View Full Version : High Elves 2000pts - Would this list work?

21-09-2009, 14:26
Would this list work?

Prince, Lance, Dragon Armour, Shield, Star Dragon, Vambraces of Defence, Radiant Gem of Hoeth - 638pts
Dragon Mage, Lvl 2, Silver Wand, Dispell Scroll, Dispell Scroll - 435pts

Archers (10 men) - 110pts
Archers (10 men) - 110pts

Dragon Princes (6 men), Stndard, Champion, Standard of Sorcery - 270pts
Dragon Princes (6 men), Stndard, Champion, Lion Banner - 245pts
Tiranoc Chariot - 85pts

Great Eagle - 50pts
Great Eagle - 50pts

1993pts (5 + D3 Power Dice, 4 Dispell Dice, 2 Dispell Scrolls)

Very fast army, i think it would be really fun to play, don't know how well it would work though.

21-09-2009, 18:55
Games would come down to how many warmachines your opponent has.

A dwarf player with two organ guns and 4 cannons would laugh at you while some others would crumble and the game would be over on turn 2.