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13-09-2009, 22:05
From a different thread:

Mission One - Very easy for the marines if they get a high first cp pick or stealers get several 1 blips in the first turn, otherwise it's a pretty fair game for both sides but not too hard on the marines.

OK, we must have been doing something wrong here. We just popped the box, set up mission 1 and started playing. We must have run through this at least eight times, and the 'Stealers won each and every time. I won't go into details on what we attemted - suffice to say that we tried out several different approaches and all of them came to nothing.

On a positive note I'd have to say that we did learn quite a few things ramming our heads into this figurative wall: Shooting down doors, the benefits of the flamer's Persistent effect. The value of the Guard action and of saving action points to spend in the Genestealer's turn.

Anyone care to offer some insight?


Cpt. Drill
13-09-2009, 22:14
I am pretty sure there is a post a few down just like this... But I found liberal use of the flamer worked wonders for me. Oh and Lorenzo is pretty tough with gaurd

13-09-2009, 22:20
Yes, there is:


Never mind. :)