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02-09-2009, 19:01
Hopefully this has not already been posted. Here is a quick list of the changes I spotted from the 1st ed rules.

Sergeant – now allows you to re-pick the command point counter if you do not like it rather than affect the time you have for the marine turn.
Timer – flat 3 mins regardless of number of squads you have
Turn and fire is now specifically allowed rather than GAP/infered
LOS is simplified (and more restrictive) for shooting into rooms
Sustained fire – max +1 bonus only but now also applies to overwatch shots
Guard is added (think overwatch for close-combat – but you do not lose it if attacked)
If you are on overwatch and a door closes in your LOS, you must shoot it
Pitfalls (now ladders between levels) don’t allow shooting between levels only CC
Changes to the way flamers work include surviving models having to roll again each time they attempt to move (they used to be free to move without harm if they survived the initial blast). Closed doors in flamed sections cannot be opened but rules do not say what happens if such a door is destroyed (I’d revert to the 1st ed rules here and say the flames filled the new space now made free). Flamers can no longer self-destruct.
Assault cannon can still malfunction after the first 10 shots (it has 20) and can kill other models in the same section!
Librarian is toned down with only 3 powers but can still use psi-points to add to the CC score (he starts with 20 points)
The broodlord is added and if a mission says you can use one, you can put him down in place of a “3” blip instead of 3 normal stealers.
Jammed weapons automatically clear at the end of the turn, you don’t have to spend 1AP in your next turn clearing them (although you can clear them before hand if you need to as normal).

There might be more but that’s what I spotted from a first read this morning. It’s all put together now and the lads are round tonight for a game :)

03-09-2009, 11:15
Mostly Covered (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=216547)

Not that that matters. More the merrier!