View Full Version : Somewhat Immortal Beastlord?

22-09-2009, 10:41
So do you think this Beastlord build would do well in a 3000pt tournament that is bound to have plenty of cheese or is he going to be paste...
Trollhide Armour(20)
Crown of Horns(30)
Slaughterers Blade(40)
So the way I figure is he has a 5+ Armour save followed by a 5+ Ward save followed by a 6+ Regen...at the very least I get to roll a lot of dice :D
If all that fails then, providing he's still alive, he has 5 S7 attacks that regain a wound on 4+ to get himself back up to par...

22-09-2009, 10:59
i really like it,its not a dead cert to survive and if it does it can dish out some hurt........not too shabby.


22-09-2009, 20:21
Hope his unit holds... An iron lord in a paper army is a little risky. Still, he's cheaper than a doombull with MoK and the slaughterer's blade, so he's as good a choice as any, I suppose. I still prefer Khazrak to either though, especially with a couple of shamans casting bear's anger to buff him by +1strength each per magic phase.

Philip Bright
22-09-2009, 21:05
He is well worth his 225pts, also you wound him with 31% of all high weapon skill ans strength attacks... so you need 10 attacks to bring him down before he starts to generate. Also remember that against most opponents you only regain 1.4 wounds so keep fighting units without fighty characters since they will kill him, that because he can't regenerate enough wounds to cover up for the loss.

23-09-2009, 07:03
This guy still fears killing blow.

It'd be quite fun to take him to the ard boyz (3k) in a morghur list; put him in a big unit of raider bestigors with a war banner and khorne BSB for funsies.

Personally I prefer a doombull of nurgle with slu blade; doesn't worry about KB, has plenty of wounds and attacks to get use out of the regen attacks.