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08-09-2009, 00:06
I have never played any of the previous editions so im furiously trying to learn the rules before i start gaming with a few of the guys at the local shop and im thinking of playing a few solo games to help me figure out the rules. have any of you done this? does it work well? it seems like the rules might actually work well for solo play.

08-09-2009, 00:44
Deathwing supplement of the Space Marine 1st edition actually included solitare play rules. BGG might have the rules pdf, might be worth checking.

08-09-2009, 01:21
Unfortunately the rules for hidden blips and command points kind of ruin any real solo play, but as for learning the rules there is no reason why you cant set up a mission and control both sides.

08-09-2009, 08:25
Well it's not that hard to play solo. Just react with what you would do under the circumstances each turn, and as if you didn't know how many CP or Stealers were about.

All you gotta to do is not cheat.

08-09-2009, 09:05
I've only played one game by myself, but I drew the Genestealer blips and immediately placed them face down without looking to see how many stealers I'd recieved, once the blips were on the board I only revealed them once they were in line of sight of the terminators. The terminators I controlled as normal.

It was a very interesting first game, the Marines won but it wasn't exactly easy, I only had the flamer termie and a storm bolter p/fist termie left at the end and had killed 28 stealers along the way with 10 left on the board, another turn or some smaller command point draws and and I think victory would have gone the other way.

08-09-2009, 09:21
Haarken, does that give an advantage to the Marine player as the genestealer are defensive? Eg the marine player decides when to reveal the blips

shadow hunter
08-09-2009, 09:58
I've not played other versions - but needed to learn the rules by saturday when I'm meeting friends for a game. So i've been playing on my own.

I've played mission 1 then mission 2. Marines lost both. To be honest it worked ok.

I am looking at the values I draw on the blip, as it helps decide where to place them. I am also alllowing myself to look at the command points counter whenever I like as a marine, as it is too easy to forget how many you had when playing as both.

Because I am playing both and trying to learn rules, I haven't been using the egg timer. But I am trying to do the marine turn as fast as possible. To be honest it is unlikely I have gone over the three minutes - but if I wanted to look up a rule and didn't want to ruin the time limit, I can. Also the girlfriend keeps asking me to make cups of tea - and I dont want my marine turn wasted on that.

I would say playing on your own is great for getting the basics sorted (rules and basic tactics) so go ahead and give it a go. Its much better at solo play than regular 40k or fantasy.

There's been quite a few things I've learnt about already playing on my own. Like when to reveal genestealers, how to handle doors and when to go on overwatch and use your CP's. Things that if I had waited until I played against my mates would have ended up with me wasting Ap/Cp's etc.

08-09-2009, 10:02
It kinda makes them unthinking ravening mobs of xenos, rather than sly, cunning alien fiends. Why not? It would certainly give them a more primitive tactic; charge, instead of massed lurking then swarming. But you could always decide to play it that way and have blips not attack until there are 3 or 4 (up to 12 stealers!) of them ready.

08-09-2009, 10:38
Well you could take some of the responsibility out of the hands of the marine player by creating a genestealer action table that you must roll on for each blip. Once they are revealed you don't roll.

1-2 Mob up. Must stay in one space until at least 2 other blips are within 1 square.
3-4 Rush. Move directly toward the closest terminator on the board.
5-6 Sneak. Stay more than 12 squares away from the marines.

Something like that.


08-09-2009, 22:50
Unfortunately the rules for hidden blips and command points kind of ruin any real solo play, but as for learning the rules there is no reason why you cant set up a mission and control both sides.

What he said. I played two missions the other night on solo and without anyone playing as the stealers, it kinda sucks. But I had no choice, my missus don't care for Space Hulk and the kids were in bed!

Kebabyuchenko xxx

08-09-2009, 23:03
haha dude, I feel sry for you :D. I have this picture in my head you playing space hulk solo in a dark room with just one tiny lamp lightening the gaming table... :)


08-09-2009, 23:09
Haarken, does that give an advantage to the Marine player as the genestealer are defensive? Eg the marine player decides when to reveal the blips

I don't feel like it gave the marine player much of an advantage to be honest,
on the whole I felt the blips were converted into stealers pretty much where they normally would have been converted, and although I didn't have exact numbers I generally moved the blips towards the termies keeping up the pressure on them at all times, but at times when I thought the situation dictated I lurked and massed my blips. However as I said in my previous post I only played this way once, so I wouldn't necessarily recommend it as the way forward with solo play just yet.

08-09-2009, 23:09
just don't let her or the kids catch you playing by yourself.....awkward.

08-09-2009, 23:17
1st edtion solo rules:

1) Blips are placed 1 to an entry point, starting with the one closest to a Marine. In case of a tie, choose one. Blips never lurk. any blips in excess of entry points are lost, and returned to the pool.

2) all blips convert to 'stealers before entering the board. Convert them in the order you placed the blips. If you don't have enough models to go round, excess blips are lost and returned to the pool.

3) Genestealers move starting with the one closest to a Marine. In case of a tie, you choose. Genestealers always move directly toward the closest Marin, and will then stop and attack him. If they cannot reach him, they will move as close as possible. HOWEVER, a 'stealer will NOT move into a Marine's LOS unless it will be able to make at least one attack against him. In this case, it will move as close as possible without entering LOS. The exceptions are if the 'stealer, or it's entry point, are already within LOS at the start of the 'stealer turn.

08-09-2009, 23:52
indeed. solo rules is like playing against a dumb computer.

09-09-2009, 14:51
I have played solo many times in the past with second edition and have done so again with this new addition.

The first rule is not to cheat. Then you just have to follow some simple steps to ensure you don't play biased - playing regularly as genestealers will help you know the tactics you should use.

First I take my reinforcements and randomly assign them to an entry area - but not one that is further than one that is closer to a marine and not one where a genestealer would be forced to lurk if it would be more beneficial to deploy elsewhere. This usually leaves only two or three entry areas anyway - then I just use the different one the next turn that I didn't use.

Once placed, I reveal them before bringing them on so they are always used as genestealers on the board. This had some issues in second ed as the blank blips were then wasted. This is to avoid the situation of having too few genestealers entering from one side where I would have gathered blips if I was playing the genestealers against another player - because I can see the forces and gtaher them if needed.

The next trick is to move them as if you were avoiding them simply being cannon fodder. Always try to outflank and split groups. Never use a last AP to enter a fire arc if you can stop one early and stay hidden. Always duck into a corridor whilst charging forwards to avoid that one extra overwatch shot. And 'think' like a genestealer. If your first two genestealers get wasted charging forwards and the marine hasn't jammed yet, try waiting where you are instead.

The other thing you need to do is with the timer and command points - scrap them as written in the rules. The timer is too difficult when you are recording your own ammo etc. And use the second ed rules for CP with the sergeant reroll - just roll a D6 rather than plucking a counter. If playing solo I do not allow the marines to use CP in the genestealer turn as this makes it biased to leave them and make me act with the genestealers in a way already thought of for the marines with the cp.

I have had many succesful games played this way with no different results than two player. Just remember not to be biased - either way you're on the winning side so why cheat?

09-09-2009, 14:54
Sorry to post again, but I also had another idea that I haven't tried yet.

Maybe one genestealer per entry area would also work? This seems to make some missions harder when there are plenty of entry points but for most it keeps the numbers at the same average.

09-09-2009, 15:08
I think that wilsongrahams has posted some excellent ways to play this game solo. Thanks!

09-09-2009, 16:46
thanks wilsongrahms, ill take some of those ideas into account, i played a solo game last night to try out an idea i had to beat suicide mission and i was rolling randomly for genestealer entry points which didnt work out all that well because almost all of them came in on the southwest entry point where my marine was guarding the corridor, it made the game way too easy. i think next time ill manually place the blips where i would place normally. i also drew the blip tiles and placed them without looking at them- this seemed to work ok.

I also agree with scrapping the timer as it simply becomes useless when playing both sides

09-09-2009, 17:04
Placing the blips where you would as a genestealer player is the best part here. I've posted a new thread with help for the first tow missions as I have only failed either once each in ten years!

In effect I guess solo play is best played as a genestealer player also controlling marines rather than a marine player with drone genestealers.

09-12-2009, 18:03
I suggest using an additional blip. In the original solo rules you roll out in which turn numbers ambush blips are used. Roll again every time you placed an ambush marker. Also the Stealers use different entry areas in a turn, but the nearest ones. They are not allowed to lurk, so I suggest you place them at other entry areas if they would be forced to lurk. If all entry areas are blocked the Stealers try to break through and alls blips are placed in the areas where the pressure should be built up. Either they take the route with the less overwatched fields or where the most stealers are amassed. Roll it out.

19-12-2009, 09:12
I like the idea of the chart being rolled on.

I say for deployment have them deploy at the closest point o th marines possible then roll for the other entry points on a 4+