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17-09-2009, 20:28
Just out of curiosity,what would you say is the maximum points you'd spend on a unit + characters if you want.

I only ask because i made a list up and was astonished at the total for my lords bodyguard,here it is:

8 Chaos knights
mark of nurgle
full command
Chaos lord
mark of nurgle
deamonic steed,filth mace,crown of everlasting conquest,favour of the gods,diabolic splendour,shield
exalted hero
mark of nurgle,deamonic steed,BSB,doom totem,shield

if my calculations are correct (sorry if they are not),that comes upto 1008 points,probably not worth the points,but might be worth a go.


17-09-2009, 20:33
That would depend on a lot of factors, not least how capable it is of reaching out and affecting other units (i.e. having good charge range, good range for spells, etc).

My most expensive unit in my WoC army is my Sorcerer Lord, at approximately 400 pts. He can fly 20" and then cast spells with an 18-24" range, so he has a very good reach and so I think he's worth it. I would not want to pay 400 pts for a guy on foot.

For actual units, my rule of thumb is to not go above approximately 300 pts, with most units being around 200 pts. That's not including characters, which I again like to keep mobile.

17-09-2009, 20:38
i originally put the 2 heros on palaquins for the extra attacks,but realised theyed slow the unit down so swapped them for deamonic mounts,also the 8 man unit of knights was 400 with out the heroes .


17-09-2009, 21:11
On a unit.. Well 275 (+-5) is the maximum of points I would be willing to spend on a single breaker unit.. In terms of Dark Elves thats 14 Black Guards with Command, ASF and Ring of Hotek/ Crimson Death.. Mainly I try not to spend more than ca. 200 points onto a single unit without character.. But thats quite easy with Dark Elves, Cauldron 200, 6 Coldone Knights with Command 202, 2 Reapers 200, Hydra 175, 2 Chariots 200.. Mage 185..

Guess the most expesnsive unit I field in my army are 25 Spearman with Shields and Command, Warbanner and Highborn (Armor of Darkness, Pendant of Kaeleth, Soulrender).. Thats 215 points each, so 430 together.. If I dish out heavy magic with 3x Lvl i put into there a sorcress on lvl 2 with sacrificial dagger and scroll and upgrade 5 spears to sacrifice them when casting power of darkness.. that would be 650 points and thatīs real pain for me, and I just field this unit if Iīm in need of magic.. Regulary its 430 points in a 2k army described as above, but as mentioned with Dreadlord. Only unit in My army that costs that much, 2nd is 277 Black Guard rest of the army around 55-200 points.
Hate to put to much points on a dot. Your 8 Chaos Knights with Lord and BSB cost 1000 points and I will totally nerf them with 5 harpies for 55 points.. lol.

Better more small units than one big. IF you reach anything it will surely be dead. If you reach it. In case of movement focussed armys you will get redirected, in terms of magical armys you will get casted to death, in terms of shooty armies you will be primary target and if you face an close combat enemy you will be equal. Even Deathstars die quite easy due to multiple charges..

17-09-2009, 21:16
I, like Avian, prefer not to go above 300 for characters or units. It better be pretty special for me to go above 300.

For me, the priority is to have alot of units. My cheapest unit is 30pts of dogs, and I have 3 of them at 2K. Having alot of units really helps get the right type of match-ups in the deployment phase.

Statistically, I like to not have my game depend upon a few dice rolls of important and expensive pieces. I suppose you'd say that I prefer to broaden the standard deviation of the normal curve.

17-09-2009, 21:25
depends on the army.

wood elves only a few over 150 and then itīs between 200/300 max. Granted there is a 400 point character in there but hey.

skaven and tomb kings usually not over 300/350.

17-09-2009, 21:25
600+ Point Dragon and 600+ Dragon Prince/BSB unit... I usually don't do that though.

17-09-2009, 22:41
The most I've dumped into a unit without characters is 605- my 24-man strong Tzeentch Chosen with Command, Blasted Standard, Extra Hand Weapons, Shields, and Favour of the Gods. The unit has never been brought below 20 in all the games I've played, and ironically, Blasted Standard never once worked because I rolled a 11 for EotG every game I played with them (which with FotG, gets me the magic 12). I've stopped bringing that unit out now that I have more models, and partly because my friends have no love for a unit that can bounce a Carnosaur with Lord that charged them on the side through Wounds alone.

My Lords usually hover around 400 points, mainly due to my masochistic obsession with using Level 4 Wizard Lords despite their consistent capability of exploding.

I do not bring many competitive lists to my local group, so usually I like to lavish my units with subpar upgrades just because I wuv them so much.

17-09-2009, 23:49
430 for a Slann with three powers, Bane Head and a scroll is my most expensive character. Generally anytime you run a lvl4 caster the points start to rack up.

Units wise I generally prefer to run MSU style armies, but in my Lizzie army the TG cost close to 300 points, so around 720 including the Slann - a decent investment, but one that the enemy will generally struggle to crack.

18-09-2009, 01:08
Decked out HE prince on a star dragon.

Commence pelvic thrusting.

18-09-2009, 10:47
Almost 800 points, sorcerer lord riding a chaos dragon, best was however 8 black knights+vampire lord+WK bsb, over 1200 points worth if destroyed.

18-09-2009, 12:41
I used to have a rule that a breaker unit would never go over 300, neither would a character, and a supporting unit came in about 200 or less. I have since played with a 650 point Character which I really love, but which I rarely use. The majority of my units still come in between 150 and 300 points, even with Daemons.

18-09-2009, 13:06
As with some many other issues, it really depends on the army.

In my Empire, I'd say about 300-400 pts, a little more if you consider the detachments as part of the unit. Thats the extreme upper-end of a standard unit, being 25 Greatswords with a General and detachments. Usually, I'm quite happy with a regular unit of state-troops to house my general, saving a lot of points.

Vampire Counts, on the otherhand, push upwards of 800 points at times. A tooled up Vampire Lord housed in a 20-25 man unit of Grave Guard is quite expensive.

In terms of individual units/models, its much less. Typically no more than 300 on any one unit, with few Lords breaking that point cost.

18-09-2009, 13:06
Most points ive ever put on a unit.

Greey Seer Thanquol on a Bell with 25 clanrat pushers and a warpfire thrower
975 Points.

18-09-2009, 13:54
You have to distinguish between characters and regiments.

Characters can eat up a lot of points, but vulnerable to sudden death. Regiments can soak up more damage. Regiments of Renown in large numbers can turn out to be very expensive.

Desert Rain
18-09-2009, 15:09
I prefer to keep the points value for units under 300, but that doesn't always work. My old High Elf list for example had a Swordmaster unit that costed 350 points. For characters It's generally the same, preferably no more than 350 points for the most expensive one. But that's kind of had to manage if you play lizardmen and want a Slann and/or an engine.

18-09-2009, 16:02
my most expenisve unit is the black orcs or greatswords when I run them at 20 strong
my plauge bearers are also a points sink at 20 strong with command
ideally i try to keep the units to around 200pts as i prefer horde army builds over huge but limited number of units builds
anything close to 300pts = i really have to think long and hard about that unit

Freman Bloodglaive
19-09-2009, 03:14
Beorg and 20+ Bearmen go upwards of 325 points.

I think the most points I'd put into a character would be my Valten (counts as Karl Franz on horse) which runs up to 401 points. Gotrek and Felix are 475, but they're two models.

19-09-2009, 03:46
Let's see... an anchor unit of gobs, so 30 gobs with shields, nets, fanatics and full command... Don't remember how much, but that's veeeery expensive, for me :p
I won't talk about my characters, they're usually cheaper than my opponents sacrificial units (goblin lord with wolf and mundane equipment, lvl1 gob shamans with one of the staves? Woohoo!).
Never played 2000 point games with my ogres though, I think I'd go crazy with the tyrant :p I know it's supposed to be ubber silly, but I've always wanted to field a decked out tyrant in a unit of maneaters. Overkill ftw!

Wolf 11x
19-09-2009, 14:27
I've always played Lizardmen and Wood Elves. I never take anything over 200 (with the exception of ~235 point Saurus blocks), As for characters, I have no qualms with taking a 500 point Carnosaur riding Oldblood.

19-09-2009, 14:54
20 minotaurs with great weapon, mark of nurgle, light armor, and a banner. You're looking at a 1200 point unit. I thought about doing this as a deathstar but figured my flank would be extremely wide and It'd be a bit over the top.

vinny t
19-09-2009, 15:10
It does depend on what. I like to keep it 300 or less for a unit and 400 or less for a charachter. However if that charachter is on say, a monster, then I'm ok with using a few more points.

19-09-2009, 17:36
I guess we can rationalize anything on a cost benefit basis.

Long Drong and his 29 friends cost 435 points.