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07-09-2009, 10:32
In the War of the Last Alliance of Men and Elves (the prologue bit at the start of the films) there's two powerful magic weapons for the good side. A weapon of fire (Narsil, later becomes Aragorns sword Anduril) and a weapon of ice, Aiglos/Aeglos. Wielded by Gil-galad.

It's well known what happened to Narsil. I was wondering, what happened to Aiglos?
If the elves/men kill Sauron, i assume the orcs flee shortly after. Surely they'd recover Aiglos from the battle. Does anyone else wield this spear?

07-09-2009, 12:30
nope, it is unknown what happened to aeglos.

says so in the lore encycopledia sites i've read.

out of pure speculation, i reckon it was recovered and taken to rivendel, prehaps used if need be, if the forces of Sauron besiege Rivendell.

07-09-2009, 14:33
ok cheers Kronos, i wasn't sure myself. Alot of my information is mixed up with my old MERP days, i'm sure they had the spear used by another elf after Gil-galad and it was dropped down a big hole in a mountain somewhere (maybe moria)
But that's all made up by I.C.E

07-09-2009, 21:21
I agree the assumption is that it was recovered and taken to Rivendell, then maybe Undying Lands with Celebrian. But that is my speculation. It is also possible it too was shattered byt the dark lord. Whatever you fancy.

Anyway I went to see the props from the movie at the science museum in London a few years ago and Aeglos was perched atop a cabinet. It was just gorgeous and for a second or ten I thought about trying to nick it. Then I could have said Aeglos is in my flat! :)

Other missing weapons of note are weapons like Ringil and Sulhelka. Any theories?

Ah, happy Merp days...:D I loved Merp. :(

07-09-2009, 22:46
Ringil (Fingolfin's sword that wounded Melkor) was supposed to be taken to Angband. Not sure if that's true. That was another cold magic weapon wasn't it.

Can't remember who wields Sulhelka.

Yeah i loved merp as well. Harsh system though, eventually the GM rolled a 100 for a crit and it's instant death :) I think the best i did was level 5.

08-09-2009, 21:05
Ringil sure was a cold sword, 'Icy wind' or some such.

Sulhelka was Celebrimbor's sword. Think he died defending the halls of the Elven Smiths at Ost-in Edhil? I think he did, which would suggest that maybe Sauron's lot got it?

Wow, level 5? I played it for ten years and managed to survive thanks to a couple of dose of Oilosse (that rare herb that helps Elves not die) Lol. Got to level 24. Man it was major work and I was soooooo hard by the end. Lol. I did have a couple of characters die though. But the last campaign I played with my major elf dude was the war of the ring where I ended up defending Lorien. Ace. Happy days.

There must be so many magic items missing in middle earth. Hang on. Didn't Thorondor rescue Fingolfins body? Scratching up Morgoth's face in the process. With him being laid to rest atop a mountain. I seem to remember that the grave survived the breaking and exists as a small island in the middle of the encircling sea. Where did I read that? Hmmmm.

09-09-2009, 09:14
Sulhelka was Celebrimbor's sword. Think he died defending the halls of the Elven Smiths at Ost-in Edhil? I think he did, which would suggest that maybe Sauron's lot got it?

Didn't Thorondor rescue Fingolfins body? With him being laid to rest atop a mountain.

Yeah Celebrimor confronted Sauron, and was captured. He was tortured and eventually revealed the location of the seven rings, but wouldn't reveal where the three were located. At that stage Galadriel had one, the other two went to Gil-galad. Then Celebrimbor was put on a pole, and used as a banner by the evil side. :evilgrin: So maybe Sauron's side did get his sword

That's right. Thorondor puts Fingolfin on a cliff overlooking Gondolin.

09-09-2009, 18:43

Can you give me a reference for this name?

I have never rad that in any of Professor Tolkien's works. Was it a MERP thing?

10-09-2009, 21:45
I can give a reference for Sulhelka. I originally read it in the merp book, Lorien and the halls of the elven smiths but looked it up years ago. (I mean years... lol)

After attempting to find it when I was a teenager a friend came across a non indexed reference to it purely by chance. He showed it me we accepted it and I have not thought of it since. It is in a short sequence in one of the notebooks about items that Celebrimbor made, comparing them to those made by his father, Curufin and his Grandfather Feanor. I hope I can find it again by cross referencing those and will let you know. edit; Maybe in Unfinished Tales.

It is entirely possible that I am mis-remembering and the name of the sword is purely a merp thing but I will do my best to find it as I am fairly sure it is from notes somewhere.

It is listed as Sulhelka; (Quenya) 'Icy Wind' in the Lorien book.

Edit 2;After a quick mooch I am leaning towards 'merp thing' I think I found the passage I was thinking it might be in Unfinished Tales page 248 onwards titled 'The Elessar' very nice to read that again.

To Nuada; went and read that again, though the using him as a trophy is something that had slipped away. Just too upsetting. ;)

16-09-2009, 11:31
I call my pool cue Aiglos, if that's any help :D

16-09-2009, 15:19
I call my pool cue Aiglos, if that's any help :D

Does your cue play better when it's cold?