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10-09-2009, 16:01
Hey, just thought I'd mention my progress playing through space hulk. I have just completed mission 7 - the artifact and thought I'd review a few of the missions and my thoughts on them.

Mission 1 - simple, no marine casualties, quick and efficient. not much to say.

Mission 2 - careful deployment and gideon on guard with assault cannon covering his back allowed me to close off one half of the board whilst the other three kept as far from the genestealers as possible on overwatch. Very easy and no casualites.

Mission 3 - I liked the change in deployment areas from 2nd ed - previously i'd only completed this once as the stealers bottle necked in the middle. With being able to fight from both ends, I lost three marines but saved the cat. Admittedly I did sacrifice the flamer guy by holding off the enemy for six turns one after the other whilst the squad ran away and he was left all alone... Was good to complete and is a good mission for a tense battle. Could have gone either way.

Mission 4 - always found this easy. the loss of an extra storm bolter marine makes it more difficult but gideon is great as a second defence. If you keep your heavy weapons out of action they will be safe and have plenty of ammo to denfend themselves should the perimeter fail somewhere. Has always been my favourite mission.

Mission 5 - Careful deployment and a fast advance protected by a steadily withdrawing rear will save the day - make sure you can shuffle up and flame the lower rooms before you get to them to avoid the close combat that will ensue from built up stealers. When entering the lower half, lead the way with the flamer and then move him back til you want him to clear the way at the very end again. You will win with five survivors whilst half the men are still holding the perimeter. Easy if planned right, hard if poorly executed!

Mission 6 - My first challenge and first new mission. Was particularly displeased at Claudio who dies in his very first combat despite being on guard. Lorenzo had some lucky saves in combat by stealers rolling all ones and twos. Calistarius saved my bacon here and he psychic barriered his way all the way to the end using up his last two points on the last turn and I got away with four men, losing three. Actually a good challenge and an interesting and different misison.

Mission 7 - Again Lorenzo's luck held up and Claudio again died in his first combat whilst on guard - he has let me down I feel! Rushing to cover the two side corridors was the first thing I did and that and overwatch helped me win. Zael and Calistarius went straight down the middle and were kept safe. Once Calistarius had the artifact, Zael flamed both the lower entry area zones using command points to turn and i ran for it with a fighting withdrawal around the librarian. One marine jammed his bolter on overwatch and then failed to kill the stealer in his own turn and then bought it, meaning stealers were then able to get through from behind. By that time I had closed up and was able to secure the area again. Zael used his next two shots on one stealer in a side room and it survived both!!!! With it being only a few squares away and Calistarius next to him I could not afford to leave it. With no AP or CP left after flaming twice, Calistarius Psychic Stormed the critter and it died on a 2! It almost survived a third 2+ kill! As mentioned, Lorenzo and my ther flank fought there way back to their starting positions and I finished with five marines - having only lost two, though the stealers were starting to close in. The long corridors help here. Was very fun with the variety of models and always feeling you were one storm bolter marine short to cover everything perfectly and protect the specials. This was an easy misison though in my opinion.

WIll continue the campaign tomorrow and let you know how that goes too.
Any one else have anything to say about the new missions?