View Full Version : Beasts of Chaos: Characters in Units?

20-09-2009, 08:28
It says that A character with a mark can only join a unit with the same mark, however, as I see it it goes something like this:

Specific Mark = MoS, MoK, MoN, or MoT
Undivided = Mark of Chaos Undivided
No Mark = Has no mark


Character w/ Specific Mark can join unit with same Specific mark
Character w/ Specific Mark cant join unit with different specific mark
Character w/ Specific Mark _____ join units with Undivided Mark
Character w/ Specific Mark _____ join units with No Mark (like beast herds)

Character w/ Undivided _____ join unit with Specific mark
Character w/ Undivided can join units with Undivided Mark
Character w/ Undivided _____ join units with No Mark

Can anyone fill in these blanks? Im just curious because it makes a huge difference

20-09-2009, 08:49
Nope, its simple as:

Khorne, nurgle, tzeentch, slaanesh, undivided

none of the above.

This means an undivided character can't join a khorne unit or vice versa.

Side note: One of the few advantages of being able to take unmarked bestigors is you can have multiple characters with different marks join the unit.

20-09-2009, 21:32
As above. One important distinction for the OP is that the 'mark of undivided' is a specific mark, just like the other 4. Hopefully it will disappear in the 7th edition beasts book.

20-09-2009, 21:38
Yea. Im really hesitating starting BoC because the units could be nerfed, taken out, or something else in 7th ed...

20-09-2009, 23:36
Unlikely anything will be nerfed (not good enough to be nerfed at the moment) or removed (not really enough to remove). Spell lores will change (slaanesh will definately be depowered, and tzeench will be powered up), marks will become more accessible and the odd new unit/monster will be introduced, a decent spread of magic items will be introduced.

I can't see chariots remaining in core, but if you start now with beast herds, a few bestigor, chariots and minotaurs, you will learn the basics of the army and have some units that will a) make the cut in the next books & b) probably improve in the next edition.