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06-09-2009, 12:31
Welcome to Warseers first Space Hulk battle report!
Join the Space Wolves as they seek the fang of Russ!

Overview: My brother is converting the space hulk terminators to SW Wolf Guard, (a cookie if you guess his forum name).
We played our own custom map with all the space marines in play; the gene stealers had a re-spawning Broodlord.

Rules: All the space marines are deployed on the far left of the map, one model must reach the objective on the far right of the map. The Gene stealers start with 2 blips and get 2 a turn.

The map: We used all the available map pieces and ended up with two routes to the objective and several rooms. It was about 20 Tiles to the objective as the crow flies.

I’m switching to narrative form now so strap in (if your chair has a strap) and enjoy the ride.

With a thunderous clang the hatch door was blown off its sockets, from the coiling smoke stepped a creature of legend. The Rune priest was clad in full Terminator armour and wielding one of the sacred blades of Russ. “Comrades no enemy contact so far, squads Bjornric and Almagdovar advance.” More of the Space Wolf terminators emerged from the smoking portal, one of them a wolf sergeant approached the priest, “Brother Furok, our sensors have located the fang, it is a mere two hundred metres to our east”.
“Good” snarled the librarian, his fangs elongating “soon we shall recover that which was lost”, and with an unexpected agility the Rune priest set off down the corridor, the Wolf Guard close behind him.

As the Rune priest reached an intersection he signalled that squad Bjornic should head North and approach the objective from behind, he would lead the main thrust directly towards the objective. Continuing on down the corridor he reached a crossroads, suddenly the priest spun to the right his hand flashing out in front of him. A wall of ice appeared blocking off one of the junctions just as three gene stealers threw themselves at it. Furok grinned, whatever their ability in hand to hand they could not match the power of the sons of Russ.

Squad Bjornic continued to advance along the north most corridor. Leading the way was the veteran wolf guard Sargulf wielding his twin lightning claws. He stepped forward to open a bulkhead and was confronted by a Broodlord charging towards him with blistering speed, reacting without thought Sargulf swung his lightning claws beheading the charging beast. Sergeant Toralf chuckled grimly “for that I’ll get you a pint when we make it back to the fang”. Sargulf merely nodded and continued his advance.

Rune priest Furok’s grin faded as he heard quick scuttling noises coming from the corridor behind him, thumbing his Storm bolters safety off he pivoted and fired a full clip down the corridor, he downed 2 charging gene stealers but the third evaded the shots and swung a meaty claw at the priests head. Time seemed to slow as Furok calmly evaded the blow whilst swinging his axe down and decapitating the Tyranid. His success was short lived however as a gene-stealer tore through a bulkhead behind the Rune priest and gutted him from behind, Furok was avenged by squad Almagdovar but the Wolf Guard felt keenly the loss of their leader.

“Squad Bjornic due you copy? This is Almagdovar Furok is down, repeat Furok is down we request immediate assistance”. Sergeant Toralf nodded grimly to himself “We copy you Bjornic, we are moving in to support you now”. The sergeant turned to Barinin the squad member holding the sacred assault cannon “hold this corridor against all threats, our missions depends on it”
The veteran nodded grimly, even though the order would no doubt end in his death.

With the death of Furok squad Almagdovar realised they were split on two sides of a cross roads with gene-stealers coming down both flanks. Two Wolf guard turned and trained their storm bolters on the passage way, prepared to gun down any damn Tyranids who came after them. Almagdovar’s sergeant wielding a storm hammer continued on, knowing full well that he would have to confront the gene stealer hordes alone until squad Bjornic arrived.

Barinin strode calmly down the corridor, his assault cannon thundering as he mowed down the onrushing gene stealers. The veteran began to sing his death saga, “and he was most renowned of the tribe Sax, he who gutted the Kraken Valyryd and who was chosen to join the sky warriors in their hold. Barinin reached the entrance of a room packed with gene stealers, “and it was he who was chosen to wield the holy cannon Terminus carnifis and smite the enemies of mankind”. The wolf guard calmly unleashed a hail of shells into the room turning it into a charnel house. But the cannons barrel clicked on empty and a solitary gene stealer still remained, within seconds it was on him ripping through his armour and bone. As he fell Barinin whispered “and it was he who fell boarding the space hulk Hope Evisecration carrying out and order he knew had no chance of success”. Then there was only darkness.

The radio cracked “Almagdovar this is squad Bjornic was have almost reached your position, do you copy?”
“Roger Bjornic this is Almagdovar was have three brothers down, the sergeant died holding the escape rout, commend our souls to the Empor-” The line suddenly went dead.
Toralf turned to his the three surviving members of his squad, “now it is our mission, and ours alone to recover the fang of Russ”. From the other side of the bulk head came an ominous boom. Toralf calmly opened the door and looked down the corridor. Four gene stealers and a Broodlord weere racing to his position.

The sergeant raised his storm bolter and fired shell after shell down the corridor, but the Broodlord shrugged of the hits like a wolf shrugs off flies. Suddenly the space wolves storm bolter went dry, he had a last second to stare into the eyes of the Broodlord before it decapitated him and started on the rest of his squad.

Results: All space marine’s wiped out at the cost of 2 Brood lords and 12 gene stealers.

Cpt. Drill
06-09-2009, 16:49
Hay man really nice report! You have a cool writing style.

It would have been cool to have some pictures to go with it!

06-09-2009, 17:32
Results: Space Wolves massacred while the chittering laughter of the stealers echoes the blood soaked corridors.

I tidied it up for you ;)