll need the motivation.


17-08-2009, 09:02
Wahey, it's good to see another Anargo plog, although mine's on the back-burner at the moment while I sort out moving house. Your intro has reminded me I really should get some fluff written up for the Castellan Crusade at some point as well. Whilst I applaud your decision to paint models that are barely visible, as I'd never have the patience, any plans for some 40K scale stuff?


17-08-2009, 14:40
Anargo lives again! What can we expect? :)

17-08-2009, 21:36
@Dragonlover: Thanks for the reply. At the moment I'm intending to concentrate on EPIC, although I don't yet have an opponent I'd love to be able to field a complete army, so I'm trying to avoid distractions. That said I have a few 40k guardsmen lurking in my model pile so I may at some point get around to them. I really would encourage you to get back into the project, all we need is a little steam injecting and well then you never know where it might lead.

@Malika: Thanks for the reply. I'm hoping for around 3000pts of each army. At the moment I don't really have a concrete army list for any of the forces, I'm just building formations from the models I have available.

17-08-2009, 22:42
I might be moving to England next year, but regardless, I will have to pop by with a suitcase of destruction the next time I come over.

I have to say the Orks really took me by suprise, as they're the least favourite of my armies, I wasn't sure I would put the effort in they required but somewhere along the way I got inspired and now I want them down as best as i can possibly manage.
Same exact thing happened to my Imperial Guard army. I was just going to paint everything in two or three colours and do some drybrushing, but then I got started and before I knew it I was inking, highlighting and using a whole palette of colours. I spent ages on the banners too.

My problem has always been that my standards are too high compared to the amount of time I have for painting and modelling :)

Anyway, I don't want to fill this thread with too much talk. It'll get in the way of all your pictures. Hint, hint :D

02-09-2009, 08:23
An Anargo Sector Project Modelling Blog.

"They fell upon the Orks with all the ferocity that the Orks themselves display, not a single one of them holding anything back, unlike the Orks however they were methodical and disciplined, every action seemed calculated and efficient, their slaughter filled me with awe and terror in equal amounts, they were merciless killers devoid of any emotion. They call themselves the Maledictors, their leader a Captain Silvanus told me in the aftermath that it meant that they bore the Emperor's curses to the enemy. After all I saw of them I believe him. I led my men in their wake, but there was little for us to do but mop up after them. The God-Emperor had certainly cursed the wretched Orks that day."

- Excerpt from "The Glorious 63rd: War in the Madron Sector" - Captain Pietr Molder

Welcome back to my Anargo Sector Project Modelling Blog, since I'm taking part in the Warseer Tale of 40k Painters I've resisted the urge to just crack on and paint as many units as possible, it kind of seems counter intuitive but I'm hoping that by sticking to the tale I'll be able to keep updating regularly.

Ok on to the actual pictures, I started off with a Tactical Detachment led by a Captain, thankfully Marine detachments are pretty small, six stands and three vehicles wasn't all that taxing on my time and I managed to get these done fairly quickly. Overall I'm pretty happy with the standard, they are gaming standard but I think the look fairly good, I'm not sure if I will but I may go back and lighten them up a bit in the future as they do look a little dark. Anyway here are the pictures of Captain Silvanus and Squads 1 to 3 of the 3rd Company of the Maledictors Adeptus Astartes.



Next month's painting will be a Devastator Detachment and a pair of Dreadnoughts.


02-09-2009, 08:26
An Anargo Sector Project Modelling Blog.

"The Ork assault on the Madron Sector initiated a massive response from the Imperium, all across the Esquiline Quadrant armies were raised, trained and inducted into the Imperial Guard, thirty million men and women were organised into three Imperial Guard Army Groups the fleets of the Imperial Navy activated reserve vessels and began convoying troops and materiel towards the war zone, the Maledictors chapter of the Adeptus Astartes provided three of their battle companies and many supporting units, the Forgeworlds of Anargo and Madron sent forth their ancient Titans, their Knight Cohorts and their Legions of Skitarri to the fortress worlds. The addition of the proud and ancient Titan Legions to the Imperial battle line proved to be a brilliant stroke, the sight alone of the massive war engines bolstered the Imperial morale but at the Battle of the Scoured Plain the titans of Legio Nemesis accounted for thirteen Ork gargants for the temporary loss of two Warhound titans."
- Excerpt from "In Defence of the Anargo Sector: The Kholstrum Campaign" - Commissar General Ardaven Nox

Ok up next we have the might of the Legio Nemesis, the warlord titan "Prenuncius Victrix". I tried to take my time on this one and well I hope it shows, there are a few spots I think I could improve on but overall I'm pretty happy with how this came out in the end. I have two more Warlords and hopefully a Warhound should be winging it's way to me soon so we may well see more of Titans in this colour scheme, but this isn't a Titan Legion force so it's on to the guard.



Next month's painting is an Imperial Guard infantry company which I may upgrade to a Mechanised Infantry Company later down the line, I must admit I'm not entirely looking forward to all those infantry again.


[Woo!!! Post 100!!!]

02-09-2009, 08:27
An Anargo Sector Project Modelling Blog.

"Only a fool would mistake the Orks for an unintelligent race, their blood thirsty martial culture ensures that only the strongest and the cunning survive, the weak and the stupid are quickly weeded out by the most brutal means of natural selection. Their society may be crude and bloodthirsty but they are one of the most dangerous and sophisticated species that the Imperium must face." - Inquisitor Nathaniel Holtzen, Ordo Xenos

Finally we have the Ork contingent, as the least favourite of my armies I wasn't sure if I'd manage to get these done but well here we are, just need to add their transports and this formation will be complete. So next month's painting will be 8 battlewagons to go with this formation.



Plus here's a teaser of next month's Ork contribution:



02-09-2009, 08:54
Oh boy! You're at it again! We've been discussing the potential of doing 6mm (epic scaled) stuff over at the Troll Forged Forums. Perhaps I should return to Epic for a while! :D

02-09-2009, 11:50
Lovely looking stuff, nice to see some fresh Epic stuff on here.

02-09-2009, 13:25
By the way, you might also want to start a modelling blog on DakkaDakka, some more epic stuff would be very welcome there! :)

03-09-2009, 21:17
@Malika: Thanks for the reply. I'll have a look over on Dakka and Troll Forged over the weekend. I'd certainly like to see some more ASP related Epic projects :)
@Levinas: Thanks for the reply. I'm just doing my little part to spread the word about EPIC, though more people seem to be obsessed with recreating it in 28mm.

Chaos and Evil
03-09-2009, 23:38
Cool blog!

06-09-2009, 00:00
Loving your work so far, must say that I too am pleased the Anargo Sector is getting some love! Never contributed to it myself but would certainly like to some day.

I do love seeing old school Warlord Titans too :)

07-09-2009, 19:54
Lovely stuff. Great pictures and photoshopping as well.


12-09-2009, 12:03
So, whats up next man? :)

18-09-2009, 06:07
First up we have a Space Marine Devestator Detachment and a Pair of Dreadnoughts.


Next up we have an Imperial Guard Infantry Company. I really should have started these sooner, days off are few and far between at the moment and these still need a lot of work.


Finally we have eight Ork battlewagons to go with the Warband that I painted last month, quite a lot of conversion work here but there is pretty much only a few finishing touches and some tidying up to do here.


Ok so that was all stuff for the tale but since I needed a bit of a break from doing all that Infantry I thought I would start on two of these to go with Prenuncius Victrix.


The red on the carapace is just about done, for anyone interested it was done like so:
Mechrite Red > Scab Red > Red Gore > Blood Red > Red Ink > Black Ink.

and since I didn't have enough distractions already I decided to make a terrain piece, it's going to be an imperial outpost once it's completed, having painted it I feel like it could use some more detailing, anywhoo's this is how it stands at the moment.


@Chaos & Evil: Thanks for the support :)
@Jihad_Ragsta: Yeah it's about time the Anargo Sector had some love, I've had this project in mind for over eighteen months now, so I was glad to get started.
@Fredmans: Thanks for the comment, there's no particular skill to the photoshopping, I take the pictures of a piece of white card, against a white background so it's easier to paint out.
@Malika: Hope you enjoyed the update.


18-09-2009, 15:34
What did you make that outpost from? Like I've said, we've been discussing the possibility of producing 6mm scaled stuff over at Troll Forged Miniatures. Perhaps you could be interested in submitting stuff like that (if its fully scratch built).

Maybe we might be able to spread more enthusiasm for Epic scaled stuff, and we could possibly also strengthen the alliance between the ASP and TFM. :)

19-09-2009, 20:52
@Malika. The outpost is made from a CD, a plastic lid, some cork and some sand. Nothing to it really. I do need to add some more detailing but to be honest it's something that any novice modeller could knock up in pretty short order.