View Full Version : WoC Book of Secrets. Who can take it?

18-09-2009, 17:29
Can only sorcerers take the book of secrets? If a champion is allowed to take it how many dice are they allowed to use? Just the one generated by the book?

18-09-2009, 17:33
any character can use the book of secrets. If it is on a non-sorcerer (hero or chosen champion) they only generate the 1 dice, but can use 1 dice from the pool as well.

18-09-2009, 17:35
Page 121
Page 107

Those are page references in the main rulebook.
Worth reading them as you dont appear to have read them recently enough.

18-09-2009, 17:54
Also read the FAQ for WoC, as it tells you the power level of the Wizard.