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Dark Aly
17-09-2009, 18:17
Ok so i started a new army and decided on Orcs and goblins. trying to work out a fairly flexible army before commiting to buying the models and i have a few points left and would appreciate any suggestions as well as possible alternatives for the list below.

Orc Warboss=207
boar, light armour, enchanted shield, martog's best basha, best boss hat

black orc bigboss=180
heavy armour, boar, battle standard, mork's spirit totem

night goblin shaman= 75
dispel scroll

28 orcs= 198
shields, full command

28 orcs= 198
As above

29 night goblins= 149
standard, musician, 2 fanatics

6 wolf riders= 84
musician, spears

6 wolf riders= 84
as above

6 spider riders= 84

2*spear chukkas= 70

5 squig herds= 150

10 squig hoppers= 150

rock lobber= 70

doom diver= 80

total= 1779

aiming for 2000 so what ideas do you have?

17-09-2009, 18:58
Looks good.
But upgrade youre intended general to a black orc, this will give you better weaponskill and better save as they can have heavy armor.

for the rest of the points i would add another shaman. Or give the shaman youve got one more dispell scroll and then take another htty CC character. Play around with a kamikaze goblin hero. With the right items i.e. tricksy trinket and one hit wunda you can get a character killin gobbo for reasonably low costs.

i think you have a good amount of troops.

Dark Aly
17-09-2009, 19:51
so that's an additional 53 pts to upgrade the warboss and for the additional scroll. for the suggested gobbo character i assume he's mounted on wolf, is that correct? if so then he = 91 pts (wolf, light armour, shield, one hit wunda and tricksy trinket). that still leaves 77 pts which could be a gobbo unit, or with a little tweeking could be either a 2nd doom diver, 2 trolls or 2 pump wagons (either the trolls or pump wagons could give the orcs a few extra kills in CC). any other options or reccomendations?

17-09-2009, 19:54
Personally I would change a unit of wolf riders to spider riders, it's so good ot have a unit that can ignore difficult terrian for movement - really helped me out in all my games
and i also give my fast cav bows - shooting is great and nearly every game they have shot at least 1 useful target so dont underestimate them

Dark Aly
18-09-2009, 08:34
i'm feeling inclined to go with 2 pump wagons as they can either be used to support the boys or in tandem with the sguiq herds to guard a flank (NG's and hoppers on the other). in my Chaos army i used to have a couple of spawn who did this job and the pump wagons could do a similar job. has anyone else used them at all? and if so how effective are they at the proposed job?

Jind_Singh would you say bows are better then spears for fast cav. or would both be ideal? not too sure where the points would come from if i go with pump wagons/trolls/2nd doom diver or gobbo's.

18-09-2009, 15:11
I think you have to many orcs in your units. You can get away with 23 in each (will be 25 when you add the character on a boar) which gives you 1 additional rank to lose. Keeping them at 28 will mean they are harder to move around because of wheeling next to units that you have.

That will also save you some points for the other things your thinking about adding (pump wagons, etc)

I would also suggest looking at Ulag's axe instead of Martogs, if you have the same dice that I have its really helpful to be able to reroll those misses. The other thought is of course to drop some points and put the General on a Wyvern, but it really ends up changing the entire army because of his cost.

18-09-2009, 16:14
if i dont hve the points i will always favour bows over spears . Theres reasons for this, most of the time i never actually engage the fast cav units in combat. their job is to dance around to the flanks, and keep people scared that i am about to charge them to their flanks/rear
in the meantime they will keep shooting the unit with their bows, they get 360 degree line of sight with thier bows so can shoot in all directions, and sometimes you even hit and kill a few targets!
with the bows they also become more annoying as it means sooner or later the opponent will have to pay attention to them, so it means less heat on your main units.
and finally if they do charge into an enemy you only need to kill 2 models to grab a draw in static combat res (to beat their +1 for standard, and +1 for outnumber) and I find with 10 attacks its easy to do this.
spider riders are ideal as you only pay 1pt for them as an upgrade and they come with sheilds, spears, and then bows
5+ save from shooting/combat, str 4 on the charge for the riders, and bows to bring down the occasional foe! and they ignore difficult terrian when moving so they literally just climb all over the battlefield

18-09-2009, 17:10
that's a good list so far.

with your extra points, i'd add a giant.

if you are dead set on doing the pump wagons, then with the extra points i'd add a fourth character. perhaps a savage big boss on a chariot? or maybe a black orc big boss with basha's bloodaxe? a night goblin big boss on a great cave squig?

other things that you could add... night goblin bowmen, orc arrer boyz, or even snotlings could have a roll in the list.

18-09-2009, 17:22
I agree with Jind_Singh for the troop selections and might suggest considering putting your extra goblin hero on a giant squig. 3d6 movement and avoiding most terrain is very effective in distracting enemy units, and if equipped right could potentially take out a Bloodthirster.

Another suggested use for the spider riders and wolf riders is they make great bait troops for charges and enemies with frenzy. The spider riders excel at this since they can lure troops into woods, or chariots into difficult terrain (Khorne I am looking at you). They have multiple purposes and are cheap enough, as as mentioned if you pick your targets carefully they will manage some damage with their bows at close range.

Dark Aly
18-09-2009, 17:58
Using some of the advice you've all given, i now have-

black Orc Warboss=245
boar, heavy armour, enchanted shield, Ulrig's akkrit axe, best boss hat

black orc bigboss=180
heavy armour, boar, battle standard, mork's spirit totem

night goblin shaman= 100
dispel scrollx2

Night goblin big boss=124
great cave sguig, light armour, shield, one hit wunda, tricksy trinket

23 orcs= 168
shields, full command

2 orcs= 168
As above

29 night goblins= 157
full command, 2 fanatics

6 wolf riders= 90
musician, bows, spears

6 spider riders= 90
as below

6 spider riders= 90
musician, bows

2*spear chukkas= 80
bully each

5 squig herds= 150

8 squig hoppers= 120

rock lobber= 75

doom diver= 80

2x pump wagons=80

total= 1997

looks good to me. doubt i'll finnish deployment first though, which is all good :)
What do you guys think?

19-09-2009, 00:45
My main suggestion would be to get nets for the night gobbos.. nets are one of the more irritating things in the OnG list. To get that i'd drop to 8 hoppers and find 5 pts somewhere else.
I find that 10 hoppers is a bit much. You have to remember that until they get into combat they cannot change the formation you deploy them in (because they all have to move in a straight line). So that can cause serious issues.

I would be also quite tempted to get bullies for your warmachines. They make them immune to panic caused by goblins which is very handy. The additional leadership makes it much more likely to pass any terror tests. Finally it gives them a half-hearted chance of holding off some rubbish units that tend to be sent at war machines (im thinking harpies)

You also might consider taking a normal goblin shaman instead of a NG one since it has an extra leadership.

But really, the list is VERY solid and only minor tweaks need to be made. (i have some personal prejudices that would mean some changes but these are just me... stuff like hating the 1hitwunda or pump wagons)

Dark Aly
19-09-2009, 04:35
I had though of taking a goblin shaman but as he'll be in the NG unit i thought it a little uncharacterful to use one.

the pump wagons will hopefully do the same job as spawn in my old chaos army (before they got boring) although not unbreakable they should still (touch wood) get the drop on flanking units of fast cav/skirmishers.

I would like orc bullies as the conversion ideas can be entertaining, sitting on rock, drinking fungus beer while beating up a goblin with his detached wooden leg etc... really going to think about that.


19-09-2009, 06:03
Pump wagons are much squishier than spawn since they are only T4 but i see how you are going to use them. Best of luck to you.

19-09-2009, 08:09
I would stick with the NG shaman because he is cheaper and the unit can test off of the general if close enough.

The hero on giant cave squig is immune to psychology as per the squig hoppers, I do not think there is a direct line that quotes this but there is enough detail in the bestiary and given the nature/fluff it seems implied.

For changing the giant cave squig for a giant spider, I have not used a giant spider mount yet but it has advantages in movement (reliable distance) and the squig moves in the compulsory phase. The biggest differences is that you need to use a goblin hero, not a NG hero and it has poisoned attacks at S4, not S5. Since you have both a unit of hoppers and spider riders you can choose either as you see fit (remember that a squig hopper does not need line of site to a unit for it to direct its movement, if you desire to reach combat :).

I never have good luck with the pump wagons, I am certain because they are a support unit and work better when they are used as a shock troop to units either close enough to be sure to reach, or units already in combat.

Work out the points for some bullies and drop 2 hoppers as suggested and I think it will be very flexible and good potential.

Dark Aly
19-09-2009, 20:11
Thanks for all your help. time to get collecting, painting and playtesting :). if the pump wagons do not work out then i may change NG shaman to a goblin one on a chariot.