View Full Version : woc 800 points of characters

21-09-2009, 20:14
my army has its base set

-3*10chaos warriors,halberds shields,banner,musci
-4 chariots
-2 hellcannons

thats my list set in stone as i like the infantry feel of it.

what i would like youre help for is the 800 pts i have left to get to 2250 pts


-lord with deamon weapon
-sorcerer lord of shadow,nurgle(maybe combat )
-exalted hero with bog
-exalted on juggernauts

a funny thought for me would be a unit of 3 juggernatus and a mounted combat wizard lord with the lore of shadow and a spell familiar.
he will most likely get the double march spell this allows them to get into one big unit and charge the foe by turn one and then dpread out from there into the enemy lines.

anyhow enjoy musing upon this

21-09-2009, 21:09
do you have the newest WoC book?

21-09-2009, 21:13
As he has listed Festus I assume he does.
However, your idea of three characters on Juggernauts doesn't work, characters can't create units on their own, they can only join other units.