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22-08-2009, 05:57
Not knowing how deep the GW and 40k roots go for some folks, it's hard for me to read some reviews and not detect rejuvenating nostalgia from their past Space Hulk experiences. On the other hand, pessimists arise from people who think Games Workshop makes bad decisions, far enough that they'd rather see Space Hulk fail so they can maybe focus on some other topic.

Did anyone who came out skeptical stay that way? Or has that community on Warseer been unanimous with praise for this game? It's currently preordered for me and I feel like the dead objective is something I can't miss out on.

22-08-2009, 13:45
I'm fortunate enough to have played it before and indeed to own a copy of the 1st edition, I've never doubted that the remake would be a good game.

23-08-2009, 01:37
The nostalgia has finally won me round.
I've pretty much given up on buying GW stuff, and all but given up on playing for a number of reasons both personal and company related.

As much as I loved reading about 1st ed space hulk as a kid, and then loved 2nd ed when I got it, it along with bloodbowl basicly got me started in wargaming, I was still somewhat loath to give GW any more of my money.
However, the self contained nature of the game, along with the nostalgia and the fact that its more 1st ed with some new twists rather than 2nd ed, which I know the older Spacehulk community sometimes frowns upon have turned me.

I'll hopefully get round to ordering it tomorrow.

26-08-2009, 16:58
Nostalgia certainly wins. I have several copies of the first ed. with expansions, two copies of the second edition and pre-ordered 2 copies of 3rd last monday morning! I can't wait to play it with my son... even though he is only 1 week old! (at least I know I'l win easily though and his cries will be that of a dirty diaper and not losing! hahaha!)

26-08-2009, 17:04
Never played it (*gasp*), looking forward to it, buying 2-3 copies. :D

26-08-2009, 17:45
I played Space Hulk 1st edition back in the 80s and loved it at the time. Never actually owned a copy myself. For years I tried buying of ebay but had no luck. What GW produced in 2009 really impressed me. The quality of the miniatures and the board and accessories was a real surprise. I assumed a quick release with little promotion. What we got was a well crafted game build for fans and gamers alike. Pouring over the GW website and WD articles left me with a feeling that Space Hulk was the product of a victory of the Studio over the suits into its release.

26-08-2009, 18:23
I'll call it a Draw instead of a Victory...a Victory would have included plastic terrain for long term profits...

We got something good, very nice in fact, but it could have been awesome...and had much better profit potential...

Hopefully this will be a lesson for the future... :)

26-08-2009, 18:41
Was deeply skeptical of it, still am actually. Just can't get over the feeling GW are going to find some way to screw it up.

26-08-2009, 21:20
I'm trying not to think about that GG.

03-09-2009, 07:31
The game is awesome, the sculpts are fantastic. I knew they would be, and they are, and I love it. So happy. :p :D

03-09-2009, 07:47
Well for the pessimists the plastics aren't flawless. The librarian is missing the support rod that runs across the back of his left ankle armour, it's just smooth and flat. The power sword sergeant's crux terminatus is slightly deformed. The left bar on the cross merges into the bottom bar rather than scalloping in towards the skull. The ridges inside it are almost non existent because of the angle the cast is at.

The brood lord suffers a bit from 2D-itis. The two fingers on one of his rending claws sort of merge together at the knuckles because the knuckles are horizontal bars rather than rounded.

Just for those who couldn't abide nothing but positive remarks about the miniatures. Some defects for you. :p :D

I would put it slighty above Starlight's Draw say a minor Victory. Plastic terrain would have made it a Victorious Slaughter instead.


03-09-2009, 10:46
i'm just wondering if GW will sell the license to FFG so they can publish the game once the game starts going for $500 on ebay.

then again, GW will definitely not allow FFG to make the miniatures in the game so FFG might end up just printing expansion missions / tiles etc...

03-09-2009, 12:46
... so FFG might end up just printing expansion missions / tiles etc...

That would be fantastic.

03-09-2009, 14:42
I was a bit...concerned...when I was told Space Hulk was coming. It sounded like a great game (never had the chance to play a previous version of it - ha! I'm younger than most of you think :p ), but I figured I'd be as disappointed with the sculpts as I was with Assault on Black Reach (let's face it, the Orks are great, but beyond the Captain, the marines blow in terms of detail and posing).

Then they released the pictures.

Then I sat and stared at it and waited for sprue pictures and gamer reviews of the contents. Great minis, great board, great game. It became one of those things that, had I not preordered it, I would have been kicking myself for not getting my mitts on.

It looks like GW delivered on this one - a great job of fan-service, imo.