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20-09-2009, 20:29
So here is the list i plan to play on the forecomming tourney.

Unnamed2000 Pts - Hombres Lagarto Ejército

1 Slan, BSB @ 425 Pts
Discipline to get +1PD per cast
plaque of Tepok [15]
energi stone [20]
Bane head [15]
Dispell scroll [25]

1 Skink priest @ 415 Pts
Engine of gods;lvl 2
Diadem [25]

1 Skink Chief @ 380 Pts
Ancient Stegadon [275]
Stegadon war spear [50]

17 Saurus warriors @ 228 Pts
Spear, shiel; standar; champion

10 Skinks @ 50 Pts

10 Skinks @ 50 Pts

14 Temple guard @ 252 Pts
Standar; champion

4 Terradons @ 120 Pts

1 Salamander with extra skink @ 80 Pts

Dados Energía: 9

Dados Dispersión: 6

Total Miniaturas: 65

Total Ejército Cost: 2000

Do you guys think this list could face Imperials with war altar, couple or three warmachines?

What about Vampire counts with graveguard, with regen, vampire lord, etc.... with 3 o 4 ghoul units?

hlaine larkin
20-09-2009, 21:12
okay the slaan is okay- but drop the plate of tepok- for free he gets 1 discipline- give him the one that allows him all spells from any lore- drop the energy stone then find 15 points (maybe drop the bane head too) and give him +1 dice to every spell he casts- much more effective!
as for the rest its okay but 2 steggys will be cannon targets and bolt thrower targets so won't last long- the temple guard are probns too small as are the saurus there is no clear advantage in 17 either 15 or 20. skinks are good and salamander can be- as for terradons drop rocks is good but i dont really rate them.

my advice (i just came back from a tourney :D)
drop the skink chief- take a scar veteran (give him either burning blade of chotec and maiming shield or scimitar of sun resplendent)
do what i said above with the slaan
drop the terradons (and possibly the salamander) and take blocks of infantary- i have a pretty high win rate against empire (imperials) and undead with 2 blocks of 20 saurus, a slaan as above (who is also my BSB with warbanner and cupped hands- so you have a slaan who's unit of 20 temple guard are immune to psychology, stubborn on leadership 9 with a re roll and a re roll for break tests in 12 inches of him. this saved my saurus many times over the tournament weekend (6 times out of 6 games atleast 1 unit stayed an extra turn in cmbat because of this re-roll - the best time being a block of 20 saurus + scarvet being in combat with a steam tank, doing 5 wounds to it and the arch lector (who was taken to half wounds and killed by my stegadon) because every turn they needed a double 1 for being outnumbered by a fear causing enemy and every turn managed to save it on re roll for 3 turns til they all died!

so thats the best i can give for now!

hlaine larkin
20-09-2009, 21:14
oh- and make sure the slaan takes the right lore- if you fight imperials with steam tanks- take lore of metal fury of the forge (cast on 12+ so you use 3 power dice and a free dice) does 2d6 wounds, wounding on 3's with no armour save- can kill a steam tank in one hit.) against heavy empire gunlines with 3 warmachines take heavens- limitless range spells and stuff like comety of cassandora
against undead with regen- lore of fire- allows no regen and does a shed load of damage!

best of luck!

20-09-2009, 21:27
Actually the slann allready had the discipline to allow him +1PD per cast, just forgot to write it down.

Why 15 or 20? actually i think is better 6 per rank, which would be 12 o 18, but i had to take out the 18th one for other stuff. but is easy to loose that 18th one to ranged units or magic, so u will allways loose that rank.

20 Temple guard, way to much, 16 is for me the ideal number, but again, points down.

About the steggies, ur right, easily shoot down by cannons, not that easy with bolt throwers.

Would u drop 1 terradon, and leave them on 3 to add with those points the 18th saurus and another temple guard?

20-09-2009, 21:31
Hi, I think your list sounds generally solid. I am not sure, if I would take the skink chief with stegadon. For the points, you could as well pimp the magic skills of your slann, add a unit of razordons and bunch up your temple guard.
You might want to choose that disciplin for the slann, that makes him have all spells of a lore instead of the plaque of tepok. It just makes it more reliable IMO. Also, you should give as many items to the slann instead of the skink priest, as the sink priest is much more likely to die and this way you give your enemy less VP. That disciplin, which makes one enemy caster ignore 6s while casting could be very useful against vampire counts.
Also, Adding at least 2 Templeguard would get you full rank bonus with the unit.

I don't know to much about the war altar, so I cannot tell, if your list is good against it. If it relies on shooting, you might want that Sun standard of Chotek.

hlaine larkin
20-09-2009, 21:40
the war altar is mean- you have a guy on top whop is pretty god- the mdoel is a chariot with toughness 5, 4+ ward and gives a free spell from the lore of light (of the empire players choice)

the reason i say 20 temple guard is cos the ideal frontage for them is 6, if you then put the slaan in with 20 temple guard 6 across you get a nice ranked up unit with 3 ranks :D you can take saurus in ranks of 6 but i find ranks of 5 works fien with spears- thats just personal preference!

20-09-2009, 22:05
i Know i use 6 front temple guard, then another 4 then another 4 (just 4 per rank cause the slann takes up the other spaces) thats allready 2 ranks.

I have been thinking about one less stegi, which is 385 points and gets me points for the razordons, maybe another salamander, and some other unit, but dont know what :S the chief is pretty solid choice againts many other things, 2D6 charging + the 3 atacks of the chief, plus steggies attack, can go through mostly anything charging

hlaine larkin
20-09-2009, 23:12
can do but its a shooting magnet- fight a shooty army and it will be dead in seconds- a cannon ball can only kill 4 saurus a turn (unless you go side on_ thats what 50 points? so 100 for 2 cannons. 2 cannons are likely to kill a steggy