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13-09-2009, 09:02
Here are a couple of the many conversions that I'm working on prior to GS work. Mostly arm swops for now but I'll be playing around with some more advanced ideas.
I gave the flamer guy a stormbolter because of health and safety reasons. No-one with that many parchments should be allowed near a naked flame.
The first guy will be probably be used as a Captain Belial of the Deathwing proxy for what will become a Blood Wing army.
I've got some cool ideas for basing them as well which I will get to later in the thread.





13-09-2009, 09:03
Here's my rather insane plan for basing the terminators.

As I bought two sets I'm using the second set of doors to make the bases for the models. The idea is that I'll magnetise them so that I can use them for both space hulk and forty kay.

WIP Captain





13-09-2009, 09:08
This is brother Castigor of squad Decimus from the power armoured marine campaign I'm working on called The Crucible of Blood.

Power armoured marines are much more fun in my opinion and make for a much more intense gaming experiance. You think that shooting at a screaming horde of genestealers that are charging towards you is scary try doing it with only 1D6! :D



I'm no really too keen on Brother Scipio's pose because it merges most of the detail into the deck plate due to the casting process.
I haven't started the GS work on him yet but have also repositioned the head so that he looks like he is looking down the corridor.
So with the spare model that I have I've repositioned him using an AoBR terminator and given him an assault cannon.
The black overlapping trim on the base is where I'm adding plasticard to the bottom of the base before I trim it to fit like with Castigor above.
Each of the marines will have a name plate on the front of the base to give them a little character.




13-09-2009, 13:03
I really like the use of the Space Hulk doors for bases, although I still have to shake my head at the destruction of anything that belongs in the set :p

However, the love the head you have placed on the Lightning Claws Termi, so much so that I thinks its looks so much better then the actual models head. Its a shame mine are already built or I would so switch head just for the awesome-ness of it.

Looking forward to seeing more.

Mega Nutz
13-09-2009, 18:03
Great stuff Doghouse. I've amassed a similar number of Space Hulk termies with a view to doing the same sort of thing. They mix and match really well with the AOBR kit.. Looking forward to more....subscribed!!

13-09-2009, 21:51
Cheers guys! :)

I haven't painted a Blood Angel since the days of first edition so it's a bit of a trial and error thing at the moment.

I've used a Mechrite red base coat and then built it up with a mix of Mechrite and blood red. I've started shading but the camera isn't really picking any of it up. :(
I've still got to clean up a few areas like on the helmet pipes but it's getting there.

WIP Brother Castigor

13-09-2009, 23:42
Quick Update

Still can't get the camera to pick up the red shading/highlights so I'll have to try and get some daylight shots tomorrow.
I've begun painting the bolt gun metal bits before I give them a black wash and have started to dry brush the base to get a grungy sort of feel as a contrast to the cleaner red of the marine.


Magos Explorator
14-09-2009, 18:13
Nice conversions on those Terminators! You've got a great pose with the Assault Cannon guy. The basing is a good idea, too. :)

14-09-2009, 22:41
Doh, I did not even think about swapping the torsos when I was planning out my deathwatch conversion. Thank you for the idea and the work you have posted so far shows some great promise for an awesome finish.

20-09-2009, 13:02
Thanks guys! :)

These pictures aren't great because the settings on my camera are out of wack and it was a bit of a rush job but it should give you some idea of what I've been up to till I can get some proper shots.
The Dreadnaught is made from the AoBR model and I've begun to add some bits from the SH Terminators.

WIP Dreadnaught


Here's the early stages of the Assault squad. I'm going to add a third lightning claw terminator marine and swap out one of the storm shields for a regular one.

WIP Terminator Assault Squad


Just started the Captain. I'm base coating with shining gold before applyiing washes and highlighting.

WIP Basecoated Captain

This is the humble beginnings of Squad Decimus. I'm basically converting the AoBR marines to make a mix of armour variants. The one on the far left will have one of the Pre-Heresy Ultramarines style crusader helms whilst the two on the right will be Mk IV armour.

WIP Squad Decimus

These next guys are made from left over bits and will be blinged up to match their brothers.

WIP Terminators

20-09-2009, 14:06
Project number ?

Hehehehe...crazy nutter! Keep up the good work man!

20-09-2009, 16:27
Now that's just mean! :(

Thanks mate. ;) :D

20-09-2009, 16:47
It wasnt meant as a mean remark. I suffer from the same "problem" (if we could even call it that) in which I get distracted into other projects rather quickly.

20-09-2009, 18:05
I was pulling your leg mate. ;)

23-09-2009, 05:10
Wow I should have guessed you'd be the first person to start cutting these up. They look awesome.

23-09-2009, 06:11
glad to see youre not butchering these gorgeous models :p

nice seeing the parts mixed with other ones.

i wonder how many youll get done before you drift onto something else though ;)

23-09-2009, 16:26
Cheers guys! :)

Synapse: Who knows mate? :D
I've just been laid off at work so it'll be a long while before I can afford anything else. I might not be so distracted if I've only got these models to work on a guess. :)

23-09-2009, 17:06
sorry to hear that. hope everything works out. though, onthe brightside, lots of converting time. i was in a similar situation in early summer, and everything worked out fine for me. best of luck with everything

23-09-2009, 20:24
Thanks mate I appreciate it. ;)
I should be ok hopefully. Besides like you say it'll give me time to get some stuff done. :)

Shadow Fall
28-09-2009, 19:08
give it one week, maybe two... and the Nightlords will be back... :D

keep it up...

SF :chrome:

29-09-2009, 21:04
like tcraigen, after your initial posts on the SH section I was expecting some SH related goodness from you, and it doesn't disappoint at all! Still a very brave move despite your modelling skills. Even if I had two copies I don't think I could bring myself to convert them.
Looking forward to the additions, are you going to be doing it for all races?

30-09-2009, 08:17
Cheers guys! :)

Shadow Fall: Hello mate. :)

sparks: Yeah definitely mate. I'm working on some bits and pieces for my site but have the flu at the moment so haven't been able to get anything done.
It was a tough decision to start chopping them up but I've got one complete set intact so the others will allow me to convert my Blood Angels models further.
I'll be updating as soon as the bug has passed. ;)