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30-08-2009, 14:16
My first painting log! This years GD entry and some other bits'n'bobs

Hi everyone,

This is my first ever painting log, I only started painting about 8 weeks ago so I am improving as I practice!

All comments and feedback are welcome and appreciated. Most of what I post will be works in progress so please bear that in mind

To start off with I have painted an Ultra Marine of the fourth company, my first ever one that I've painted with my first ever banner! This isn't complete yet as you can see! I got the idea from the How To Paint Space Marines book, and when finished he will be on a snow base, that is why he is highlighted up to almost white, it is the reflection from the snow.

Also, about a week ago I decided I would go to Games Day this year (which is on my actual birthday!!) and enter Golden Demon! So picked to paint a wraith lord, as I love the eldar models, did some designs in a sketch pad and started painting. The concept is that the wraith lord is like a Grim Reaper with the yin and yang symbol on his head, one side an angel of life and the other side the angel of death (grim reaper) representing good and evil and the balance between them. Because the model itself is going to be quite natural the base is quite industrial to balance it out, it's supposed to look like the wraith lord is there, at the end of a battle, deciding the fate of the dead!

I hope you like my ideas and I will get photos uploaded shortly

Feel free to comment, I appreciate your input!

30-08-2009, 14:42
Hi, a photo of my wraith lords base, as promised, not finished yet!

30-08-2009, 15:03
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The Warseer Inquisition

30-08-2009, 15:22
My wraith lord's head as promised :D any questios please feel free to ask!

30-08-2009, 15:41
awesome work on the head! the whole thing is incredibly smooth! i can't wait to see more of it done

30-08-2009, 18:46
These are some pictures that I've just taken, hopefully they look a bit better :)

All comments and advice appreciated greatly :D

30-08-2009, 18:53
This is my ultra marine banner, obviously it's not finished but you can get the idea :D

02-09-2009, 15:42
Very nice! I like the wraith head, the contrast of B&W and the images are very well done.

05-09-2009, 07:28
Thank you, should be able to get more pics up soon :)

05-09-2009, 09:37
Looking good Eternity! I'll be sure to keep a close eye at your progress. Your freehand is really nice!

06-09-2009, 11:40
The Wraithlord heads looks great, very very good freehand.
and the banner is also very good, though its not "obvious" to me that its finished!!!


15-09-2009, 12:35
Sorry, meant obviously not finished because the outside isnt done along with a few other bits n bobs!

Thank you for your comments, sorry I havent updated for a while but will try to get some new stuff on here asap :)

15-09-2009, 12:42
Oh, sorry but I forgot to say, I actually have a bit of extra spare time at the minute so can use that time for painting, therefore can get any projects I take on done a lot quicker!

If you are looking to have anything from 1 model to a whole army, from basic gaming standard all the way up to competition standard, painted please reply on here or email me for more info/quotes at samgooda@live.co.uk

27-09-2009, 20:29

I've been rubbish with my plog :( gone from doing the head weeks ago to painting the whole model in 2 days!!! I won a finalist pin in GD UK 2009 :D

Let me know what you think

28-09-2009, 02:05
that is awesome wraithlord model and congrats on getting the pin

01-10-2009, 04:26
Great overall work on the WraithLord, the gems really stand out against the black and white.


01-10-2009, 23:47
Amazing work, i love the model and your paint job is perect and flows with beauty and power, a stand out model indeed.

02-10-2009, 20:25
Your freehand work is top-class. Few painted wraithlord minis have ever seemed so right.

02-10-2009, 22:14
Thanks sooo much for your comments :D

Really flattering, made me smile!

Don't forget Im currently taking commissions so email me! ;)
samgooda@live.co.uk or call 07539 648 229

05-10-2009, 03:47
Its exquisite work Im suprised more people havent posted here with a comment. Can I ask how you did the free hand (please don't say patience and skill, I have niether. Some kind of spell or sacrifice to dark gods preferably :P)

05-10-2009, 19:30
Well, first of all, thanks for your flattering comments :D

In regards to the freehand, i sold my soul to the devil in exchange for the ability to freehand warhammer models :P

Joking...of course! I would love to say it took patience...but i cant because freehand is my favourite thing to do, and it took about 30mins to paint the head. All I can suggest as advice is to sketch out ideas first and plan ahead, if you can draw it on paper you should be able to paint it :D

With this model I planned out the theme and concept, then sketched out quite a few ideas, then finalised them and chose what was going where. Then made a start.

Hope that helps out a bit? Let me know!! :D

05-10-2009, 21:02
Thanks for the PM :D

Its helps a bit. I know its somewhere I need to work on, and just put in as much time as is necessary to get what I want as my pencil drawnings pretty poor (except dogs, for some reason I can draw a pretty reasonable dog).

So do you do any preparation work first? I've seen some tutorials that have the idea sketched on the model itself, and I vaguely remember someone else using a grid and working from that.

10-10-2009, 07:45

Yep I prepared before I painted, probably more than most! What I will do is try and find some of thee sketches I did and take some photos so I can show you.
If i cant find them I:
~ Planned the idea / concept - life vs. death , good vs. evil , grim reaper , yin yang etc
~ Wrote down some ideas - angel vs. grim reaper in a yin yang symbol on the head, dove, skull, black rose, and some eldar symbols
~ Look on the internet for ideas, eg. google "angel" or "angel tattoo" and see what sort of things you like, then sketch them out. I find the word tattoo generally makes them blocks of colour and a lot easier to sketch out!
~ I then finalise these ideas, deciding where is going to go where and choosing the colour scheme for the model, and roughly what colours are going to go where!
~Then I get going wih it!

Like I say, I simply LOVE to freehand and it will take a bit of practice. If you say you can draw dogs, why not try to sketch a dog and paint it on something?? Or you could make it more wolf like maybe??? Space wolves!

I personally don't sketch out on the model, this is what I prefer: If I'm painting on a warm colour like red or orange or brown etc, I do the whole outline of the freehand in scorched brown, for any cold colours I use codex grey! Without doing the whole outline shape I don't think I could do it! You could also try printing off a picture that you like and drawing a grid on it, then when you sketch it you might be able to get the proportion a bit better :D

I hope my babbling helps, let me know!

10-10-2009, 14:29
i love the free hand work i wish i was the good well i better get practiceing then looking forward to seeing more eldar and the rest of the marines will be watching this


28-10-2009, 01:42

Thanks for your reply :D it is all about practise really. I'm hoping to get some photos up soon. I've just started painting a Space Wolf Banner for my other half, will get a pic on here when it's done. Thanks for taking the time to look.

And bear in mind, what's better than opening a fully painted model/unit/army on christmas day?! hehe ;)

08-03-2010, 16:12
New website is officially up and running!! Will be a while before its completely done but please sign up and check it out!! There are forums there for you to give your feedback or you can do that here :D


Repentant Son
11-03-2010, 00:12
You have talent to kill for. I am currently having trouble reattaching my jaw...

Seriously, you need to call up 'eavy metal.

11-03-2010, 20:00
Thank you so so much! That is so nice of you to say that! I really appreciate your comments :D

15-03-2010, 09:58
Sweet Wraithlord, congrats on the pin! Checked out your website too, really useful tutorials there, should help with my painting :p Looking forward to more!

20-03-2010, 08:52
I've got some exciting news!
I have a deal with a local gaming shop to paint up models up to a month before their release date and my first project for them is some Blood Angels! So expect some pictures very soon. Please check my website and feel free to sign up :D www.puttyart.webs.com

21-03-2010, 14:06
My wraith lord's head as promised :D any questios please feel free to ask!

Yes, was it hard selling your soul to the Devil for your mad skills? :p

The blending and images on the head look amazing though; how did you first do the visualization? IE did you map it out on paper, computer, etc?

22-03-2010, 11:58
Hey Eternity!

Have to first off congratulate you on your redoubtable freehand...but even more so on your description of the creative process behind it - I love hearing the influences and thought processes fellow Warseers go through in the design and execution of their paintjobs...

Popped over to your site - and also wanted to bump this thread for that purpose alone...it's informative and helpful, while still offering a service to those that find all that painting stuff a bit too much effort... :D

A bookmark I'll be visiting often, as the content's already impressive, but hope to see and hear more from you on the threads here soon!

One little request - might be more constructive feedback if you post based on project type (eg marines in the imperial thread, eldar in the xenos etc.), though the generalists among us will probably disagree...

Looking forward to the GD entry as it progresses!