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19-08-2009, 23:37
Hi all

A simple poll really, are you buying Space Hulk and if so how many copies?

A search didn't turn up anything like this yet (I was somewhat surprised given the number of threads already out there about Space Hulk).

I thought it would be interesting to see the results of this poll, given how big the discussion thread is already, and the limited nature of the release has added a sense of urgency to the pre-order timeframe (order now or you may miss out!).

If you feel like adding more details as to why you're getting X copies (or none) feel free to post below. This thread isn't about the pros and cons of the game however, but purely whether you have already decided to get it or not, and how many.

19-08-2009, 23:40
I'm not...well trying not to anyway. I'm really only in it for the terminators and I'd rather just get two box's of terminators to add to my deathwing though as awesome as the BA sculpts are.

Lord Damocles
19-08-2009, 23:43
Pre-ordered one copy.

Might get a second when it's on general release depending on how easy the Terminators are to convert.

19-08-2009, 23:44
I was going to, but nearly a hundred dollars is far too much. I don't run Space Marines or Tyranids, so saying that the models make it a great deal is not going to convince me. I have better ways to spend my money than on a board game I'll rarely play.

19-08-2009, 23:47
Going to get 2, one for the termies and the game itself and the other that stays sealed so I can sell it on ebay a year or so from now for double ;)

19-08-2009, 23:57
Cost is too high at $100 US. $65 - $75 maybe.

Injection molded plastic and cardboard. C'mon GW!

20-08-2009, 00:05
I voted zero.
I thought it would be a tad cheaper, and im a little miffed that the termies aint generic ones(they still look ace thou)
I wont buy one, not this year at least, my remaning gw budget for this year, will be plowed down in a SW army... :)

Yes, bying now, and selling in a couple of years would probably make a 50-150% profit, unless gw makes another run of the game.
Remember folks, "while stocks lasts" is not the same as "limited edition", and everything you been told is a lie :p

Fire Harte
20-08-2009, 00:20
Gonna get two so I can start a deathwing and a nid army or convert the deathwing to chaos (:eek:) and then later sell one.

Khornies & milk
20-08-2009, 00:31
Zero.....not because of the price (doesn't bother me), but because I already have 45 TDA's in my DW and my gaming group has decided that we already have an overcrowded game schedule without adding another one.

Deus Mechanicus
20-08-2009, 00:34
i ordered 7 copies, propably going to use 2 myself so i can play larger games and store the other 5 for later resale on ebay, it's a long term investment but i hope it will resale for a lot of cash later.

Chaplain Nikolai
20-08-2009, 00:37
Since I play Blood Angels, 100 bucks for 10 awesome terminators seems like a good deal to me. The other stuff is just a bonus.

20-08-2009, 00:37
I might try to get the rules to it. I am hoping people will buy extra boxes for the miniatures and maybe they will sell the other stuff.

20-08-2009, 00:40
Pre-ordered two days ago.

20-08-2009, 00:57
Curious, the terminator models up to scale with the Assault on Black Reach set? It seems to be a nice grab for a nid/ork/sm player like myself. Not sure on its price though.

20-08-2009, 01:17
i ordered 7 copies, propably going to use 2 myself so i can play larger games and store the other 5 for later resale on ebay, it's a long term investment but i hope it will resale for a lot of cash later.

meanwhile someone who can only afford one goes without....

I myself purchased 1 copy, the models look fantastic and the 2nd Ed SpaceHulk game helped me get into 40k all those years ago.

20-08-2009, 01:23
Space Hulk was only fun when there was no other type of 40k to play that had any kind of models to go with it. Now that we have a huge model line to play with, SH seems like a big step backwards and big yawn. I voted 0 copies for me.

20-08-2009, 01:24
It's always been one of my favorite games from GW. I've got all the previous versions, White Dwarf articles and supplements. Damned if I can find any of the hideous old Terminators, but those new ones make nerdgasm something fierce.:D

burning crome
20-08-2009, 01:32
It dose sort of bug me the people who buy multiply of these things purely try and get some extra of the poor sap at the end of the queue. It not to much of a problem with this one since it not really “Limited” in the stricter sense of the term (I think they will made and continue to make a fare few copies within a time limit). Any way I’ll enjoy picking up your NIB sets for half price on eBay in a few mouths time when you realise that virtually every one got one already.
As to the thread I per order one cos it looks like fun.

Emperors Teeth
20-08-2009, 01:49
I've pre-ordered 1 copy for immediate use. I will probably get a second and hide it in a cave or something, either to sell in the future, or, as happened to my copy of Quest, a friend spills their beer on my copy and I need a new one!

20-08-2009, 01:56
I ordered one copy. I don't see any point in ordering more. As a cash investment it is very risky, mainly because we have no idea of how 'limited' this single print run is. is 10 000 copies or 500 000? No one knows. As for expanding the game I'm sure we will be happy enough playing with the pieces included, getting another set just for more tiles seems a little bit much to me.
As far as the whole cost thing goes I don't understand people saying its too much. Look at whats in the box! Realize that this is a GW product. Notice that the cost of 10 terminators with much less detail and worse poses almost costs as much as the full game. Notice also that this is a full game set, not just two units of elites, and its a game that may be difficult to find a few years down the track. Now you see its value.
The models are simply fantastic. For someone that has never (ever) even considered playing loyalists or tyranids before, this set had 'buy me now!' written all over it. Can't wait till it arrives!

20-08-2009, 02:02
Dont really have the interest in it, found it kinda boring tbh. Got too much other stuff I have to finish/want to do in the future.

20-08-2009, 02:20
I really want to get it, but sadly, I can't afford it. It's not that it's too expensive, (I think it's actually a great deal), it's just that I don't have much disposable income and can't save enough to buy it when it comes out.

The Orange
20-08-2009, 02:28
Interested in getting it, but probably won't, I don't have the time, and the price is a bit shocking (but then again this is GW were talking about).

20-08-2009, 02:31
I'd like to pick up a copy but 100dollars is abit steep atm : /

Lord Inquisitor
20-08-2009, 02:36
Looked at it and decided I could wait as I can't afford it now. That lasted a whole day before I broke down and preordered a copy, because, well, it's Space Hulk. What can I say, I'm an addict. :cries:

20-08-2009, 02:38
I probably won't buy one because I absolutely hate limited runs and limited editions.

I find it insulting to be honest.

Also, as great as the minis look, I haven't seen confirmation that they are 40K scaled and most of the genestealers wouldn't fit on a battefield IMO sadly.

20-08-2009, 02:39
well I got a copy ordered first day. My first ed Space Hulk is a long since gone loan to a friend who I didn't see much after. Anyways the mini's are lovely, the game was ok and mmay have improved who knows how it now plays....but the most important thing is I will be able to play this with my son and not have to worry about the complex rule system of 40k (those who say it's too simple should try and teach it to a 6 year old who REALLY wants to play with your toy soldiers!) Should be a good laugh but if anyone remembers, playing with big boards was rubbish and anyone buying multiple sets has no excuse unless they want the minis for 40k. Anything else is just grim profiteering...

20-08-2009, 02:45
One. But probably another one if i can find someone local who will also buy one and swap their genestealers for my termies - 3 sets of genestealers would be a great basis for a nid army.

Will I actually play the game? - Have to admit it's years since i played my old edition...

20-08-2009, 03:08
one. Just wish the models were on standard round bases. Doesn't look like the stealers can really be trimmed off their bases without losing some of the base terrain.

20-08-2009, 04:09
One for sure, with a possibility of 2. Depends if there is any more available after that, then it might be 3 :).

20-08-2009, 06:26
The price isn't the issue - it's knowing the fact that this won't be supported with expansions - and even if it was, those expansions would also be limited run. Doesn't make sense to drop $100 on something I can't replace items for or build upon.

Just my opinions, of course.

Wolfguard Gnarl
20-08-2009, 06:35
I'm buying 1 copy, never played the game but I wanted to try it out.

Gorbad Ironclaw
20-08-2009, 07:04
There are people in my house that are buying it so I'll get to play it without buying it.
Good deal too, as otherwise I wouldn't. I'm picking up Grind instead.

Devil Tree
20-08-2009, 07:16
Iím not buying it. It looks like fun, but the price is a little high and I donít play Tyranids or SMís.

20-08-2009, 07:52
I always been sad to have missed SH as I started with the 3rd ed. The price is a little high, but the minis look quite nice !
What really makes my mind is that some of my friends don't play 40K, and it seems easier to introduce them with SH.

Edit : forgot to say : I pre-ordered 1 only. I don't have time to seek for buyers.

20-08-2009, 08:00
Zero because I have a wife who said No!

If I could, I'd get 2 for bigger fun games and the awesome models, plus as mentioned above, for spares.

If I really could, I'd buy as many as possible for later eBaying. According to the people I have spoken to at GW, the companies predicited sales are that they will be completly sold out by then end of september.

If I was a super de doope rich, I'd just buy GW and have as many as I like. :D

20-08-2009, 08:00
Since I play Blood Angels, 100 bucks for 10 awesome terminators seems like a good deal to me. The other stuff is just a bonus.
What he said, but also getting it for the actual game itself. I'm not so much of a 40k enthuisiast that I would buy the game just for the Terminators.

Insane Psychopath
20-08-2009, 08:01
I advance order three copy when Space Hulk was release.

Two of them are for me with it being my birthday of the release of Space Hulk :D The money was from my parents to get. Want to have a bigger game of Hulk & also give me a Deathwing army

While the third was order for a friend who is currently in Afgan on military tour, back in Nov so this allow him to take it back that the end of Nov to afgan.

I look forward to Space Hulk being in my hands. For once I never want to convert models because they are just to cool. Think I will use Hulk pusely for painting side, of course ton's & ton's of games.

Hope advance order hurry up :D

20-08-2009, 08:02
1 because it's one of those games I missed the first time around. No more because I hate those parasites that first deny their fellow gamers a chance to buy the game by hawking them all and then try to take advantage of it by squeezing out more money.

20-08-2009, 08:06
The miniatures are amazing, but I will not buy it, because I am saving my money for the Space Wolves.

20-08-2009, 08:08
I have ordered one but if money permits I will pick up a second to either keep for replacement parts or if the quality is good and it is selling well on evilbay then I would end up selling it on.


20-08-2009, 08:08
almost everyone i know is planning on getting one not for the game but the amazing minis. iam going half with 2 mates and getting 2 sets of stealers for my nid armys, and we have some for our club so i dont need 1 and my mates have some. but i think its too expensive over what it should of been i reckon it should be around £50 max.

Foolish Mortal
20-08-2009, 08:15
Nope, not buying it at all.

I have nothing against the game or anything, in fact I never played it - that's probably why it doesn't interest me - no nostalgia value or anything!!

The figures do look good, and I would certainly consider the terminators if they were sold separately, but I won't buy the whole thing just for those.

If GW do actually make this a long term release instead of limited, I may relent and get one in the future, but at the moment there is just to much other stuff I want now, or are waiting to be released to justify a purchase that will just sit somewhere gathering dust.

20-08-2009, 08:17
Not for that price, no siree.

20-08-2009, 08:18
I've purchased 1 copy.... roll on 5th September!

20-08-2009, 08:20
In honest I thing GW have got the pricing perfect for Space Hulk.
I think it should have been about £50 too but selling it a £60 won't impact sales in any way as people will use the (quite right) argument of look at the cost of the models, forgeting that it is GW who sets the price of the models in the first place.

Like I said I am not having a pop at GW, just think £50 was the right price deep, deep down but good buisness and all that if you can sell it for £60 why not.


20-08-2009, 08:22
im getting a copy, my local store rung me up and said they were getting in a couple of them and wanted to know if i wanted to put my name down for 1, i said hell yeah

20-08-2009, 08:28
Looks like the mods have stopped locking duplicate threads. :) Not sure if that's a good thing or not.

I'm getting 2, so I can use it to play the old missions from previous editions. The miniatures have been confirmed as the same size as normal 40K miniatures, but that's irrelevant - It's a standalone boardgame, not a WH40K expansion. Same goes for expansions. Doesn't need them. Monopoly, Cluedo, Chess, Risk all manage to be popular without regular expansions.

20-08-2009, 08:29
Why not? We all play the damn game so what is 100 dollars?

20-08-2009, 08:32
I'm going to order one tomorrow when I get paid. As others have said, those who are ordering multiple copies to cash in at a later date seem to have no morals. We are supposed to be one big community so why are you trying to fleece us?

Lost Egg
20-08-2009, 08:41
I voted no.

I was sorely tempted as its the first game I played but then I thought, whats the point? It's not going to get any support from GW so no expansions, I already have much more stuff than I can really afford or have time to paint and it would only likely end up on eBay a year or so on from now.

The figs are lovely...well the terminators, though the stealers do look a bit odd climbing on the walls, would be cool for a diaorama though, plus they should really have proper bases that should have been textured.

As its being sold in limited quantities I'm surprised GW doesn't at least limit pre-orders to one per customer.


20-08-2009, 08:44
I am getting two copies.

Loved original SH, never played second.

The Termis will also find use in my BA successor army. Despite not actively collecting SM I have somehow managed to end up with two lots of AoBR Marines, half a dozen Rhinos, etc. So the termies will be great for updating my Souleaters Chapter from the Rogue Trader era. I held out against Sternguard but these minatatures are just too lovely.

I think the Stealer figures are fantastic but really only fit on a Cities of Death battlefield.

Mainly I'm buying SH to play SH, of course.

As to people buying multiple copies....I'm not sure that they will see a return for many years. I get the impression that 'limited' though this release may be it isn't actually a small release.

'Sides what's to stop GW releasing it again in a couple of years with plastic Deathwing? Or MANs vs Barghest?

20-08-2009, 09:43
Yep, ordered one on the day I learnt it was out!

I love the concept and feel it's one of WH40K's iconic images. I never got hold of the previous board games sadly, but I did have Space Hulk- Vengeance of the Blood Angels on my Playstation and I have lots of fond memories of playing that with my gaming buddy back in my active days as a wargamer!

But in that version you not only faced Genestealers but you also had to deal with Psychic power wielding Magus', Chaos Space Marines in Power armour, Genestealer Hybrids with boltguns that could easily get through Terminator armour and even a big Genestealer Patriarch sitting on his chair!
But every Terminator weapon was available, you just had to hope that the mission supplied you with the ones you wanted!

20-08-2009, 11:49
I voted No.

I was tempted, as I still play a couple games a year with the original Space Hulk. I enjoy it for a change of pace. Figure wise, there seems a limit to how many genestealers and Terminators I need in my collection, I feel I reached that limit years ago.

But I'm glad GW released it again :)

20-08-2009, 12:59
Ordered one, it was the first GW game I played though I never bought it back then (as a child basically).

The price is fine. Once you start comparing with other boxed games (especially those that use figures) you find it's priced pretty much the same.

20-08-2009, 13:08
Simple answer:No

I was hoping for a major evolution from previous editions,which
has not materialised.Seriously can't justify buying it solely
for some new minis.

20-08-2009, 13:20
I want to buy it, but it's very expensive (yes, it's good value for money, but it's still more than I can afford) and I have enough Genestealers and no intention of collecting Blood Angels, so it'd by $165 for just a board game. Not for me, sadly.

20-08-2009, 13:42
wtf people saying its to expensive, costs like 3 tatical squads.. for a whole new game...

20-08-2009, 13:54
We're not saying it's too expensive, it's just that we don't have enough disposable income to buy it and won't be able to save up enough before it sells out.

Leeman Russ
20-08-2009, 13:56
I've voted 1 copy, which I've ordered. If there are any copies left when payday rolls around next week I'll order a second so that I can keep one set of models unconverted and painted up as Blood Angels.

20-08-2009, 13:59
We're not saying it's too expensive, it's just that we don't have enough disposable income to buy it and won't be able to save up enough before it sells out.

I think you'll have a couple of months to buy it before it goes to 'ebay only'. GW have made tens of thousands of copies.

20-08-2009, 14:02
Definitely shall be ordering it. I play both Blood Angels and Tyranids, so it's great value for me!

i ordered 7 copies, propably going to use 2 myself so i can play larger games and store the other 5 for later resale on ebay, it's a long term investment but i hope it will resale for a lot of cash later.

Unless you're joking (in which case, apologies for the misdirected bile :)), behaviour like that just makes me sick. You're just as guilty of ripping people off as GW ever has been.

40k Boy
20-08-2009, 14:04
I ordered one because i want to play it; i gave away my original 1st ed copy many years ago and have been looking for one on ebay; the price on ebay isnt too far removed, and the price i've paid for the majority of my current boardgames is very similar to this anyway. I don't play nids or space marines, but then again, this is a stand-alone game that just happens to have some nice 40k style playing pieces in it, i wouldn't dream of modifying them just to use on a battlefield. I can't wait, and although i was already playing 40k by the time this game came out, it has many fond memories of games played at our local gaming club.

I am disappointed by all the profiteering going on, people buying 6 copies just to sell on ebay etc. If you want it for the miniatures or more board peices, more power to you, but buying stuff like this just to introduce yourself as a middle man and create profit for yourself, especially in a supposed community like the Wargaming one, is simply shameful. I hope GW pumps out loads (I expect theres a lot) so that these ebayer's need to wait a long time till its worth selling.

20-08-2009, 14:25
Pre-ordered one copy, if the tiles are compatible with my first ed ones then that will more than do me. Of course, if they don't I may have to get a second copy... :angel:

20-08-2009, 14:39
I haven't decided yet - I'm doing some research at local stores and retailers I know to see what's going to be easiest for me. I've found a lot of them aren't offering full discount on it (I don't blame them one bit for LE goods), so it's looking like I might as well order it from GW and get it (potentially) early.

Problem is that there are a lot of other things coming out this month that I've already thrown down cash for - mainly in the software/gaming world - and I'm still trudging through my Marines and Warmachine/Hordes painting.

In short, not sure if I'm going to get it or not, but if I do, it'll just be one copy.

20-08-2009, 15:18
I'm getting one :) Thought of getting more, but after reading so many people are selling their extra boxes in the net, i wonder how much return you can actually get back.

Deus Mechanicus
20-08-2009, 15:35
meanwhile someone who can only afford one goes without....

That person is free to bid on any of the copies im putting on E-bay :)

20-08-2009, 15:39
I'm getting one :) Thought of getting more, but after reading so many people are selling their extra boxes in the net, i wonder how much return you can actually get back.

Sad thing is.. who knows how many GW really made for this so called Limited release.

20-08-2009, 15:44
I've pre-ordered one copy, I'd like to get a second copy but my funds aren't bottomless.

Looking forward to my Flesh Tearers vs. Stealers

20-08-2009, 15:45
I've ordered one copy but if time and finances permit I'd like to pick up a second. I doubt that will happen though so I'll be happy with my one :D

20-08-2009, 15:48
0. Much as I have hazy, happy memories of playing the original and am tempted by the shiny models, given my current situation the microscopic amount of money I have that can be spent on Warhammer is going to fortify my Necrons instead :p

20-08-2009, 15:57
Well I have the 1st edition and the 2nd of Space hulk so no for me, after looking at some of the rules it seems worse than the old SH. The models are nice and yes 10 terms costs me £40 so for £60 I can get terms, libby and nids but as I dont play either army going to give it a miss. Also while the models look great the nids will look odd on a normal 40k table due to the extras on there bases.
I may pick up the rules for cheap on ebay then make my own board but right now its not looking likely.
Also I dont really have any one to play it with.
Also for that £60 I can get 72 ork boyz I know which I would like more.

20-08-2009, 16:01
Have order 1 copy. Takes me back to the old days when I was starting in the hobby. Plus it looks amazing and I think it is worth the money if you can afford it.

Really looking forward to it.

20-08-2009, 16:03
I'm buying 4 copies

but only 1 is for me. The others are for friends who could not either afford right now or get to a store or order online.


20-08-2009, 16:06
Ordered 2. One for me to play with, one spare... maybe to play with, maybe to give to somebody as a present, maybe to sell, haven't decided yet.

20-08-2009, 16:08
...maybe to give to somebody as a present...

My birthday is near :D

20-08-2009, 16:18
id love to get 1 copy but my dilema is: pre-order now and be nearly broke for a week, or wait until next friday and hope there are still some left to order.

20-08-2009, 16:23
It is a no from me. Really pleased that GW have produced this lavish new edition and that gamers who weren't around the last time can experience this great board game, but when I have a perfectly good copy of the original in the loft I can't really justify shelling out £60 on what essentially will, for me, just be shiny new models and card pieces.

This is of course reinforced by the fact that I have recently spent £100 on the Rogue Trader collector's edition and about £80 on a limited edition statue of Guybrush and LeChuck.

21-08-2009, 20:37
I still have the original Space Hulk game and the two add ons. This is by far the best game GW ever created.

21-08-2009, 23:54
I preordered two copies. I am a big old time fan of Space Hulk (still got 1st Edition, both expansions as well as some extra floors). As it is limited I ordered a second one to be sure to have enough material to build even larger Hulks. :D

Have fun,


22-08-2009, 19:56
I pre-ordered one. When I get it I'll concider if a second one is worth it, if they're still available then. But otherwise one is enough.

I got into the whole GW thing through HeroQuest, so I have a soft spot for miniature/board games. I probably won't even paint the minis to keep the boardgame feel with the coloured plastic.

I have to say I'd have been more excited about Space Hulk if GW had just said it was coming, instead of pretending like it was a mystery. I'd also have been happier buying it if it weren't limited (especially knowing how loosely GW treats that term). But since I bought one anyway I'm sure GW won't care.

23-08-2009, 18:11
I'm not getting any, since I'm not a fan of 40K. The best I can hope is it sells well and they remake Warhammer Quest or something similar in the same style (all new unique pose minis).

23-08-2009, 18:14
Space Crusade was the first GW (ish) game I ever played. That started my whole interested in the 40K universe. Hero Quest was also very entertaining. Then I progressed onto the brilliant Space Hulk.

23-08-2009, 19:10
i will be buying it if i can sell my FW Malacdor :S

23-08-2009, 19:30
Got 1 copy on pre order and a commission painter on pre order for the termies.

The boyz
23-08-2009, 19:43
I'm in two minds wether to buy a copy or not. My regular gaming buddy has a perfedtly good second edition version of SH. I might just stick to using that.

23-08-2009, 20:06
I don't think I am going to buy a copy, but purchasing one as an investment seems like a silly idea. I mean blood angels are probably going to be released and nids are comming soon too ... I mean you have to buy these and store them for years then hope to recoupe the investment. 5 boxes 500$+tax .... 500$ at ~3% .... you will probably end up with the same amount of money minus storage charges and your assets won't be liquid.

I think the only reason I'd get more than one is to bust one out as a suprise prize in a tourny in 20 years.

23-08-2009, 20:35
I think the investment idea is that the entire game in and of itself might be worth more money a year from now, rather than the price for the individiual figures.

23-08-2009, 20:42
No ones asking you to buy 5 in case you can ebay them for profit later.

23-08-2009, 20:45
I'm not so sure. The whole "limited edition" thing seems a little false. If Space Hulk sells well, I'm sure GW will announce a "back by popular demand" reissue. It seems terribly short sighted to create, what looks like a great game and superb models, and then only sell a limited number. Volume of sales is how GW makes money.

24-08-2009, 11:31
Well, they may or they may not. From official statements so is it also likely that they will rerelease other currently out of print games in a similar manner. And then rerelease SH 5 years ahead when its time for 25 year anniversary. It also seems that while a limited edition so are the numbers made quite high by GW standards, ie 100'000+.

24-08-2009, 12:33
I pre-ordered one from GW. Normally I buy things from my local hobby store, but sometimes he has problem with the limited edition stuff. He now tells me he is receiving 10 copies. I figure they will all sell in a week. If not, I might pick up a second copy, if it looks like any of my friends are interested in playing.

24-08-2009, 12:59
It also seems that while a limited edition so are the numbers made quite high by GW standards, ie 100,000+.

80,000 was the number I heard from my LGS owner.

24-08-2009, 20:08
LMAO at the people who say it is too expensive.

For what comes in that box, it is a very reasonable price...

The Phazer
24-08-2009, 20:50
Ordered one. I was tempted to get another set of models for conversions, but I really think they'll at least probably get released at some point.


25-08-2009, 02:06
I voted 1 copy, but I wasn't really sure I was going to order it.

Then today an unasked for settlement check arrived out of nowhere from an employer that I worked at years ago. One hundred and five dollars. Had to be a sign. I guess I was in a class action suit I didn't know about, and the settlement was one set of Space Hulk.

25-08-2009, 07:28
i'm only buying one, i may get a second later this year it there are still any around, on another, related note, it's saying it's been dispatched, wonder if it will turn up in the next day or two? :D

25-08-2009, 07:31
Three copies for me it is.

One will be stored away, as I want one to gather dust - after all I'm still a collector. The other two will be for gaming duties. One set of terminators for SH, as well as both sets of stealers, and lots of tiles for larger hulks. The second set of terminators will most likely be converted. I'm playing around with the idea of an Ultramarine army themed around the battle for the polar fortresses of Macragge...

I don't plan to sell a single piece of my three copies.

Crazy Ivan
25-08-2009, 21:08
I finally caved today, and pre-ordered one. Though I love the minis, I don't collect either Blood Angels or Tyranids so couldn't care less about that. I want it because it's a nice stand-alone game I might actually get to play against friends or family, as opposed to regular 40k, which I only collect right now so I can paint and read up on fluff...

26-08-2009, 11:36
Pre-ordered one. Love the minis and loved the 2nd Ed SH.

If it seems feasible, I'll get another copy to convert the termies into Angels of Vengeance Deathwing models. Hmmm...

Wickey the Viking
28-08-2009, 09:54
I pre-ordered one... I quite honestly, I can't wait until it gets here to my doorstep!

Blue Firefox
28-08-2009, 17:33
Just ordered mine through the local Store, display version looked great so couldn't resist.

28-08-2009, 23:22
Got my 1st edition rulebook next to me and happy to say, I have my new copy pre-ordered.

Can't wait to get my mitts on the new mini's!:D I knew that idea to sculpt a genestealer magus was for a good reason. Clearly the hive mind was communicating to me subliminally!



29-08-2009, 00:21
I'm getting one copy :)

Is it limited release so people can't use it for building 40k armies at a cheaper cost?

29-08-2009, 00:27
Last thing I advanced ordered was the planetstrike strategems - and they looked nothing like the studio pictures.

maybe when I get my copy of space hulk the new terminators will look like this...


Philip S
31-08-2009, 15:33
I put 'not buying it' as I still have the original copy! However I am tempted, and in time my resistance my crumble.


31-08-2009, 17:30
I ordered it. It's a fantastic game regardless of the minis. Extremely tactical and extremely easy to adapt.
A lot of people are looking at this from the miniatures point of view and what armies they collect which is kind of a shame because they are missing out on one of the best games GW ever released.

31-08-2009, 19:07
was my very first TT game. I will probably never play it again, or very few times and probably using 1st ed rules, but for old time's sake, sure i'll get it.

01-09-2009, 08:08
when i saw it in WD, i recognized it was awsome...
but i had a bad feeling: what would the price be?
no need to say that...78 euro? really?
and of course we're joked by the change so that it costs us around 10 euro more than in the UK or USA
is there a single reason to have to buy it in Italy at that price?
no way i'm going to do that, not now at least, as i hate the 'till stocks last' thing too
that thing does work, but since they try to force you to buy it (and factoring in the price), i'll do the opposite
i wouldn't use the miniatures in WH40K either, so just too much

01-09-2009, 21:39
My wife has just confessed she has no idea what to buy me as a first wedding anniversary present, so is going to pay for one of my SH sets :D

I did suggest lingerie would be an acceptable alternative but apparently I don't have the legs for it :D

Champer Master Zavian
02-09-2009, 05:40
I'm only going to get a single copy, because that is all I really need. Also, I don't think I could make a sifficiant exucse for getting more.