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21-09-2009, 20:08
this is my no magic 2250 pts chaos army.
i wanted to try an army without magic and here it is.

please tell me what you think, is it semi compettative and what would you change??

-chaos lord,deamon sword,collar of khorne,disc,mot,shield
-exalted,banner of the gods,shield,chaos steed,fury of the blood god,extra hand weap,mark of slaanesh
--------------------this is the first wave

-3*10 chaos warriors,halberds,shields,banner,musci
-4 chariots
-----------------------2nd wave

-2 hellcannons

the first wave is suppposed to rush in using the stubborn bubble of the banner of the gods to hold up a great chunk of the enemy army.

the rest of the army advances under the cover of hellcannons.
then when the dogs have been exhausted the banner bearer retreats towards the 2nd wave and bolsters it with stubbornnes.

the lord is there for killing of units and character.
in fact he's there to kill of anything threatening the banner bearer.

anyhow cheers and good c&c

21-09-2009, 20:50
I would be worried about your disc lord being sniped... even the BSB isn't safe...

And those characters are really sucking the points out of your list...

21-09-2009, 22:19
Your exalted hero is illegal as you may not take magic items when having the Fury of the Blood God gift. The *magic* banner is a magic item and thus this combo does not work. Besides, you can drop the additional handweapon from the hero as it does not grant you a benefit when being mounted. Another thing is - why do you give your exalted the mark of Slaanesh? He causes terror and can reroll panic tests - there is no need for the immunity to fear, terror and panic.
Your Chaos Lord will kill himself quicker than the enemy in this setup, I'd drop the daemon weapon and take the runesword instead. I'd spent the remaining points on an enchanted shield for the lord and perhaps bloodcurling roar, too.