View Full Version : Post your GorkaMorka Rosters

10-01-2006, 20:41
Well to start with i know that gorkamorka isnt a specalist game but it really deserves to be one (why did it go away, they could have moved it to specialist).
Well im thinking about starting to play some gorkamorka with some friends of mine (rebel grots for me) and i was thinking what people usualy use for their new mobs, killer stuff or just things for the fun of it? Post the lists you use for your mobs and some insight in what's happened with them after a few games would be fun too.

Seems to be a really fun game, its necromunda with orks and veichels so it cant be bad can it?

Mad Makz
10-01-2006, 23:36
Gorkamorka Roosters... Imagery springs to mind of Orkish Chicken. :) (Sorry, a nothing post I know, but the title is one of the funnyist typos I have seen on Warseer yet. :) )

11-01-2006, 00:47
Because I'm a nice person, I'll amend the typo, but it is the funniest I've seen

11-01-2006, 13:48
Whoops, that didnt go as it would :p
I can blame it on the late night i was writhing this in :D
How do i change it?