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21-09-2009, 20:11
Im considering getting a dark elf army, but wanted to base it around a quick moving force. So I took two mounted heroes to go in units of cold ones and two chariots to go with them. Backed up by the inevitable hydra, and a decent amount of shooting in the form of a fairly large unit of crossbowmen and two bolt throwers.

Wanted a bit of magic so I took two wizards but kept the ring of hotek just becuase I know nobody will expect it. Also wanted to try the guiding eye so I can re-roll a round of shooting with the unit of crossbowmen becuase lets face it, 38 shots is bad enough, but with a re-roll? lol

Any tips if you think anything should be changed would be nice.


Master, cold one, armour of eternal servitude, lance, shield, cloak - 145
Master, cold one, BSB, pendant of khaeleth, enchanted shield, heavy armour, cloak, lance, cold one - 189
Sorceress, lvl 2, dark steed, darkstar cloak, scroll - 197
Sorceress, lvl 2, the guiding eyes, scroll - 185

Crossbowmen x19, shields - 209
Dark Riders x5, xbows, musician - 97
Dark Riders x5, xbows, musician - 97
Harpies x5 - 55
Harpies x5 - 55

Chariot - 100
Chariot - 100
Cold One Knights x5, banner, champion, warbanner, deathpiercer - 218
Cold One Knights x5, banner, champion, standard of slaughter, ring of hotek - 227

War Hydra - 175
Repeater Bolt Thrower x2 - 200