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06-09-2009, 11:39
As sadly real life at the moment stops me doing hobby stuff thought i would post a few of the things we used to do with Space hulk to give people some ideas

1.) Marine vs Marine Death match. An old classic. Set up the board in a mutually agreed way. Every one takes one five man squad (old system did have a points system to do this but we used to ignore this) winner is the last man standing, or do a capture the flag or well you get the picture.

Fluff wise. Either Marine vs marine training mission. Nasty Enslavers taking over, brain bugs, Tricked by the inquisition, Blood feud, Crack out the chaos terminators etc

Rules wise, don't change how weapons work have everything still kill on the same dice rolls ( justification is that terminators are easier to hit than a stealer which balances out the armour, plus it stops people getting hung up on stuff) New heavy flamer may need tweaking now though as it used to be far less deadly to marines.

We used to use blind grenades in Marine vs Marine games but the new shield generator rules will work just as well.

Every one gets command points.

Never used to use Psykers as they were far too strong new edition may vary.

2.) Changing miniatures. Lots of people talking about changing rules for new enemies which is all fine but a nice change of pace can be had simply by exchanging the stealers with other suitable miniatures. Blood letters are a classic for this As are ripper swarms particularly the forge world ones.

3.) Company level battles Build an entire space station hulk etc and play a massive battle with multiple players per side. Quiet a few of the old campaigns could be played in this way. Anyone with access to google can find them in about 10 seconds. Often found a GM was useful for these types of games. Give different chapters marines different objectives which may not quiet tie in with everyone else's and your away. Also give the GM a small third side to control to allow them to keep the game moving in the past mysterious Predator type aliens have been seen as have imperial assassins.

4. Zombie fest Another classic have the rules sheet on paper some where but basically slower nad less good in CC than stealers Unable to open doors. Triple the number of Zombies for each blip. They also got back up.... Great for a resident evil type game

Hey ho that should hopefully get people thinking

06-09-2009, 13:12
sounds like some great ideas

1) we have models set up for marines vs chaos marines but a straight out battle would just result in stalemate i think. there would have to be objectives to keep the fight going. Also losing the whole blips thing is a loss.

2) we have some plaguebearers to try this with, wont make a massive difference to gameplay but still worth doing :)

3) i would love to have a go at this, i like your idea that different chapters have different goals and they dont always coincide. puts a bit of competition between the marines as well.

4) not sure about this one, if the enemy arent deadly then there isnt much competition between the two sides and whoever is playing the zombies wont have many tactical options which might make it boring.

Cpt. Drill
06-09-2009, 15:52
We have played some variants in the past not dissimilar to these.

To jazz up the zombie one you could make a left 4 dead style mod with some more interesting zombies thrown in there. Ones that can drag termies away from the group or leaping ones that can move really quitckly. The broodlord would work well as a tank!

06-09-2009, 16:39
I remember rogue alpha level psykers featuring heavily in the game Plus some other resident evil style things, Game was very much based around the movie with an underground lab that had gone bad. Fighting down five levels to detonate the reactor was emotional to say the least. Particually when you had to safeguard an escape route back to the surface through all the doors you had closed....

Marine VS Marine. Objectives as always make people move about more capture the artifact is always a good one and a strong narative. Blips in my past experence only ever work with one sides worth of blips other wise it gets very confusing. The Old Marine V chaos missions used the 1st ed set of blips that were lettered a-g rather than numbers which meant you could assign specific creatures to each letter letting chaos use blips. No reason why you couldn't do something similar