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11-09-2009, 13:32
Helloooooo thar, Warseer. Seeing as I'm in work covering for the receptionist's lunchbreak (and the phones are dead!) I figured I'd make a wee postie here to ask a few questions.

1 - Bretonnia: Are there lots of builds for this army? Do you need a lot of models? How are they, price-wise? How're the Lords/Heroes, in the sense of Supporty or do they dominate on their own? (Or are they a one trick pony? :p)

2 - Beastmen: I played my first game with these guys last night (500pts)... And, due to bad dicerolls mostly, got obliterated. The thing that seemed to suck the most was the fact that Herds dont get Armour saves without a shield... Should I have been taking shields? Coz my Gors/Ungors got cut down like nobody's business.

3 - Lizardmen: How common are these guys? I know it varies, but are too many people playing them now since the newer army book?

4 - Tomb Kings: On Kings/Princes and Priests, is it wise to sink a lot of points into these Lords/Heroes? Or should they only be used because they're mandatory?

5 - Dogs of War: How do these guys work? I know literally nothing about them yet the people who play them are adamant about their awesomeness. Do they have a specific speciality (Close Combat/Shooting/Magic?)

6 - General: What's the best army for Hero-Hammering? I like a big, characterful Hero that I can smash stuff with.

I'd love to hear peoples opinions on these.

11-09-2009, 13:46
I can only answer about the Tomb Kings

But yes it is wise to have point filled heros.

Very similar to Vampires

Your heros make your army.
Not only are Tomb king/princes awesome fighters
They also give you some more magic, which is always needed. You want to make sure these guys can survive the battle!

Priests are very similar, you want/need more magic!

11-09-2009, 13:49
I wish I had the books on me... More on the Tomb Kings: I know they're a low-tier army... But tiers dont phase me!! So Princes (I'll be playing <2k games, so no Lords), should they be ran into enemys swords blazing?
How're Tomb Kings as far as armour? I know that they use fragile skellies but can the army in general survive?

11-09-2009, 13:57
I eek every single point I can out of my TK characters. They need those items to function. I suppose you could get by with a bargain-basement King or Prince (I wouldn't try it, but to each his own), but never skimp on points with your Priests.

I find Herohammering with Tomb Kings to be a tedious, but necessary evil at the moment.

Lizardmen characters seem really expensive to me for what they do...and that's saying something considering how much I pay for a HLP. ;)

You want to have fun trying different configurations of Heroes. I'd wager Warriors of Chaos has the most potential for fun, since you can have your Sorcerers throw down in close combat and not suck at it like everyone else's (same with Ogre Butchers to a lesser extent). Surprisingly, I think Skaven have some fun potential here as well...even though I generally dislike Horde armies.

I know nothing about Brettonia, Beastmen or DoW, but I extrapolate based on what little I have heard/read that DoW is a very flavorful and versatile army.

Edit: The TK army gets two armor options: light and none. There are only two ways to get heavy armor and both of those are magical options for fighty characters, discounting the Bone Giant who actually has heavy armor. The army can survive despite this, but it is an uphill battle as the best AS you can get is on the rarely used Bone Giant or an ultra defensive combat character at 3+. Nothing on foot otherwise can get better than a 4+. Couple that with very limited (or no) access to ward saves, regen, MR, etc...and it can seem pretty daunting. But if you're interested in the army, don't let any of this stop you. :)

11-09-2009, 14:35
Well I've been interested in them ever since I caught a glimpse of the TK w/ Great Weapon model, then had a look at the range on the website. I got the Army book and it seemed like a whole lot of awesome, but then I heard that the book is poor... Which set me back a bit. But now I'm looking to branch out and I'm proxying different armies...

I just like Armour without going WoC or Empire or Dwarves or...indeed any of the common armies... TK just seem like awesomesauce.

11-09-2009, 15:38
tomb kings is an underestimated army! once you know what your doing with them you can be a competitive player and even beat the top tier armies!! granted its bloody hard work, however its do-able, i have beaten vampires and dark elves with the good old tomb kings, but only faced deamons once or twice with them and scraped a minor one game and deamons scraped the minor of me the secound time.

dont let the little things about TK put you off. i have alot of faith in my tomb kings, so much so that i am using them in this years grand tournement (throne of the skulls).

11-09-2009, 15:43
Unfortunetally I'm not a very skilled player... Infact, I've never won a single Fantasy game! (Around 15 games, all Lost outright. Around...30-40 40k games...I've won 2 - both by accidentally cheating.)

TK are a very difficult army to play, but I want an army to play that's fun even when they lose (but not O&G... I've played with them and I just didn't enjoy it), coz I'm going to be doing a lot of that :p

So TK are my next Proxy, but I'd like to learn more about Bretonnia, too.

11-09-2009, 15:53
depends on your temprement then!! becouse when tomb kings go wrong you tend to get smashed!! i have learnt that its very very diffecult to recover from the smallest of mistakes! a very fragile army! however i love the army win or lose! :) i hope you can enjoy them as much as me! good luck and let us know how it goes!

11-09-2009, 17:22
Fluff-wise, Dogs of War are totally awesome.

It when you get down to writing out a list, that you realize we're lucky to be holding on to the top of the bottom half of the league tables.

At 2K, we're committed to having a paymaster (who's our equivalent of the BSB), who's rather lacklustre in combat and better kept safely in the midst of the second wave. For a general, we have either a Lord Wizard or a Mercenary General, relatively cheap, but does not much selection in magic items, limited to the common ones.

The remaining two heroes can be selected from either wizards or Mercenary Captains; if you fear a magic heavy opponent, usually two spell caddies.

Our strength is that our cavalry is Core, and that we can take cannons as rare. As a bonus, we can load up the specials with mercenary Dwarves, Vikings, Ogres, etcetera.

Our secret strength are the Regiments of Renown, who allow you both some enhanced attack, and an above average champion with hero stats.

The trick is finding the right mix.

11-09-2009, 17:23
I have been playing TK, for about a year now (not a really long time)
Played about 30 games with various opponenets and armies.

The only times i won...were just sheer luck.
All my SSC didn't scatter badly
or Blow up
My scorpions all popped up early, and didn't misfire.
My dice rolls were good/okay

My enemy misfired/ didn't make some spells rolled poorly.

i have a lot of fun with Tomb Kings, its awesome being different.
And telling your Opponent, yes my spell was just cast at power level 1/2/3

Tomb Kings are awesomesauce!

11-09-2009, 17:36
Other lord/heroes that can smash things

DoC, thirster with full gear, lots of points and lots of power although the army is more dependent on hero level characters due to the abilities they give to core units.

WoC, powerful combat heroes also with minimum magic equipment also the mages can beat most things in close combat

WE, not really dependent on heroes except for magic defence the only possile exception is ancient treeman and alter kindred hero but none of them is likely to be what you are looking for

OnG, some fun combos that can be rather powerful if you are lucky and do nothing if you are less lucky

Dwarfs, can build characters that nearly noone can kill also has the special character that most people seem to think is OP ie Thorek

Empire, less powerful characters but they do have a steam tank (or several depending on point level)

HE, stardragon with something on it or dragon mage already at 1k

Vampires, powerful casters or fighters, lance that autohits, extra attack for every wound in a unit of knights. Can heal himself and his unit

DE, lord with pendant on dragon, chariot heroes, assassins

11-09-2009, 18:04
It is never worth it to get shields for Beastmen because anything that matters will negate the 5+ or 6+ save anyway. Their strength is in combo-charging the crap out of something and then doing it again and again. Once they lose that charge initiative they are likely to die/break.

11-09-2009, 18:38
3 - depend on your gaming enviroment... but they are the newest book,
but for some reason they don't see the popularity or deamons, vampires, and high elves.

5 - the dogs are mosly a army of foot troops specializing in pikes (fights in 3 rows) and
unique heros that are auto included in units (RotR). they generaly have a lot of everything, but no one aspect is dominant.
Ps. don't let the paymaster get killed.

6- probably deamons.

Nurgling Chieftain
11-09-2009, 19:29
1 - Bretonnia: Are there lots of builds for this army? Do you need a lot of models? How are they, price-wise? How're the Lords/Heroes, in the sense of Supporty or do they dominate on their own? (Or are they a one trick pony? :p)Nobody's talking about Bretonnia so I'll chime in. There are two common "power" builds ("Royal Air Force" - take a lord on a pegasus so you can ignore the 0-1 restriction on pegasus knights, and then load up on flying heavy cavalry - and "Lance Spam" - take a lot of cheap-ish heavy cavalry lances) and several reasonable balanced builds (you don't see many core peasants in "power" builds, but they're reasonable for their price with some useful special rules, just not as good as lances).

Most Bretonnian models are available in plastic, so they're not too expensive.

Bretonnian characters are cheap and, well, human, so generally not very powerful. Still, you can build a solid Lord-level duelist commonly referred to as the "Lord of Re-Rolls" (birth-sword of carcassonne, virtue of confidence, gromril great helm, gauntlet of the duel). I prefer to load up on them without upgrading them much, taking a full allotment plus the extra BSB, and using them as support. Their casters have a lack-luster selection of Lores (Beasts has some great spells but the default spell doesn't work on mounted characters making it very risky for low-level casters to select, Life is really nice when facing a gunline and has a useful default but not much else). I usually take a scroll caddy or two with Mistress of the Marsh, the default Life spell, and maybe a prophetess with Heavens if I'm feeling silly.