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06-09-2009, 22:53
I've written some rules for Chaos Terminators. Unless stated Chaos Terminators are the same as normal terminators (4AP, 1D6 close assault), with the same AP costs.

I have not defined stats for flamers, meltaguns and plasma guns, as I want to see how the stats turn out for Doghouse's power armoured marines.

I've created four psychic powers for the Sorcerer. Do people think they're balanced.
What do people think of the Reaper autocannon? Are the drawbacks of combi-weapons too prohibitive? Should they get two shots with the other weapon, or is that too good?

Chaos Terminators

Chaos Terminators are taken in squads of five in the same way as Imperial Terminators. However the traitor legions turned away from the Emperor over 10,000 years ago, and do not have the more modern equipment, such as the assualt cannon or storm shield, that the Imperial terminators have access to.

Each squad comprises of

Traitor terminator champion with combi-bolter and power sword
Three traitor terminators with combi-bolter and power weapon
1 traitor terminator with squad support weapon and power weapon

One squad member may be given a chainfist.
One squad member may replace his combi-bolter and power weapon with a pair of lightning claws.
Any squad member may replace his combi bolter with a combi-melta or combi-flamer.
The squad support may either be a reaper autocannon or a heavy flamer.

In missions using the Space marine Librarian, this may be replaced by a Chaos Sorcerer or a Chaos Lord and a single additional traitor terminator with combi-bolter and power weapon.

Traitor Wargear


The forerunner of the storm bolter, this weapon combined two bolters in a single housing. Replaced in Imperial forces by the storm bolter, this weapon has continued to be the standard ranged weapon of traitor terminators.
It functions in exactly the same way as a storm bolter, as described on page 19 of the Space Hulk rulebook.

Combi weapons

Combi-weapons combine a bolter with another weapon, either a flamer, melta gun or plasma gun. These additional weapons carry limited ammunition and can only be fired once per game.
The bolter element of the weapon works in exactly the same way as a storm bolter, but only rolls one dice. This means the weapon will not jam, but is less effective at killing genestealers.
It costs 2AP to fire the non-bolter weapon.

Reaper Autocannon

This weapon has been phased out by Imperial forces and replaced by the assault cannon, which has a higher rate of fire. However it's reliability and ease of maintenance has meant it remains the main long range support weapon employed by traitor terminators.

The Reaper autocannon rolls 2 dice, killing a genestealer on a 4+. It has twelve shots before needing to reload. It can be placed on overwatch. Unlike the assault cannon, the reaper will not malfunction after being reloaded. It does not benefit from sustained fire.

It costs 1AP to fire the Reaper autocannon.

Traitor Terminator Champion

The Terminator Champion is the veteran of a thousand battlefields, and a renowned warrior. He adds +1 to his close assault dice.

Chaos Lord

The Chaos Lord is a fearsome warrior, and adds +1 to his close assault dice. He is armed with a combi-bolter and a power sword. He may exchange his combi-bolter for a combi-weapon and his power sword for a daemon weapon.

Deamon weapon

Some Chaos Lords have been gifted with powerful and unpredictable demon weapons. These weapons are a reward for the servants of the Chaos gods. However, the Chaos gods are fickle, as are their gifts.
A Chaos Lord with demon weapon does not receive his standard +1 in combat and parry bonus for powersword. He rolls his normal assault dice and makes a second dice roll for his daemon weapon. The Chaos player subtracts two from the result on the daemon weapon dice, and adds the result, positive or negative, to his total.

Chaos Sorcerer

The Chaos Sorcerer is a Traitor marine who communes with the dark powers of the Chaos gods. He is able to use psychic abilities in the same way as the Librarian.

The Chaos Sorcerer is a fearsome warrior, who adds +1 to his close assault dice in the same way as the Traitor Marine Champion.

The Chaos Sorcerer begins the game with 20 psi points. He follows the same rules for using psychic abilities as the Librarian (see page 22 of the Space Hulk rulebook).

Sorcerers Staff

This weapon works in exactly the same way as the Librarians Force Axe (see page 22 of the Space Hulk rulebook).

Chaos Psychic Powers


The sorcerer reaches into the warp, destabilising the normal passage of time around himself.
By spending a psi point the Sorcerer can reroll a dice he has rolled in a close combat or shooting attack. He may not reroll dice for attacks that do not effect him, or are not initiated by him. He may not roll dice when using other psychic powers (ie he may not use warptime to reroll a dice against a genestealer he is attacking using the Doombolt power).
In close assault a Sorcerer can either use his Sorcerors staff or the Warptime power.
By choosing to use warptime, it takes effect until the next Command Phase. More than one psi point can be expended to reroll dice while Warptime is in effect (ie one point can be used to reroll a combi bolter shot in the Traitor players turn, and another point can be used to reroll a close assault dice in the genestealer turn).


The sorcerer blasts an enemy with the raw energy of the warp.
By spending two psi points the Sorcerer may attack an enemy model within eight squares. It must be within his line of sight. The model is destroyed on a 2+.

Gift of Chaos

The sorcerer unleashes the corrupting power of the warp on an enemy, twisting and mutating them horribly into a short lived monstrosity.
Target any enemy model within 12 squares and line of sight. On a 2+ an enemy model is horribly mutated. It is killed, and the square in which it was cannot be moved through and blocks line of sight. Mark this square with a counter, which is removed in the Mission Status phase. This power costs 3 psi points.

Wind of Chaos

The Sorcerer summons a destructive blast of raw power and projects it forward.
By spending three psi point the sorcerer directs a blast six squares in any direction within line of sight. Any model in those six squares is killed on a 4+.

The Broodlord

The Broodlord is immune to doombolt, gift of chaos and wind of chaos.

06-09-2009, 23:16
I have a couple of comments - firstly you haven't included rules for plasma and melta guns which is a problem when you've mentioned them above. My other comment is that I personally feel doombolt and gift of chaos are to similar, also wind of chaos is pretty damn powerful. The sorceror will definitely need a bunch of playtesting.

Have you had a look around at examples of psychic powers as they appeard in Genestealer? Sure we aren't using psychic cards any more but it's worth a looksee.

06-09-2009, 23:36
Not bad. Personally I'm just using 'counts as' for my chaos terminators. Assault Cannon = Autocannon. Power Axe = Power Sword. Sorcerer = Librarian etc.

06-09-2009, 23:37
I've created four psychic powers for the Sorcerer. Do people think they're balanced.

I like The Warp Time alot :) I'm not sure how overpowered the thing is though. That needs real play testing. To make sure it's not overpowered you could increase the cost to 2 psi points so player would'nt be spamming it every turn. Only uses it to make sure he gets out of tough situations.

Doombolt range could be more becouse you can't target board sections like
Psychic Storm. How about 12 squares?

Gift of chaos is too much like Force Barrier, I think You should drop it to make Librarian and sorcerer different Power wise.

Wind of Chaos and Doombolt are like Psychic Storm together. Have you thought about summoning demons? :)

Does Sorcerer be able to add +1 to his CC score with psi points?

It costs 2AP to fire the non-bolter weapon.

You really want to pay only 1AP for it becouse you can fire it only once per game

Reaper Autocannon

This is my thoughts about the Reaper Autocannon
Reaper Autocannon.....2d6.....5+....sustained fire, Overwatch, 10ammo

Chaos Lord

Deamon weapon

I don't think you want to include such powerfull and hi ranked characters like a Chaos Lord in Space Hulk. Why would a Lord enter such a dark tincan anyways :)

Hope this helps.

Waaagh Grignak
07-09-2009, 19:15
Yeah we keep the reaper to 2dice 5+/4+, reload, no explosion, and leave all the other options as standard.

My noise marine army is now 700pts bigger because of space hulk :)