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19-08-2009, 18:02
I have been interested to note that Space Hulk, has been very much hijacked into 40k. Indeed so much so that it seems everyone with SM armies is buying it for the LE miniatures and not as the standalone game it is (compare this with the view on somewhere like Boardgame geek).

From my viewpoint, I class Space Hulk, squarely as a boardgame. It has rules, a mapboard and uses pawns, to mark positions - ok these pawns are not meeples but nicely sculpted minis. However, what is more it is a sci game based on the 40k universe fluff, but is itself separate to 40k the tabletop game.

So I wondered from a sci game point of view and from peoples experience of 1st and 2nd ed, what people expect from the gameplay? How will it stand up to the modern designs. For one thing unlike AT43 there will be no expansions....

IMO it will be a return to the 1st edition box with rules from Deathwatch for the extra weaponry (please no separate psi rules, they always seems to be an afterthought that unbalances the game). That and the timer hints it will be as good as it ever was and can still be a highly regarded part of my collection.

Brother Constantine
19-08-2009, 18:21
I see SH as a seperate entitiy from 40K.
I think that the rules/play will be a combination of first and second editions, with the 2nd edition's almost overly simplified rules being enhanced by ideas from the 1st edition and some new ones (ammo counter for the Assault Cannon, timer, etc...).
I believe there will be PSI points, so a psychic phase will be included, but I did not play 1st edition so I can not comment on how this will effect the balance of play.

Allin all, I am excited to play the new SH and believe that it will be an intense and fast paced game.

I am just really disapointed that it is a limited run and as such it will be very unlikely that it will be expanded, or even develop much of a following :(

19-08-2009, 22:09
From what I've seen, the only rules changes from 1st edition is the Librarian's psychic powers.

As for 2nd edition being "simplified", the only simplifications were removing the timer, public CPs and capping the sustained fire bonus at 5+ instead of 6+.

19-08-2009, 22:49
I totally agree with everything Brother Constantine said. :D

It is how I play Hulk anyway.

And yes, I agree it is a standalone game that has common source material.

First edition was the best ruleset, well, until genestealer made it a little too complicated. Mind you, the marine vs chaosmarine missions that appeared in wd were awesome and played really well.

But i do see it as a game in it's own right. :)

20-08-2009, 08:00
As for 2nd edition being "simplified", the only simplifications were removing the timer, public CPs and capping the sustained fire bonus at 5+ instead of 6+.

Don't forget you used to be able to spend command points in the genestealer turn.

20-08-2009, 12:42
Well, I sort of lumped that into the "public CPs" thing. Apologies for being unclear.

20-08-2009, 18:29
Am definitely buying it for the game personally rather than the figs...

20-08-2009, 19:07
Nice to see some "gaming" views and I agree about the expectation that it will be very close to first edition.

As for Psi rules, I hope for something simple, like a point to reroll a die or add one to the force axe in CC, the points like CP's being random at the start of a turn. Not sure how the Broodlord would work though. Fluffwise he is not a "psyker" like the old patriarch, so any thoughts?

Opening up something else, how do you feel this twenty plus year, design will hold up against the modern crop such as AT43 and the like?

20-08-2009, 20:50
And the flamer worked differently in 2nd ed - more complicated, but less fun.

Psi points were just added to the Librarian's close combat die roll (before rolling). You could guarantee a win, but would burn through your psi points faster if you did that. I think these work the same way in the new edition.

21-08-2009, 17:43
I'm moving this thread to the Space Hulk forum.


21-08-2009, 22:49
What about people who will be both playing space hulk and using the painted miniatures in 40?

I did buy additional terminators to use in the game, and painted up all my 1st ed stealers (more than 50), and then GW go and release even more awesome models. I will be using all of them in 40k and Space Hulk. It'll be great.