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15-01-2006, 20:51
Hello and welcome to my project log.

I thought since that i haven't really made much of a contribution to warseer/portent (back in the old days) and i have learn't quite abit from here, as well as meeting some odd people now and again that i may give something back to you all! I have 4 armies, 2 space marnie, tomb kings and a new dwarf army and a small cygnar army for warmachine! now its got to the stage and i know some of you may feel like this:


Yes shock horror, i was sad enough to be pelted by own mintures in their bid to get me to put them togther!

Anyway right i just tell you alittle about me so im on a one to one personal basis with everyone. My name is Max im a student at Univeristy of Worcester studying sports coaching (i have no idea why), use to work for GW (part time) but was made redudant before coming here to worcester. I have enjoyed GW hobby for 10 years now and have started playing other wargamers and am enjoying them too.

The idea is that there will be weekly updates with room for anyone to comment put ideas in or poke fun at me! I in truth have been wanting to do one of these for ages and now have the resources to do it! Plus i have way too much stuff and need to put it all togther, discount at GW is bad for you BAD! Providing i am allowed by the authorties that be!

Right this is my work area with some pictures of brushes, i recommend windsor and newton, expensive about £6 a brush, but worth it, i use a collection of brushes from GW to w&n. Personal choice!

Work Station



Right this is my intro finshed, i shall post again very soon with first update of stage 1 of my little project! hope you all will enjoy and maybe find it entertaining!

15-01-2006, 21:03
I would here by like to call foul........

That painting board is all together to clean i think its a plant that is a fake painting board.........

good work so far and welcome to this little section of the forum...

15-01-2006, 21:35
Part 2)

Yes it is clean (but not a plant, there green), because I only bought that a week ago and the pictures I show you will prove why. It btw has to be the fastest thing I have ever put together when bought for GW. I would also like to add that GW should put sand paper with this bloody thing, why because itís a nightmare to do without and causes much frustration and coffee drinking! Thanks for the welcome, I liked the terminator btw nicely done, I suspect you will finish way before me!

The armies and my various bits!



Here you will find all or well over half the stuff I have to do, its shockingly bad but I will get it done I promise! Providing uni doesnít kick me with lots of work but there will be weekly updates!

Right well I found another army to do, tryanids, I found the army deal under my bed and thatís another army to the list, may the Emperor bless me or curse!

Here is some of my stuff!

Now thatís half of it and I am very worried about this. I seem to have half the worlds oil supply in plastic here in my room at Uni. But no fear I will plunder through it! My first army will be my Black Templars and before I put together you know what come first?

ARMY LISTS (another bain of my life)


Right well this may take me awhile, I keep getting new idea from this place itís driving me mad! I will have one though. I have to decided in the next 3 days if I am coming to carnage and if so thatís a tough deadline for me. But for the mean while I will put an old pic of my work of a terminator, that most you may have seen. Iím away up in Hartlepool for the next three days so no modelling for me, though I may try and ill get the pics up asap for you all!


16-01-2006, 11:01
So is one of your SM armies the BT or a BT successor chap. I love the Terminator because of the contrast in colors.

16-01-2006, 11:12
Indeed, well he is a test model for the other chapter. Indeed my black Templars will be my main work. With the model i am thinking of black shouler pads and leaving the ink in the arm and leg parts instead of painting them black.

16-01-2006, 14:34
So let me get this right. Your armies are:

Space Marines, Black Templars, Tyranids and Orcs. Did I miss one?


16-01-2006, 20:02
they are a normal space marine chapter, a Black Templars, Tryanids, TOmb Kings, Dwarfs, Cygnar from Warmachine and Minas Tirth. I added a few from the ones i have found out of my box. Orcs when did i put that?

18-01-2006, 01:58
What about combining both into "white templars?"

Ooh! And I spy a box of scouts - for the tenth, I imagine?

18-01-2006, 16:35
yes you do! Bleh must get round to it, i have another lamp now from ikea for my painting!

Insane Psychopath
18-01-2006, 16:51
Good luck, I know what building a army in short amount of time like


The boyz
18-01-2006, 17:30
That Termie is looking pretty good Snipe. Thw white looks well good. Good luck with putting together and painting your army.

23-01-2006, 18:40
Right update for this week!)

Well after a nice relaxing week off. I finally got round to deciding on a list to use which i shall post at some point but really don't want to at the moment!

Anyway i won't be going to carnage due to money but still get round to building my black templar army. The first and most important part i think for this army is the Emporer's Champion. Now im not a fan of the new one mainly because it looks too thin compared to everything else. It just doesn't give me the image of a whirling religious death machine that every champion should be!

so i built two concepts (same model different arms all stuck togther with blue tac until i decied or someone convinces me!) I am a fan of the simple converision but donesn't mean i won't try something challegening!

Concept 1)


Its ok but predictable

Cencept 2)



im more a fan of this.

For the base i am using one of micro art studio's ruin bases found here


Next step is chaplin with a jump pack. Im stuck for ideas but getting the rest of the troops put togther will post some pics soon, next few days.

Ive also decided while doing this to try doing some commission work (done some before), starting my own little works called Fusion Minatures. It will be along way off, i have too many ideas. :chrome:

Anyway i hope you enjoyed this installment.

23-01-2006, 18:41
Here is some of my other work, undercoated. Its a iron father from the iron hands chapter. This guy is for sale for £3 to £4 quid, trying to clear a back log of models.



23-01-2006, 18:43
I think the first pose would rock if the head was looking down more (same facing, just eyes down) and the gun arm was lower...looking like he was pointing the sword at someone he was about to challenge?

Cool concepts, I like em both, but I think as they are the 2nd is better.


23-01-2006, 19:20

Sent you a pm about the Iron Father.

23-01-2006, 20:05
I really like the first because all the SM models now a says look like the second. What are they doing.....SHouting Look at my sword!

28-01-2006, 16:20

Right ive got my weekly update all ready for you all. The Emperors Champion is finished and can be painted (though still stuck with blu tack) and ive also been putting scouts together and not liking the heads too much. Hereís a pic of the champion



I have also been using pre made bases or pmbís as I call them for short. I bought them from wargamesworkshop a very useful place for alternative gaming stuff and very fast and reliable service, differently recommended!

The first company was Micro Art Studioís from Poland. I have to say that I was very impressed, the bases are wonderfully cast with some quite nice packaging to. I have been using the ruined bases from them range and will probably use a lot more of their stuff at this rate (my wallet will not forgive me). They are quite will priced at £3.99 for 5 which makes each base worth 79p! I believe they are resin so made need a warm soap bath before painting. All the bases will require pinning. In all I will give them 5 out of 5 for quality, value and price!


The second company is Battle bases (Epicast) and American company who have been around awhile. Their bases according to the supplier are ferrous meaning they are magnetic and have some weight too them. However on further investigation of this claim and trying many metals and magnets found this claim to be poo! They do have weight to them and this is useful but not magnetic (maybe a duff batch). They are 6p more expensive than micro artís making them 81p a base. They also came black, which was interesting, maybe due to the material they were cast from. The general quality is good but id have to say that from my view micro art bases are better for the money. In all I would give them 3 out of 5 for quality, value and price!


All my bases were bought from wargamesworkshop if you wanted to know. The service there is brilliant and extremely fast!

27-12-2006, 18:00
Hahahahah, im back well almost, thought i'd bring this post back from the dead.

Well just an update over the months of what happend and it is a long sad tail of woe.

All my armies are gone varinshed by some foul choas being, who im going to hunt to down at some point. I never did get round to finishing stuff as well. Anyway im starting anew in aids of going to the doubles tournment in june at warhammer world and before that one in march at one of the GW stores. Ive been allied with some dwarfs and off much reading of both gortex anf felix omnibuses in a week have some ideas. Ive gone with an empire army , espically with the new releases, they look sooo soo shinny. Anyway will have another post explaining all in the next day or so!

Sorry to tempt.

dave is the best
27-12-2006, 18:07
Glad your back. What army's are you doing now?


Rich 123
27-12-2006, 18:59
Pity to see you are throwing in the proverbial Marine towel. Everyone loves a nice shiney new marine army, well I do! And the plastic scouts are decent minis if you give them smaller chins and better hair, rather than that dodgy super-gelled quiff they come with.

You got your minis stolen?! That is a kicker, especially when you had decided to actually clear that backlog!

Empire it is now then? Interesting. I am currently being tempted towards the WFB world by night gobbos once my 1500pts of marines are finally done for Carnage soon.

Good luck with the new(est) army and lets see some progress, eh ;)

27-12-2006, 20:12
i know, marines, but something new is needed, plus the thought of pigeon bombs is all soo funny.

Choas warrior standing over the battlefield waiting for the slaughter looking at the pitful humans, something catches his attention it appears to be a short fat bird flying along with what appears to be a coconut strapped to it. Slurely not a coconut, while pondering were the coconut had come from the bird appeared to turn around head back to its owner, who was a tall gangly man with an monacle and a rather large rifle. The warrior couldn't quite make out the mans face but from his movements he seemed to be rather worried about the the flying coconut coming back at him......

you get the idea.

anyway will put some pictures up, thats what people really want to see rather than my strange rantings.