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22-09-2009, 14:04
After playing a while with woc sorclord on dragon, and having bought a new DE army, I tried to make a similar army for them too (at least in the hero department, DE have no chaos knights...). Here's what I came up with:

Supreme Sorceress: LV4, lifetaker, pendant of khaeleth, focus familiar, black dragon
Sorceress: lv2, 2 dispell scrolls
10 corsairs: handbows, musicia
2x12 xbow: shields, musician
5 or 6 dark riders: musician, xbows
2x5 harpies
6 cold one knights: warbanner, standard, musician
2 bolt throwers
5 or 6 shades: 2 hand weapons
=almost 2k

I have: more xbows&spears&chariots&bolters and characters, but no elite infantry, and I'd like to keep the SSorc. Could this kind of setup work? It has weakish one flank with the dragon and knights, some distractions in the harpies and shades, and smallish gunline of xbows and bolt throwers... Pendant for keeping the SSorc safe, focus familiar to blast things from CC/hiding behind terrain. Smaller sorc stays with the gunline, trying to help SSorc with her lesser magics.

At the moment it is either this or 1+2 sorcs on foot and 2x20 elf warriors more to the list basically...

22-09-2009, 14:39
Like the setup of the sorcerer on dragon.

Would be interesting but might be good if you expand this to a larger point total (2250?) so that you can fit in a few more support units.

22-09-2009, 14:46
Well, I'm also aiming to play this in a tournament of one sort or another, and ETC-compositions are increasingly popular so DE lists are limited to 2k, while lesser armies use 2250...
ETC rules in short:
-no double rares/triple specials/too many archers or flyers or chariots
-max 9PD/10 DD used per magic phase (hotek=3 each phase, first scroll 1 and the rest 2 per phase)
-DE, VC and DOC play with 2k, OG BoC and OK with 2.5k and the rest with 2250.

So yeah, support units would be great but can't find the points. Makes it pretty hard to do a workable list, as I _want_ to have that ~700pts lord in there...

22-09-2009, 14:52
-max 9PD/10 DD used per magic phase (hotek=3 each phase, first scroll 1 and the rest 2 per phase)
So yeah, support units would be great but can't find the points. Makes it pretty hard to do a workable list, as I _want_ to have that ~700pts lord in there...

So how does that powerdice rule work with you making more powerdice for yourself? Are you maxed out once you make one more?

Yup, those 700 point models will do that ;)

22-09-2009, 15:55
I have been looking at this kind of set up for quite a while as a points denial list that maximises the hurt being put out-I was gonna go with 2 Hydras and a bsb in the cold one cav-its rare to see hydras die outright so if they don't break.........

I recommend 1 hydra with your comp restrictions-they are a bit mental.

Good luck with the tourney anyway mate.


22-09-2009, 17:48
@Malorian: yes, and no. I can use max 9PD, but I can generate more. So if SSorc generates 3 more dice, sorc cannot use her own (as I obviously would like to use POD dice instead of hurting ssorc!).

I ordered a hydra yesterday, I'll try to fit that in when it arrives, but for now I can't take one. I also happen to like all my units on paper, so what should I remove to fit the hydra in? Knights or both bolters, or 2 smaller units? Like corsairs+something like shades? ;/

23-09-2009, 16:35
I think to fit the Hydra in I would Drop the Unit of Corsairs.. as they are the slowest unit in your list and a shade+ additional hand weapons (I think those cost points, dont have book on me) and possibly a couple of Crossbow Elves.

That should (again I could be off on points) give you enough for the Hydra, plus keep all your fast moving/shooting stuff.

23-09-2009, 19:18
i don't think that focus familiar is a great choice for your sorceress, don't forget you are on a large target

23-09-2009, 19:35
So what? I can't see 360 without that familiar, nor see behind hills and forests, nor fire magic missiles out of close combat, or cast outside spell range...

The familiar is for flexibility and protection, being able to participate in magic phase without being seen=powerfull.

23-09-2009, 19:39
A Large Target that will eventually be in combat. The FF gives him the ability to cast Magic Missiles while in combat, as well as providing 360 LoS.

Personally, I hate to see a Lvl2 saddled with scrolls when she's supporting a Lvl4. I'd drop the lifetaker on the Dragonmage and give her a scroll, then give the Lvl2 the Tome of Furion. With Druchii Sorcery, a level 2 who rolls a high powered spell still has a good chance to cast it, especially with PoD. And having 3 spells instead of 2 really helps. A lvl2 can suffer badly if you don't roll well for spells. And that will bring your whole magic phase down.

I know you're comforming to ETC guidelines, that's why I didn't suggest a powerstone as well. but consider that if your lvl2 gets the spell you want, or at least one of the spell you want, you can cast PoD with her, throw all the dice at it and hope for IF or possibly draw out a scroll. It's just more options that way.

23-09-2009, 20:45
SSorc: scroll, pendant, focus
sorc: tome, scroll?
Yes, I like that. I won't be able to use PoD too much (or then I'll have to restrain with the other caster) but 3 spells is better than 2 as I want good spells for both sorcs. I like lifetaker though, it's a nice bow :/

23-09-2009, 21:57
I like lifetaker though, it's a nice bow :/

All DE players like the lifetaker. They just don't take it because their characters are always filled up with other cool gear. ;)

24-09-2009, 18:01
And Lifetaker doesn't have Magical Attacks. Just thought I'd point that out, since it can be easily overlooked.