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04-09-2009, 15:43
I haven't received my copy yet, so I haven't had a chance to really look at the models. I've heard great things about them though. The thing is, I want to use the models with my 40k armies as well. Especially the Genestealers.

I've heard that the Terminators fit pretty well on a 40mm base, but what about the Stealers? Would they fit on a 25mm base relatively well, or would a 40mm base be necessary? Also, if they were permanently attached to the base, would that mess up their playability on the Space Hulk tiles? Would it be better to just magnetize them to the 40k bases?

04-09-2009, 15:46
25mm bases are fine for Space Hulk (the originals were on them), 40mm will not fit on the tiles without overlapping and causing problems,

Looking at my stealers here the majority look ok on 25mm bases, they overhang slightly but still look ok!

04-09-2009, 15:57
Cool, thanks for the info.

04-09-2009, 16:10
Looking at my stealers here the majority look ok on 25mm bases, they overhang slightly but still look ok!

Really? Most of them look far too big for my taste. If I was going to use them in 40k, as I don't go to tournaments, I'd just ask to use the un-based ones. To be honest, I've enough stealers on 28mm bases even if they said no, but I don't think anyone would. Keep a 28mm base on hand to place over/underneath the model's centre if any disputes ever arose.

04-09-2009, 16:14
although some stealers will fit, some wont, plus with TLOS you may find that some are much taller than a normal stealer. personally, if its a friendly game, why bother rebasing them? technically you dont have to, as you will be fielding them with the original bases anyway.

04-09-2009, 17:42
Here are some of the larger stealers on 25mm and 40mm bases, and the broodlord on a 40mm and then a 60mm base:



04-09-2009, 22:06
The larger bases looks better to me. Its not like the point of using them is to get them cheap, but because they look cool, so a few larger bases wont hurt.

05-09-2009, 00:41
I think I may have come up with a way of solving the 40mm base issue but will have to wait untill royal mail redeliver my set before I can confirm it'll work.

05-09-2009, 22:00
I would never do that, they look so perfect on the spacehulk board that it is heresy to spoil it.

05-09-2009, 22:03
I plan to do custom magnetting jobs on the minis and on bases. For Space Hulk, no base. For W40K, base.


05-09-2009, 22:09
I plan to do custom magnetting jobs on the minis and on bases. For Space Hulk, no base. For W40K, base.



06-09-2009, 00:47
Tiny bit of bluetac on the bottom of the base will do the same job for me!

Terminators, comming to a Blood Angels army near you.

06-09-2009, 01:36
Xyxox said it, drill holes into the underside of the hulk model bases (preferably where the terminators' feet attach to give you more depth and anywhere there is some rubble on the stealer bases) and attach magnets to them. Put some in the plastic bases and you can have space hulk models based for 40k AND take them off and use them in SH as GW intended.


06-09-2009, 15:31
magnetising is exactly what I'm going to do with my terminators.

For the genestealers I am thinking of just ticking them all on 25mm slottas now, as I can't be bothered to do another 22 magnetised bases, and they all fit. There is significant base overhang on a handful, but it is ok for gaming purposes. They all still fit in the SH squares, and I don't have to mess around when I want to play 40k.

The Broodlord is a bit more difficult. The model pretty much demands a scenic base, but doesn't fit on the 40mm round. However it fits perfectly on the 40mm square base.

06-09-2009, 15:38
Anyone got any pictures of a model on a 40mm base on a board section?

06-09-2009, 16:31
Here is one.


He overlaps a bit, only going to be a big problem if you have lots of terminators together.

Here's the Broodlord on a 40mm square base, I think it looks fine, and it takes up much the same space as no base at all.


06-09-2009, 20:29
As has been said in other threads that overlap will build up rapidly...

06-09-2009, 20:57
Indeed. I'll be magentising the terminators, basing the stealers on 25mm slottas and the broodlord on a 40mm square. The broodlord already overlaps a square anyway.

06-09-2009, 21:13
with a little bit of clipping I was able to put almost all of them on bases.


I have a behind picture in my Project log of the painted genestealer (link in my Signature)
The only one I had problems with was...


I have also based the Terminators but they are only being held on with Blue-tac, and eventually magnets.

06-09-2009, 23:06
I think I will be using my old genestealer models for this , but basing up the new ones for use in 40k....same goes for the marines, although the whole box is of such high quality, i may be doing the game a diservice.