View Full Version : Release Day Instore fun, what have you been upto today?

05-09-2009, 19:46
So today was the day that yu could get SH from your local GW and im sure there has been many different things going on instore, what did your store do today to mark this event?

My local shop did a 'last man standing (Chuck Norris) Terminator award'
The idea was you could pick any Character from the SH box, and using the Mission 3 map you could place him in any room. Then an infinite horde of GS would pour in and you had to survive as long as possible. 4 new blips per turn.
Each player got their own command points.

I picked the Librarian, there were all manner of other marines, i came 1st.
The person in 2nd got a single kill...i got 65 including 2 broodlords!!! WOO! :eek:

Also did a find the hulk where any one who pre ordered picked a square on a grid and if your square came up the staff would pro paint one of your figures from the SH box :)

I really want to know how the life size game went down at HQ.

What have you been upto?

05-09-2009, 20:17
Spent my time at home firstly waiting for my copy and then spending 4 hours clipping and fixing!

05-09-2009, 21:09
I went in store, picked up 2 copies and some more foundation paints. Clipped the terminators out, removed all mould lines and started removing the Blood Angel iconography. I then got suckered into teaching kids to paint, using the knife to remove their mould lines as the only adult around, and teaching them how to do simple conversions.

Good god there are some children who make a **** job out of kits. I taught about three kids to thin their paints and not apply it from the pot with the sort of brush you use to paint pictures in primary school.

I love my child, but babysitting other peoples for about four hours and teaching them to paint when I don't work in GW and am not rewarded with the generous minimum wage is pushing it a bit.

Now at home. I'm about to undercoat the door bases and objectives and paint them, then onto the stealers.