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18-09-2009, 19:10
70 points left to spend. Not really sure what, but take a look and let me know what you think.

1x Sorcerer Lord - 400
-lvl4, Tzeentch, disc, Golden Eye, Infernal Puppet, Blood of Tzeentch

1x Sorcerer - 190 (joins any infantry)
-lvl2, Tzeentch, Dispell Scroll x2

1x Hero - 245 (joins knights)
-Tzeentch, Daemon Steed, Shield, Runesword, Bloodcurtling Roar

20x Chaos Warriors - 390
-Command, Shields, Raptuous Standard, Tzeentch

20x Marauders - 160
-Command, Light Armor, Flails, Tzeentch

5x Knights - 310
-Command, Tzeentch, Blasted Standard

1x Warshrine - 150

1x Giant - 245

5x Warhounds - 45

5x Warhounds - 45

18-09-2009, 20:24
I posted something similar in response to your other thread.

You're one core unit short... so for 70 points you could buy yourself some Marauder Cav. But they won't have anything on them. So add flails, musician, lt armor, and MOT (for theme only other MOS).

For the rest of the army drop 2 Warriors and the Champion from the warriors unit. Run a 3x6 unit. Add Halberds (which will cost you one of the two warriors). That should buy you about 40 points to mess with. In fact, lose the champs on all the units. They have to challenge. You're asking for problems.

For your Sorceror Lord, I recommend Disc, MOT, Enchanted Shield, Golden Eye, Book of Secrets, Spell Familiar. That's a 1+ AS and 3+ Ward against shooting. Don't get into hth. Also gives you 6 PD for just him. If you want to get into hth, then drop the Book of Secret or Spell Familiar and grab Sword of Might or Biting or something. Total is approx 375 pts, give or take.

The MOT on a Giant is fairly useless. If you want to bring the Giant, that's fine (although I like 3 Dragon Ogres with GWs better). But MOS is much much better for a Giant. So save yourself the points and remove the MOT.

Also, drop the poison on the dogs. They're screens and there to die. That will save you 30 points total (give you 5 more dogs).

18-09-2009, 20:55
It's already been mentioned that you're one Core unit short, and that you should drop the poison on the dogs. And I agree with Jmznudd on fielding the Warriors 6x3.

A Champion for a Knights unit is generally seen as a ripoff, since you pay 20 for one more attack.

Since you have a fair lot of points left, I'd also say go for Marauder Horsemen with flails and maybe light armour and a musician, which you can easily afford if you shave off a few points here and there...

Monsterzonk :skull:

18-09-2009, 20:55
I did see the other reply -- thanks for the feedback. :)

I've had very poor luck with Dragon Ogres. They just wind up being big pin cushions. Not that the giant isn't -- he is just harder to wound and i've had great success with him.

Good call..missed the extra core req.