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Easy E
22-09-2009, 22:30
Come along, you belong, feel the fun of Gorkamorka!

This thread is to document the progress of a very small Gorkamorka campaign. This is a simple in-house campaign between two warbands. In addition, this campaign will be using the alternate rules found in the Battle for Ammoriss supplement called Da' Deff Islands skirmish.

More info can be found in the Battle for Ammoriss sourcebook here:

Section 1 has background and section 2 has various rules.

Anyway, the main difference is the setting. Instead of taking place on the all ork, all desert world of GorkaMorka Da Deff Islands takes place ont he mostly Imperial planet of Ammoriss. In the corners of the planets ocean lies an island chain infested by piratical orks and their human rivals.

This thread will document the progress of a band of ork Morkers and a crew of frisky pirates as they try to become the top of Da' Deff Island food chain.

Krew rosters to come soon...

Easy E
24-09-2009, 00:32
So, here's the Morker Mob:


From left to right:

Da Lucky Gitz

Boss Sniktoof- Nob- Flak, Choppa, Shoota
Zoomdakka-Spanner- Flak, Choppa, Slugga
Gutmek- Driver- Frag Stikkbomb
Gobgutz- Gunner-
Boomshagga- Boy- Flak, 2x Sluggas
RukkRukk- Boy- Flak, Shoota


Da Lucky Git
- 'Eavy Shoota on the bow

24-09-2009, 10:04
Looking good Easy !! never played Gorka myself but it looks like a fun system for a campaign !

24-09-2009, 10:53
While I'm sure the models are excellent it's more or less impossible to see.
Could you please take some proper pictures?

Easy E
24-09-2009, 17:54
Yes. I working on getting the ork photos re-done. They came out a bit dark. Honestly, they are no great shakes though.

Here's the pirate crew...


From left to right...
Captain Eagle Eye- Captain- Shield, Choppa, Flak, Las-pistol
Boom-boom- Matey- Grenade Launcher
Long Tomas- Pirate- Las-gun
Ivan- Swab- frag, las-pistol


Left to right:
"Rudder" Ralphius- Driver- Frag
Mad Dog Murph- pirate- Flak, Auto-pistol, Sword
Lazy Gui- pirate- Las-gun
Sam Treacherous- Pirate- Las-pistol, flail, frag
Hatchetman- Pirate- Shotgun, Choppa, Man-stopper rounds


Here's the pirates aboard their raft, the Eagle's Nest.

Batrep soon.

Edit: I replaced the second picture in post #2 with an image of the Morker's raft, Da' Lucky Gitz. I mistakenly put another pic of the boyz there.

Emperors Teeth
28-09-2009, 09:10
May I interject and suggest the use of these:


and these:


They seem to have been made to 'purely coincidentally no doubt' fit 40k Ork bodies...

Easy E
28-09-2009, 17:29
Sniktoof smiled a toothy grin. The thin grey smoke drifting on the distant horizon told him what he needed to know. Oomies were about. He couldn’t see them yet on a count of all the islands, but the smoke gave them away.

“Ay, get yer gunz up!” Sniktoof bellowed.

Da Boss had sent his boyz into the shallows to collect any scrap he could find. The waters in this part of Da’ Deff Islands was far too shallow for Skarbashz Subz to slide into. That’s why Skarbash was sending out boyz in rafts to find scrap.

Boss Skarbash kept yappin’ about a bunch of boyz showing up on the mainland. Sniktoof could feel a funny tingly-tingle at the back of his skull that told him da’ boss had the know-wotz. That’s why the rafts were out prowling for scrap. Da’ Boss kept insisting on building more Subz.

Da Lucky Gitz’ engine coughed a couple times as the spannerboy listened carefully. With a thoughtful look, he selected a pipe wrench from his tools laid out neatly on the deck. The Spannerboy tested the weight in his hand, and prceeded to whack the engine casing with it. Da’ Lucky Gitz’ engine sputtered once more in protest and stopped coughing.

Sniktoof nodded approvingly. His raft, Da Lucky Git didn’t belch out a load of smoke. He might be able to sneak up on the Oomiez. A smooth running engine was the key.

“Da’ Boss needz da scrap. Killin’da oomiez iz jus fer fun,” Sniktoof hefted his own shoota and pointed it towards the horizon. A raft puffed away around the edge of one of the small islands. The oomie crew scrambled to find to hoist their weapons.

The crew of Da Lucky Git let out a joyous warcry.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
The board…complete with pet cat. My wife was nice enough to take the roll of the pirates while I played the orks. I gulped nervously as my boyz were outnumbered 6 to 9. Four pieces of scrap were scattered around the islands. Two were closer to my deployment, and I knew I was going to make a grab for those.

All seemed well, as I unloaded Rukkrukk and Boomshagga from Da’ Lucky Git to scamper over the rocks and pick up some loot. However, after I failed my first thruster test, it sent my raft spinning. The Pirates dropped off a swab and pirate onto the edge of the island closest to their side.

The unexpected spin left Da’ Lucky Git out of position. Boomshagga lugged his loot to the edge of the rocks, but wasn’t close enough to haul it onto the raft. Meanwhile, Rukkrukk made a break for the loot in the barren woods across the strait. He gladly dove into the surface and started swimming. Gobgutz manned his big shoota and sent a hail of fire into the approaching pirate raft. Shrapnel sprayed from the heavy bullet impacts, and one of the pirates was injured by debris. It wasn’t enough to deter the humans. They proceeded to drop off a strike force of pirates to move towards the loot in the barren forest.

Suppression fire from a shotgun wielding pirate grazed Rukkrukk as he swam in and caused him a flesh wound. In the meantime, the pirates on the raft open fire with a pair of las-guns and takedown Boomshagga, who drops his loot.


Da’ Lucky Git manages to get somewhat back on course and head for the island with the swab and the pirate trying to grab the loot. Gobgutz enthusiastically opens fire with his ‘eavy Shoota, and promptly jams it. Sniktoof shakes his head and realizes he has to do everything himself. Some impressive ranged shooting drops the swab. The Pirate raft moves to get the loot by the downed Boomshagga. While their landing party moves closer to the barren woods. A krak grenade from the pirates raft finds its mark on Da’ Lucky Gitz’ engine and takes out the gammy shaft. The raft spins randomly and is immobilized.
In an attempt to stop the pirates from grabbing all the loot, the orks abandon ship and swim for it.


Gutmek the driver and Zoomdakka the Spanner swim for the island with the swab and pirate. Meanwhile, bent on killing; Grobgutz heads for the human raft. Rukkrukk pulls himself onshore, and


fires at the humans that have been using him as a target. His zeal (and hail of bullets) manages to take out one of the pirates. Sadly, his shoota jammed in the process.

The pirates are feeling pretty good about the situation. The ones closing towards the loot in the woods take shelter and grab the scrap. Meanwhile, a las-gun armed pirate leaps from the raft and secures the loot next to the downed Boomshagga. The pirate from the initial landing party blasts a swimming ork with his Auto-pistol and puts him down. Meanwhile, one on the raft blasts the swimming Gobgutz and puts him down as well. Meanwhile, the pirate swab loses consciousness and goes Out of Action.

Sniktoof hollers at the boyz to call it quits, and the orks bottle.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Da Lucky Gitz
My gunner Gobgutz; got a permanent Leg wound, but also picked up Play Dead. Appropriate. Rukk rukk improved his Initiative. Sadly, Da’ Lucky Git now has a serious steering issue.

The Pirates got a couple of stat improvements. The Swab also has a Head Wound. My wife is thinking about scrapping him and getting a new one. After all, he’s an expendable loot grabber. Why keep the liability?
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Sniktoof and Zoomdagga rowed the hulk of Da’ Lucky Git back out into the open ocean. A few other ork rafts were there, and their kaptin’s heckled the beat –up mob. Da’ Lucky Gitz herself rolled dangerously in the surf. Her mangled crew grumbled insults back, but their hearts were not in it.

Moments later, a huge metal behemoth broke the surface. The wake from her surfacing sent Da’ Lucky Git spinning. With a squeal, a huge plank splashed into the water. Inside, Gretchin scurried about helping the other rafts dock and unload their scrap.

Da’ Lucky Git was the last to limp her way back into the hold of the sub. The Slaver krew boss looked at the miserable orks onboard and chuckled to himself. Sniktoof leaped off his raft as confidently as possible, but he knew the game was up. All the other boyz were talking and laughing behind his back. He would need to go out again. He was going to have to prove himself.

Easy E
13-10-2009, 21:05
I played a game but I haven't had time to write up a decent batrep.

@Emperor's Teeth- Those are a great find. A bit too OTT for me, but I'm sure many people will value that link. Good stuff.

Easy E
09-11-2009, 01:32
Sniktoof glowered menacingly at the horizon. Wisps of smoke lazily drifted upwards. It was a light slate. He knew it was from a raft on idle. If it had been moving the smoke would have been strung across the sky and a rich black. That meant someone was mucking about in his territory.

After the beating his krew had taken the previous day, he wasn’t sure if it was human pirates or his fellow ork lootas. It really didn’t matter to Sniktoof which it was. He just knew that he had to redeem himself in the eyes of his fellow boyz. Boss Skarbash had personally (through a few ork intermediaries) assigned him this section of the shallows, and he wasn’t gonna let any other sneaky grotz make off with his scrap.

“Gutmek! Get us ova dere!” Sniktoof pointed at the grey smoke hanging in the distance. Gutmek grumbled under his breath before leaning into the wheel. Da Lucky Git heeled over and plowed through the waves. Her own stack coughing out thick plumes of black smoke.

The other boyz made note of the sudden course change and scrambled to their positions. Sluggas were loaded, shootas checked, and choppas tested on unfortunate bits of scrap.

Da Lucky Git rounded a small island, and Sniktoof couldn’t believe his luck. Ahead of him, pushed up on the sandy shore of an island was the Oomie raft that had tangled with his crew previously. Sniktoof wasn’t a particularly religious ork, but he knew a sign from Gork and Mork when he saw one. The Oomies were too busy gathering piles of scrap from the island to notice Da Lucky Gitz bearing down on them.

Sniktoof smiled slowly, “Ere we go.”

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++

I seem to have gotten a full board shot before starting this time. Woops. Once again, my wife was playing the part of the pirates.

It started well enough for the orks this time. A few successful booster tests and they were very close to the pirates and their loot. Gobgutz racked his ‘Eavy Shoota and opened up with a sustained burst at Long Tomas and Hatchetman. The two were busily grabbing loot to take back to the Eagle’s Nest before a quick get away.


The heavy shots tore through the two men, and despite Long Tomas’s extra wound both were taken down. However, the hail of bullets was too much for the ‘Eavy Shoota and it exploded in Gobgutz hands. He went down on the deck hard.


The Pirates return fire ineffectually while Sam Treacherous hauls a bit of scrap into the Eagle’s Nest. However, their Grenade Launcher jams early and Boom-Boom tries frantically to get it running again. Long Tomas shudders visibly and goes out of action while Hatchetman struggles to crawl back to the raft. The pirates decide to get out before the orks can fire again, and their raft jets away on boosters while Ruddy Ralphius tries to turn the old diesel engine over.
Rukkrukk, Boomshagga, and Zoomdakka all go over the rail and hit the beach. They dash forward and secure as much scrap as they can. Sniktoof levels his shoota at the enemies’ raft, but his wild shots fail to damage the pirate’s engine. Da’ Lucky Git’s prop beats the ocean and tries to close the distance on the pirate raft. Sniktoof sensed his advantage and was determined to gain the upper hand.


A running gun battle developed as the human pirates tried to out run the approaching ork raft. Sniktoof amd Gutmek exchanged shots with Treacherous Sam, Captain Eagle Eye, and Boom-Boom.


As the two rafts begin to maneuver around a rock spire, Sam Treacherous manages to blast the ork driver Gutmek. The ork reels away from the wheel, and the raft goes out of control.


Sniktoof tries to make a grab for the spinning helm but fails to bring the vehicle back under control. The pirates quickly realize their advantage and turn around to take advantage of their change of luck.


The pirates try to boost past, but a weak line bursts and the raft is sent spinning out of control. The crew holds on as the raft settles in a position to rake the ork raft with their fire. Captain Eagle Eye doesn’t hesitate and he and his crew open up at short range. The Captain’s auto-pistol finds a weka spot and blasts the nob pins from Da’ Lucky Gotz rudder. The ork raft also spins out of control and the engine splutters to a halt.


The Human Pirates try to make a break to reclaim their lost scrap on the island, but their thrusters again fail to operate correctly. They are left far from their objective. Meanwhile, the seriously injured Hatchetman stops crawling and collapses on the islands beach, his energy spent as his life drains from him.

The orks decide to call it a day, happy with the loot they have secured. They hole up successfully until night fall and then row away in their damaged raft.
Da’ Lucky Gitz
Gobgutz and Gutmek both make Full Recoveries despite going out of action.
Da’ Lucky Git herself is so shot up from the pirate’s raking fire, that she is now ‘ard looking.
Gutmek and Boomshagga both get LD upgrades.
Rukkrukk, Boomshagga, and Zoomdakka all collected scrap.

Long Tomas, despite having 2 wounds was taken OOA. He suffers from an Old Battle Wound.
Hatchetman is killed.
Sam Treacherous and Captain Eagle Eye both have scrap.

After the battle, the Captain hires a new pirate names Jealous Eve. She is supposedly a good shot with a auto-gun.


In addition, he buys a smaller boat to accompany the Eagle’s Nest into battle. He calls it the Eagle’s Claw and promptly puts Mad Dog Murphius in charge of it as the driver.


++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Once again, the krew of Da’ Lucky Gotz is forced to row their way back to the rendezvous with Boss Skarbashz subs. This time however, the mood is more jubilant. They have brought back a rich bounty of scrap to help feed the war effort.

Gutmek tenderly touches the burned flesh along his shoulder and left arm. His eyes dart up accusingly at Sniktoof. The driver puffs out his chest and points an accusing finger at his boss.

“I tink uza weedy git.” Gutmek snarled.

Sniktoof roared back, “Me. Who couldn’t take a wee shot to da’ arm? I’ll teach ya.”

Sniktoof started to raise his shoota, but Gutmek was faster. His slugga leapt into his hand. The pitol roared to life and Sniktoof reeled backwards and fell to the deck unconscious. A huge dent was in the former bosses’ horned helmet.

“I’m da boss now,” Gutmek crooned.

Boomshagga looked down at Sniktoof and grinned ear to ear, “I gots somfing to say about dat.” Witht hat, he drew his duel sluggas and ppitched himself sideways across the deck. Gutmek managed a few shots, but the only nit empty air. Boomshagga landed with a thud on the deck, and fired both pistols. The solid shots caught the other ork square in the breastplate, and pitched him over the railing.

Boomshagga stumbled to his feet, “I’m da boss now!”

He swept the other krew members with the barrels of his pistols, “Anyone else got sumfing to say?”

No one uttered a peep, “Dat’s what I taught. Rukkrukk, haul Gutmek outa da drink.”
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++

After the battle, Gutmek challenges Sniktoof to be Boss, and promptly shoots him down in a duel. Then, Boomshagga challenges Gutmek to leadership and guns him down after a short shoot-out. Boomshagga is the new boss of Da’ Lucky Gitz.

09-11-2009, 02:17
Sounds exciting. :D

09-11-2009, 11:42
Very nice, reminds of that film with kevin kostner in a world of water. Cant quite remember the name..... :D

Easy E
11-12-2009, 00:21
Thanks to a snowstorm, the wife and I got two games in the other day. Here is the first.

Boomshagga hadn’t been a boss for that long. However, he was cunning, even for an ork. He knew that a band of Oomie pirates had been operating in his mobs territory and causing the old boss lot’s of headaches. He didn’t want to have the same issues.

The new boss, had sat down and prayed to Mork (or Gork) for an answer. Mork (r Gork) must have been listening, because he was struck with an idea. He went to the boyz on his krew, and told them about the location of a huge load of scrap and where it was. He just had to tinker with Da’ Lucky Git before they could go out and claim it.

Since he figured it would take some time, he let his krew go to the local brew houses. As Boomshagga expected, they couldn’t keep there Gobs shut about the loot hoarde they were going after. The new boss knew that this would attract the attention of the Oomie pirate boss that had been haunting his new turf.

As soon as his drunk and hung over Krew got back to their temporary base, he set sail for the made-up scrap loot. It wasn’t long before he say other vessels approaching his location off the coast near the entrance to the Shallows. Boomshagga hefted his monocular and watched the familiar pirate vessel chug towards his position. It was accompanied by a smaller boat in a similar paint scheme.

This was even better than he thought. Da’ Oomies had brought some friends to help gather the loot. Too bad for him there was no loot. Just a boat full of angry boyz.

Boomshagga let out a very boss like, “Waaagh!” and was quickly joined by the rest of his drunken krew. Their heads were quickly clearing up at the thought of a good scrap. The new boss felt a small stir of concern when he heard the answers shouts of the oncoming oomiez, and they were loud.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

The two sides raced at each other quickly. They were restrained from shooting until one of them tried to ram or board the other thanks to the rules of Da’ Fight scenario. Even pirates can’t turn down a challenge.

Captain Eagle Eye divided his crew into his two boats. On the raft, The Eagle’s Nest he put all of his long arms. On the smaller Eagle’s Claw he put his close-combat oriented crew. The smaller boat went straight towards Da’ Lucky Git while the Eagle’s Nest went wide to enfilade the orks.


Da’ Lucky Gitz got closer first and sniktoof and Boomshagga attempt to jump on board the Eagle’s Claw. They fail and fall into the ocean. However, Gutmek, Rukkrukk, and Zoomdaka take close range shots at the oomie craft.


The spannerboyz slugga strikes home and bends the small boats drivel pipe. It swerves wildly and collides into the side of Da’ Lucky Git. The collision rattles the lug nut bracing the ‘Eavy Shoota to the ork rafts bow. However, the Eagle’s Claws Nob pins are destroyed, which spins the craft around yet again.

Despite the damage to the ‘Eavy Shoota’s brace, Gobgutz swings the gun around and fires on the approaching Eagle’s Nest. The deck of the raft is packed with pirates, and the heavy slugs graze Lazy Gy and send him scrambling for cover. In addition, Boom-Boom is hit and he falls down to the deck with a clatter, as his grenade launcher bounces from his hands. Gobgutz lucky shot deprives the pirates of their most potent weapon. Unfortunately, the intense amount of firepower causes the ‘Eavy Shoota to jam.


Lazy Gy manages to pull himself to the rail, and slap a crude bandage over his wound. He jumps up eager to return fire on the orks. Meanwhile, Crazy Ivan loses control and goes nuts. He jumps over the side of the human raft and begins swimming for the ork raft. He tries to clamber onboard, but the fails.

From the deck of the Eagle’s Nest, Long Tomas, Lazy Gy, and Jealous Eve take aim and open up with their rifles. The shots ricochet harmlessly off the reinforced sides of Da’ Lucky Git. Boom-boom’s condition gets worse and he goes OOA.

The crew from the Eagle’s Claw realizes that they have one chance to make a difference. They have to board the Lucky Git now, or they will be stranded out of the fight. Capt. Eagle Eye, Sam Treacherous, and Mad Dog Murphius all try to leap aboard the ork vessel. Only Sam Treacherous makes it onto the deck. The others splash into the sea.

Gobgutz casually lumbers towards her. Her flail whirls and dives at the oncoming ork. Lazily the gunner reaches up and catches the chain in his hand. Sam gapes amazed, before get punched so hard in the face, she is taken OOA.


Boomshagga swims back to his raft, and lifts himself up over the side. Sniktoof tries to do the same, but ends up inside the Eagle’s Claw.

As Da’ Lucky Git moves away, Gutmek sideswipes the smaller oomie boat. Shrapnel from the collision flies up and takes Boomshagga out at the knees. Meanwhile, the Eagle’s Claw spins around again, and starts squirting fuel around the deck and all over Sniktoof.

As they pass the pirates in the water, Zoomdakka takes a potshot and puts Mad Dog Murphius down. Sniktoof makes a similar shot at Captain Eagle Eye, but the human is saved by his armor. Sadly for Sniktoof, his shoota jams as well. The ork shouts curses at the contraption while Zoomdakka chuckles at the former bosses string of misfortunes.


Crazy Ivan keeps swimming after Da’ Lucky Git in his frenzy, and fails to climb over the boats railing again. Meanwhile, his fellow pirates fire from the deck of the Eagle’s Nest. Jealous Eve strikes home, and causes the boat to swerve to the side.

Mad Dog goes OOA from his wounds.


The Eagle’s Nest moves in close to the Eagle’s Claw to try and reclaim it from Sniktoof. The shooting of Lazy Gy, Jealous Eve, and Long Tomas fail to oust the angry ork from his hiding spot. Captain Eagle Eye clambers up onto the deck of the Eagle’s Nest to better direct his crew.

Boomshagga shakes his head and groggily climbs back up to command his mob.

Sniktoof leaps from his hiding crouch and across the gap between the two boats. The pirates had grown too confident in their ability to shoot the ork off their boat. Luckily, Captain Eagle Eye was ready, and steps up to battle the green monster. The two are deadlocked in a close quarters struggle, choppa against choppa.


The Eagle’s Nest tries to move away from the Eagle Claw as they realize she is still leaking fuel. However, as they try to use their thrusters to move away; a thruster malfunction sends the boat spinning.


Gutmek reaches across and shoots down Crazy Ivan as he madly tries to close in on Da’ Lucky Git. Rukkrukk, leans over the rail and fires on the Eagle’s Nest, but his shoota jams.

Meanwhile, Captain Eagle Eye over balances Sniktoof on the side of his boat. He takes advantage of his chance and knocks the ork over the helmet. Sniktoof looks dazed for a moment, before falling overboard into the ocean. The deck of the Eagle’s Nest is now clean of orks.

The Captain decides he has had enough, and orders his crew home. The pirates bottle.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++

The pirates took a bit of a beating this time around.

Sam Treacherous took multiple wounds! She has a head wound, leg wound, and was captured. Ouch!
Mad Dog Murphius and Boom-Boom both made full recoveries, and the Eagle’s Claw was fixed up.

Sniktoof also fully recovered

The gangs received the following upgrades:
Lazy Gy- +1i
Mad Dog- +1i
Crazy Ivan- Doc (Not that anyone would want him poking around their persons)

Da’ Lucky Gitz
Gutmek- +1i
Gobgutz- Gotcha and +1 A
Sniktoof- Play Dead (Appropriate)

Da’ Lucky Gitz go to the mek and has the steering jam fixed on Da’ Lucky Git, plus they buy Lotsa Ammo for the ‘Eavy Shoota. In addition, Gobgutz goes out and buys himself a slugga.

Finally, they recruit a new boy, Dakkablitz; and arm him with Flak and a shoota for some extra ranged firepower.
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++

Boomshagga glared proudly at his captive. Gobgutz had managed to do an impressive amount of damage to her small frame. He leaned over the unconscious oomie and gently touched her yellow hair.

He knew who she was. Scuttlebutt in the Brewhouses had gossiped that this yellow haired girl was the grot of Captain Eagle Eye. The two were very close, good drinking buddies. Boomshagga had a feeling that Captain Eagle Eye wouldn’t let his favorite runt be held captive by his enemies.

“Gutmek, lay in fer are fort,” Boomshagga bellowed to his driver. He figured they would wait there and try to set an ambush for Captain Eagle Eye and his pirate scum.

Easy E
11-12-2009, 01:35
Here's the second.

The fort was nothing special to look at. In fact, it was downright rundown, but it was home… for now. The place had been on the island longer than Boomshagga had been on Ammoriss, but the ork didn’t care. It was a place he could store his loot and hide out until da’ bigger bosses subs came back to pick up the loot they had gathered.

Now, it was holding a captive. The yellow haired runt that was Captain Eagle Eye’s favorite. Boomshagga was confident that the human pirates would come and try to save her, and he would be waiting.

“Sniktoof, ya lazy grot. Keep da oomie runt ‘ere. Da’ uvver oomiez are gonna come fer dem. If dey do. Krump im,” Boomshagga glowered at the former boss. Dakkablitz and Rukkrukk gave out big ork guffaws at the former bosses expense.

“Da’ two uv you are stayin’ put too,” Boomshagga glared at the other two boyz. They looked down shame faced at their shootas.

As Boomshagga rode away on Da’ Lucky Gitz with the rest o fhis krew, we wondered if it was a good idea to leave the old boss alone. He was cursed with bad wazz. He didn’t wear enough blue to counter act it either. However, the current boss knew he had to leave someone to guard the prisoner. He was going to be too busy intercepting Captain Eagle Eye’s pirates before he got to the fort.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++

This mission required a bit of modification before play. In the “One of our Ladz is missin” scenario, the fort has a AV9 gate that can be opened and closed. We decided to not have a gate at all, since neither side had the fire power to break it. Since the fort was an island, ramming it was out of the question.


The fort was guarded by Sniktoof, RukkRukk, and the new boy Dakkablitz. The new boy stayed near the prisoner. We also declared that the walls were hard cover, and could be fired over by the orks.

Captain Eagle Eye disembarked all his pirates except the drivers. Just to the south across a small channel, the majority of his gunners hid amongst the coastal tree line.


Meanwhile, he and Crazy Ivan, swam up behind a rock before trying a desperate assault on the ork fort.


As the battle commences, the pirates reveal themselves to the outnumbered ork defends. Calls for their surrender go unheeded. Crazy Ivan and Captain Eagle Eye begin their long swim to the gate of the fort. Crazy Ivan is frothing at the mouth to get to his ork enemies. In the meantime, Jealous Eve, Long Tomas, Lazy Gy, and Boom-Boom all provide covering fire at the orks inside the fort. Jealous Eve manages to down Sniktoof, despite his hunkering in cover.

Just then, Da’ Lucky Git comes roaring back on the scene. She moves up between the two prongs of the pirate’s assault. Gutmek heaves up his slugga and fires at Captain Eagle Eye, causing him to dive underwater for cover. Rukkrukk fires at Crazy Ivan and takes him down with a well aimed burst.

Gobgutz swivels his ‘Eavy Shoota and fires at the pirates in the trees. The booming staccato echoed over the water. Jealous Eve goes down, while Long Tomas reels from a shoulder hit. However, it takes more than that to bring down Long Tomas. However, the ‘Eavy Shoota is jammed again!

The, the pirate ships show up on the scene. The Eagle’s Nest, steered by “Rudder” Ralphius splits Da’ Lucky Git from the rifleman on the shore. Meanwhile, the Eagle Claw roars in from the east and heads to pick up Captain Eagle Eye, his attack thwarted by the quick arrival of ork reinforcements.

Sniktoof manages to pull himself back up despite his wound.


Boom-boom knows he needs to act quickly, and aims a krak grenade at the ork boat. He fires, and the machines engines is hit and destroyed. Thick black gouts of smoke billow from the machine.

Lazy Gy and Long Tomas jump aboard the approaching Eagle’s Nest. They want to close the distance to the fort quickly, and the best way is aboard the boat. Long Tomas, inspired by his Boom-boom’s shooting finds a bead on Sniktoof, and takes him down… again! Crazy Ivan shakes off his wounds, and keeps swimming towards the fort.

Captain Eagle Eye comes up, and climbs aboard the Eagle’s Claw eager to get to the island fort. He barks orders at Mad Dog to get him closer!

Gutmek realizes that he can only move via thrusters; however the Eagle’s Nest is a tempting target off his port bow. With careful use of thrusters and brute strength he maneuvers Da’ Lucky Git behind the Eagle’s Nest and shunts the other boat. The splintering metal flies across the deck and takes out “Rudder” Ralphius who falls overboard and is down.

Boomshagga and Gobgutz both try to jump across to the pirate’s raft. However, only Boomshagga makes it. Boomshagga and Long Tomas struggle at the rear of the deck, each trying to gain the upper hand. Lazy Gy skirts the combat and grabs the wheel of the Eagle’s Nest.

Dakkablitz aims his shoota from the rampart of the fort, and blasts Crazy Ivan again. He goes down… again!

Lazy Gy maneuvers the boat towards the island fort while Long Tomas and Boomshagga continue to struggle. Meanwhile, the Eagle’s Claw lands at the tip of the island and Captain Eagle Eye and Mad Dog Murphius jump out. They storm the gate of the Ork fort. Dakkablitz foolishly steps in front of the onrushing Captain, and his quickly cut down for his efforts.

Boom-boom watches Gobgutz slowly climb from the ocean surf too close for comfort. The Matey racks a krak greande and fires it at nearly point-blank range into the ork. It hit him square in the head and knocks him back. The grenade itself ricochets up into the air, before exploding well clear. The ork falls stiffly backwards into the surf, unconscious and down.

Da’ lucky Git t-bones the Eagle’s Nest in the channel. The two vehicles lurch from the impact. The Git breaks a gammy shaft and spins, fuel begins to spray into the water. Meanwhile, the Eagle’s Nest Nob Pins shatter, leaving her immobilized as well. Long Tomas and Boomshagga go sprawling across the deck fromt eh impact, but the ork gets up first. He takes aim and puts a slugga round through the pirate’s head. He turns his attention to Lazy Gy.

Rukkrukk charges into combat with Captain Eagle Eye, but his flailing attacks are batted away by the Captain’s shield.

Crazy Ivan’s rage is finally spent and he goes OOA.


Boomshagga climbs over the cockpit divide and blasts Lazy Gy. The pirate is taken OOA by the boss. Meanwhile, sniktoof finally succumbs to his wounds as well. Zoomdakka and Gutmek leap from the immobilized Lucky Git. Their pot shots at Boom-boom and pin him in the undergrowth while they close in to attack.


Mad Dog rushes in to help his Captain, but Rukkrukk spins quickly and takes him out with the butt of his shoota. Mad Dog drops like a ton of bricks. However, the quick move overbalances the ork, and Captain Eagle Eye dispatches him with a rage filled, flurry of blows to the kness, shoulders, and head. He then finishes Rukkrukk off with a solid choppa blow to the chest, knocking him from his feet.


He steps over the body of the ork, and frees Sam Treacherous.


The pirates flee.
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++

Boomshagga leapt from the deck of the Eagle’s Nest and splashed across the shallows to the fort. He rounded the corner of the gate, and was stunned. The groaning bodies of his boyz lay scattered about the fort. More importantly, Captain Eagle Eye had his pistol leveled straight at Boomshagga’s eyes. His aim was rock steady. Behind him, the yellow haired runt was supporting another obviously injured oomie.

The pirate captain grunted out smuggler’s cant, “We leave.”

Boomshagga just nodded his head slowly, and stepped out of the way. If he even tried to lift a slugga, he was as good as dead. For a oomie, the Captain clearly was a skilled warrior. He had taken out the entire mob in the fort.

For his part, the Captain had the yellow haired runt and the other oomie board the smaller green boat. His pistol’s aim never wavered from Boomshagga’s face. As the ragged crew left, the new boss could only shake his head in amazement. He couldn’t help but feel a bit of respect for that pirate.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++

Talk about a fight to the finish!

Rukkrukk takes a serious Chest wound and loses a point of Toughness. Meanwhile, Long Tomas is left dead, Crazy Ivan now suffers from an Old Battle Wound, and he is just a swab, the youngest member of the Captain’s crew. Finally, Mad Dog’s left arm was mangled in his fall.

All of the ramming left Da’ Lucky Gitz chassis bent.

Da Lucky Gitz
Zoomdakka gains the Tinkerer skill
Gobgutz gains +1 bs
Boomshagga gains Dodgy and +1bs
Rukkrukk is Kool
Captain Eagle Eye earns +1 WS and +1bs.
Boom-boom gains +1bs (scary)
Jealous Eve gets +1i

Sam Treacherous is taken to a medicae who is appropriately bribed. Her Head wound is healed. The Cpatin also hires a new lasgun toting pirate named Ancient Bob to fill the hole in the ranks left by Long Tomas’s untimely death.

Meanwhile, Da’ Lucky Git goes to the meks to get her chassis fixed. Sadly, the job is bodged badly.

Easy E
14-12-2009, 20:04
Since out fort for the rescue mission was so pitiful...


I decided to do some working on making a new and improved fort. I had forgotten that the GorkaMorka original boxset had come with a card fort.




Still WIP. The interior needs work.

14-12-2009, 21:55
Really nice battle reports so far. :)

Easy E
29-12-2009, 23:08
I worked on the interior.


06-01-2010, 23:40
Very nice, reminds of that film with kevin kostner in a world of water. Cant quite remember the name..... :D

Aqua land or something

anyway thats not a bad story. the boats could use some work but other than that its cool

Easy E
03-04-2010, 00:20
The campaign continues, but no pictures for this one due to some technical issues

Da' Lucky Git was in rough shape. Sure, the other boyz thought she boat and her krew were dead 'ard. Boomshagga knew the truth of the matter. That last trip to the mekz shop had left her in worse shape then when she got there.

To make things worse, da big boss wanted all boats collecting scrap. He kept ramblin' on 'bout the big score and wot not.

So, like good little nob Boomshagga shipped out with his boyz to get da' boss what he needed. NOw, he was starting to have second thoughts about that decision. The entire boat was threatening to shake his gutz out as it plowed through the Shallows.

Sniktoof was gripping the edge of the bow so tight that his fingers were turning a shade of grot green. He pointed on the horizon, but Boomshagga couldn't follow what Sniktoof was pointing at as the rattle of the ship didn't let him focus.

"Dat's where da runtz told me ta look," he bellowed over the chug of Da' Lucky Gitz diesel. Gutmek gave a thumb's up and the boat heeled over towards the supposed stash.
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++

This time Capt. Eagle Eye and his crew were determined to put the hurt on Da' Lucky Gitz. Both of the larger ships rushed towards each other in the center, even though it was a scrap grabbing missions. The Oomiez smaller boat hung back to support Sam Treacherous picking up some scrap on a small wooded peninsula to the south.

In moments, Boom-Boom's grtenade launcher wrecks the diesel engine of Da Lucky Git, but Gobgutz returned the favor by shredding the Eagle's Nest Diesel engine with his 'Eavy Shoota.

Thruster problems start to plague the orks. Meanwhile, the Eagle's Nest begins to circle orks' craft and bypass it to get to more loot. Mad Dog, piloting the Eagle's Claw decides to try to be a hero and rams Da' Lucky Git. Sadly, he is thrown from his craft and taken out as he hits the water. However, the Nob Pins on Da' Lucky Git are destroyed and it is immobilized.

The Orks are determine to stop the Oomiz from getting all the loot so they begin to bail out and scatter towards the different scrap. The Eagle's Nest heads back to pick up Sam Treacherous from the Peninsula and secure her loot.

After a few turns of ineffective shooting and strategic manuevering, a group of pirates face off against Boomshagga and Zoomdakka over Sam Treacherous's loot. Capt. Eagle Eye and Boom-Boom charge the Ork Nob to take him out. However, Boomshagga proves to be more than capable of holding his own in a fight. He puts a slugga round through the Matey's head. Zoomdakka moves in to support his boss, and takes out the pirate Captain with a blow from his Choppa.

Sniktoof sees the heroics of his fellow Morkers and attempts to leap from his disabled boat onto the Eagle's Claw, but he loses his footing and falls into the ocean. He is downed.

Upon seeing the loss of their leader, the rest of the Pirates decide to bottle out.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++

Scrap is retrieved by:
Ancient Bob
Sam Treacherous

Da' Lucky Git has permenant damage- Bone shaker.

Boomshagga- +1A
Rukkrukk- Loota
Dakkablitz- +1WS

Mad Dog- Play Chicken,Old Battle Wound
Sam Treacherous- Sneak Off
Ancient Bob- Duck n Weave
Boom-Boom- Dead, despite a Medic roll.

The pirates replace Boom-Boom with a Heavy Bolter armed Matey named Gunnar.

Boomshagga takes Da' Lucky Git to the shop to be repaired, but the Mekz can't get the parts.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++

Boomshagga counted out the teef and handed them over to the mek with a grimace. What was a nob to do? To get more teef, he needed his boat working. To get his boat working he needed to deal with mekz.

Da mek looked through the teef in his hand and nodded, "Dis enuff ta get da grotz lookin' fer da partz."

Boomshagga nodded. Of course it made no sense to him. he was the one who had gone out and scored new scrap for the mekz to look through in the first place. Clearly, he should get top priority. Of course, it was no use arguing with the mek.

The mek nodded sagely, as if he understood the nobz thoughts, "Wot wiff da waaagh! effort and all, Da' Boss wantz all gud scrap goin' to da subz furts. Sorry."

With that, the Mek turned away. Then, the Big Boss hollered for Boomshagga to get his boyz over tot he Job Pole. There was work to be done.

03-04-2010, 07:18
An entertaining read as always. :)

Easy E
02-06-2010, 01:02
This is an old report that I somehow forgot to post. Probably because I had lost the pictures in a computer meltdown.

Scrap. Da' Lucky Gitz were in a tough place, and Boomshagga knew that he needed scrap and badly. Da' mekz never seemed to have what he needed to get his boat fixed up, and from what the grots were chattering on about, the war all the time now.

Typically, Boomshagga liked to work with Mek Wazzgutz, but he hadn't seen the old mek in a few weeks. Zoomdakka said that the other spannerz were talking about how Warboss Skarbash himself had ordered teh old mek to man one of the ork subs. Boomshagga was pretty sure that was why he couldn't get what he needed. The new mek at the base kamp all ready had other favorites.

Boomshagga cursed. Of course, none of the other boyz could here him over the rattle of Da Lucky Gitz hull. He needed scrap, and soon.

"Gutmek. Wen wis get back to da kamp. Get us another coat of blue paint," The nob shouted to the driver. The other ork was too busy wrestling witht he rudder to respond to his boss.

As if the mere suggestion of blue paint was enough to get Mork's attention, Rukkrukk shouted and danced as he pointed excitedly to port. There int he shallows was the tell tale glimmer of scrap on the horizon.

Boomshagga simply grunted in satisfaction. This was it. He needed that scrap now more than ever.
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++

Early on the Sniktoof jumps over the side and grabs some loot. Boomshagga was hesitant to let the seemingly cursed former nob grab it, but he wanted his other boyz ready for action.

Meanwhile, the pirates drop off Jealous Eve and Sam Treacherous on a wooded penninsula to grab some loot of their own. The las-fire from Ancient Bob's las-gun knocks the extra ammo for Da Lucky Gitz Big Shoota overboard. In addition, Captain Eagle Eyez new matey, Gunnar; uses his new Heavy Bolter to blast Sniktoof. The old Nobz bad luck continues.

Boomshagga ordered ramming speed, but a thruster misfire caused Da Lucky Git to fall just short of the mark. However, another shot from Anicent Bob blasts the rafts Drive Pipe, which caused it to veer tothe side and run aground.

With a murderous bellow, Boomshagga orders his krew out to relaunch the raft. However, they have difficulty getting a grip in the wet sides. On his way over the side, Dakkablitz takes a pop shot at Sam treacherous int he woods, and manages to wing her.

Jealous Eve, Crazy Ivan and Gunnar all secure loot for the Pirates, denying it to the desperate orks. However, the unlucky orks manage to get Da Lucky Gitz back into the water.

As The Eagle's Claw gets too close tot he ork raft, Rukkrukk manages to blast Mad Dog from the controls. However, the ork's joy is short lived s The Eagle's Nest gets revenge by crashing into the side of Da Lucky Gitz. The boats 'Eavy Shoota is knocked from her weapon mount.

The ork's, enraged by the oomiez impudence decide to leap from their boat onto the human craft. Boomshagga and Gobhutz both miss and end up in the water. Zoomdakka and Dakkablitz get across, and Dakkablitz tosses Ancient Bob into the drink.

As the human's fight to expell the ork boarders, the Eagle's Nest crashes into a rocky island. The crash knocks Dakkablitz onto the island itself, and as he gets up, Gunnar blasts him with his Heavy Bolter from the bow of the Eagle's Claw. In addition, the wounded Sam Treacherous manges to knock Zoomdaka over the rail with her flail.

The orks swim back to Da' Lucky Gitz and run off with some token scrap.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++

Injuries- Dakkablitz, Zoomdakka, and Sniktoof all recover.

Crazy Ivan, Gunnar, Jealous Eve

I forgot to write down the advances.

Boomshagga takes Da Lucky Git and his 'Eavy Shoota to the Mek, but the new mek bodges both jobz.
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++

Boomshagga clenched his fists at his side. What exactly did this runt of a mek mean by... complications? Where was his raft? Where was his 'Eavy Shoota. The Nob was so angry, he kicked a nearby grot into the drink.

Then, the spanner had the audacity to hold out his hand for payment. It took all of Boomshagga's willpower to avoid blasting the whelp in the face with his sluggas. It would be all too easy.

But then, he thought about the disapproving look Warboss Skarbash would give him as he had Boomshagga tossed into the drink attached to an anvil. That made it a lot easier for Boomshagga to reach into his pockets for his last teef instead of to his holster.

He would kill those pesky oomiez if it was the last thing he ever did on this miserable planet.

Easy E
02-06-2010, 02:26
The campaign continues!

The boss watched as Zoomdakka sorted through the scrap his boyz had recovered on their last cruise. Finally, things were looking up. The krew of Da' Lucky Git had stumbled across a nice haul of scrap, so much that it wouldn't all fit onboard. They had gathered as much as they could, brought it to this old island fort, and then sent Gutmek and Gobgutz bacj=k with the raft to get the rest. Meanwhile, Zoomdakka and Boomshagga began sorting out their haul.

Boomshagga was all ready thinking about the upgrades and improvements he was going to make to Da' Lucky Gitz, how many more boyz he could hire, the gallons of blue paint he could buy, and how he was going to use his new resources to smash those blasted oomie pirates that had been giving him so much trouble. It was going to be a big party.

Then, his wonderful thoughts of conquest were broken by a cry from Rukkrukk the forts look-out.

"Weez got smoke kummin'!" he bellowed from above the gate. Boomshagga rushed to the gate and say the smoke on the horizon. Immediately he knew it was Captain Eagle Eye's pirate band. The ork in him relished the chance to smash Oomiez, but the leader in him knew that this was the worst time possible for those pirates to show up.

"Close da' gate."
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++



In the fort were Boomshagga, Sniktoof, Zoomdakka, Rukkrukk, and Dakkablitz.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++

Right away, the Eagle's Nest rushed forward to unload the pirates she was carrying. However, due to a booster jam the raft went a ground at the base of the fort. However, no injuries occurred, and Ancient Bob, Sam Treacherous, Crazy Ivan all unloaded while being led by Captain Eagle Eye. Meanwhile, Lazy Gy and Jealous Eve aly down covering fire from the deck of the boat.

Meanwhile, the Eagle's Claw cruises by in front of the fort. Gunnar takes aim with his Heavy Bolter and blasts the weak gate into scrap metal.

Sam Treacherous and Crazy Ivan charge through the destroyed gate and engage the first ork they see, Boomshagga. The ork nob pistol whips the crazed swab and flesh wounds him.

The orks try to blast back at the assaulting Oomiez. A barrage from Dakkablitz manages to snag Ancient Bob, causing a flesh wound. The pirate is pinned. Sniktoof jumps down from the battlements and moves to help Boomshagga and prove his skill at arms. Sam manages to wound Boomshagga with her flail, but not until the Nob blasted Crazy Ivan to the side.


"Rudder" Ralphius abandons his post on the Eagle's Nest and rushes to help his comrades. He pulls out his last frag grenade, yanks the pin and tosses it at the Spanner boy on top of the shed. It bounces off the ork's face, and then explodes in mid-air sending the ork dropping down to the ground below.

Meanwhile, Sam Treacherous' wildly swinging flail clips Sniktoof on the side of the head and sends him sprawling. Boomshagga takes the opportunity from the slowed momentum of the flail, ducks under it and knockes her down with a shoulder block.

Captain Eagle Eye rushes in, grabs some scrap and retreats back to the edge of the busted gate. He is covered by Jealous Eve, Lazy Gy, and Ancient Bob. Jealous Eve manages to tag Rukrukk despite the ork taking cover behind the battlements.


Boomshagga's bloodlust is at a boiling point. His anger over his various defeats at the hands of the oomiez drives him mad. He immediately charges "Rudder" Ralphius and violently beats him to the ground.

Dakkablitz moves to check on his downed friend, Rukrukk. However, another well aimed shot from Jealous Eve takes him down too. Ancient Bob rushes into the fort and grabs another bundle of scrap. Meanwhile, Captain Eagle Eye sees the danger that Boomshagga represents to his crew, and charges the enraged ork. The Captain knocks the orks pistols aside with his shield, and smacks him over the head with his choppa.


With all the defenders of the fort taken out, the Oomiez loot the scrap at the fort and flee before the rest of orks returned.


Scrap- 7 scrap counters total
Ancient Bob and Mad Dog had some scrap counters.

Boomshagga- Head Wound
Zoomdakka- Captured
Rukrukk- Head wound
Sniktoof- Captured

Sam Treacherous- Arm Wound
Rudder- Old Battle Wound

Boomshagga- +1 WS- actually appropriate
Captain Eagle Eye- +1 WS
Rudder- +1 WS
Lazy Gy- Bomber
Jealous Eve- +1 BS
Mad Dog Murphius- +1 LD

Doc Surjury
Boss Boomshagga went to the Doc's to get his Head Wound looked at. Sadly, when he left, he had a new Deluxe kicking leg instead.

Da Lucky Gitz went into the Mekz to get her Boneshaker repaired but instead the Thruster damage was repaired.

Da Lucky Gitz hired a new Spanner Boy since Zoombakka was captured.

The pirates bought Lazy Gy some grenades since he is a Bomber. They also got some Flak armor for Sam Treacherous.


With a belch of smoke Da Lucky Git floated the last couple of feet to land at the edge of the fort. Gobgutz could smell the stench of ozone in the air. He and Gutmek exchanged knowing looks, and then drew their sluggas.

They jumped out of the raft and splashed their way to the gate. The first thing they noticed was Boomshagga laying in the sand bleeding into the sand. Gobgutz helped his boss to his feet, as he was nothing if not loyal.

Gutmek noticed that all the scrap was gone. He roared his rage, all ready seeing that his raft would not be fixed. So much for the big score they had all been hoping for.

02-06-2010, 09:00
Things keep going from bad to worse for the orks! Loving this campaign, and your write ups. :D

Easy E
13-08-2010, 22:10
The Chase for Captured Orks

Boss Boomshagga considered the new situation. Sure, he had flown into a rage and beaten a spannerboy to a pulp; but on the plus side the meks had finally fixed the thrusters on his raft. Of course, on the downside, he was getting a bit of a reputation for being unstable. He just couldn't figure it out.

Thankfully, he had convinced Badmek (a spannerboy) to join his krew before the unfortunate incident at the Meks workshop. Now, the poor spannerboy was doing his best to keep the raft from sinking away. Da Lucky Git looked tough on the outside, but once you sailed with her for a bit you began to realize what a mess she was.

Boomshagga shrugged. He couldn't exactly remember why he was out in Da Shallows today, but the krew seemed especially vigilante. Gobgutz caught his attention and he joined him at the bow. The hulking ork pointed across the waves, and da Boss saw other boats. Boomshagga knew it was important. Why he couldn't remember even though he knew he wanted to why it was important. All da ladz were looking at him expectantly.

Gobgutz leaned closer to him and whispered into Boomshagga's ear, “Dem Oomie pie-ratz gotz r boyz.” Boomshagga suddenly remembered; Sniktoof and Zoomdakka had been captured.

Boomshagga could suddenly feel his anger rising. Those gitz! He drew his slugga and started firing at the targets that were clearly to far away.

“Letz get dem boyz!” he shouted. The krew roared in agreement and Da' Lucky Git rumbled to the chase!

================================================== ======================

Da Lucky Gitz have some bodged jobs to deal with on their raft and Big Shoota.
Raft- Thrusters Bodged
Big Shoota- No Auto fire


Ork Turn 1

Boss is rendered stupid, and Rukkrukk is okay.
Thruster malfunction thanks to the bodged job cause the raft to swerve left.

Fire from the Big Shoota manages to pin Ancient Bob. Rukkrukk, takes careful kool headed aim, and blasts Sniktoof over the railing and into the water, and potential freedom.

Pirate Turn 1

Crazy Ivan is rendered stupid.
Ancient Bob stays pinned, despite his captain's urging to get up.

The Eagle's Nest stays put while the pirate haul Sniktoof back into their boat.

Gunnar takes aim with his Heavy Bolter and blasts Da Lucky Git. The engine is riddled with high explosive shells, and the thruster components are destroyed.

Ork Turn 2

Da Boss returns to normal, and Rukkrukk keeps it together.

Rukkrukk's shoota jams when he fires and hits the rudder, for no effect.
However, Dakkablitz follows Rukkrukk's lead and destroys the Nob pins. The Eagle's Nest spins and is immobilized.


Pirate Turn 2

Crazy Ivan stays stupid.

Eagle's Claw cuts their engine to drift back towards the action.

Gunnar again takes aim and rakes Da Lucky Gitz with accurate Heavy Bolter fire. Dakkablitz is downed and the Nob pins on the rafts rudder is destroyed. She spins and is immobilized.


Game Ends
Rollin' Ocean- Da Lucky Git is left in the wake as the Eagle's Claw tows the Eagle's nest to safety.

Post Battle

Dakkablitz is injured, but has a full recovery.
Da Lucky Git picks up an annoying Squeak

Gunnar gains +1 WS
Ancient Bob +1 WS

Gutmek earns +1WS
Gobgutz earns +1A
Dakkablitz earns +1W

My opponent and I agree that I can try one more raid on the Oomie fort in order to try and free my captured boyz, but then he will sell them to the Imperial authorities for the bounty on Orks.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++

Badmek carefully slid the new Nob pinz into the rudder. He had managed to jury-rig some from spent Eavy Shoota casings. He gave them an open handed whack for good measure, just to make sure they would hold.

The rest of the boyz were lounging about on deck, taking in the warm Ammoriss sun. Meanwhile, the boss sat on the bow of Da Lucky Gitz and stared at the distant outline of the Oomie fort. He had been watching their base since the Oomiez had made their escape with their captured fellows.

Badmek appreciated the Bosses efforts, but he was starting to get the feeling that the Boss wasn't all there. He had heard some rumors back on da sub that Boss Boomshagga was one squig short of a meal. The grotz were chittering about da Warboss taking Boomshagga off his raft, and sending him to da front! Now, after being on board with him for a few days, Badmek was starting to believe the rumors too.

Boomshagga clambored to his feet, and his boyz stirred. They looked expectantly up at their leader. They were ready to get back to da sub for some shade, and a cold bottle of squig beer.

“Weeza not gonna go to da sub. Weeza goin dere,” Da boss pointed at da Oomie fortress. Some of the older krew memebers nodded in agreement, but Badmek had his doubts. Those weedy Oomiez had one big gun, and he did not like it.

14-08-2010, 10:11
Entertaining as always! Makes me want to get involved in a Gorkamorka campaign.

Easy E
24-02-2011, 21:00
I have started making a PDF patrol Boat for use in Da' Deff Islands...



Obviously, a lot more work is needed.

25-02-2011, 22:25
Could you post bigger pics? It's a very hard to see anything (and let's be fair, 320x240 is tiny in 2002, let alone 2011).

Easy E
20-07-2011, 02:02
Boss Boomshagga was starting to feel a wee bit sorry for himself. The attack on the attack on da Oomie fort had never come together. Da' Boss had order his boyz out to find more scrap. Always more scrap.

Those pesky human pirates had made off with his best Spanner just when he needed him most. The Lucky Git was belching smoke, and shaking so hard that he had to grip the hand rail for support. Boomshagga had heard that poor Zoomdakka had been sold to the North Ammoriss PDF and executed. Too bad.

On the bright side, his rival and former boss Sniktoof had met the same fate. That brought a smile to his face. He vaguely wondered if Sniktoof had simpered like a grot. Probably.

Of course, recruiting new boyz was tough. They all whispered that da Lucky Git was a cursed boat. Only down on there luck boyz and grots would try to sign up. Boomshagga would let himself be cuffed before he signe don any blasted gretchin.

Just then, trusty Gobgutz pointed to the distance. His keen eyes had seen a glimmer, the most likely sign of fresh scrap. Well, the best way to turn your luck around would be to get enough scrap to buy a new reputation!

Boomshagga cupped his hand to his gob and roared, "Gutmek, get uz to dat scrap!"

Da Lucky Gitz vs. Eagle Eye Pirates- Da Deff Islands- We woz 'ere furst!

Turn 1:
Dakkablitz grabs some scrap!

After a booster Malfunction, Captain Eagle Eye grabs some scrap and gets back in Da Eagle's Nest.

Mad Dog drives the Eagle's Claw forward, beaches it, and makes for the Scrap.

Turn 2:
The Orks race forward and fire at Mad Dog. He is caught in a crossfire and taken down by Rukkrukk.

Matey Gunnar opens fire with his Heavy Bolter at Da Lucky Git. The Big Shoota is taken out, Boomshagga saves a stray shot, and the rest are absorbed by the armor. However, the Heavy Bolter jams.

Turn 3:
Gobgutz leaps over the side of the mob boat and runs for the loot on the island that Mad Dog was going for.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Boyz head towards the Eagle's Nest. Shooting wildly, and well out of range.


For there part, the remaining pirates seem eager to engage the Orks, they return fire and Ancient Bob damages the Upper Cogs on the Lucky Git.

Turn 4:
Gobgutz manages to limp over and grab the loot.

Da Lucky Git lines up for a ram on the side of Da Eagle's Nest, but a booster malfunction leaves them short. The orks unload on them with a barrage of shots, but they all are deflected or miss.

Turn 5:
Da Lucky Git turns sharply, and follows after Da' Eagle's Nest. With skillful use of thrusters, the Orks manage to shunt the stern of the human craft. However, no real damage is done, only a pirate is forced off her feet.

The Orks try to jump aboard the Pirate vessel. Ancient Bob tosses Badmek over the side and knocks him out. Dakkablitz is also thrown overboard by Sam Treacherous, but he is still in the fight. Boomshagga misses the jump and falls into the water. Rukkrukk follows, but hits his head and is taken down.

The Pirates try to counter-board. Gunnar misses the boat and gives himself a flesh wound. Crazy Ivan, dives in head first but smashs into the side of the boat and goes unconscious. However, the Captain and Ancient Bob make it across to face Gutmek. After a blizzard of blows, Gutmek stays onboard and fends off the boarders.

The pirates left onboard shoot down at the Orks in the water, but fail to injure any of them.


Turn 6:
Nob Boomshagga climbs back onboard Da Lucky Git and tosses Captain Eagle Eye over board after pistol whipping him into submission. He is downed.

Ancient Bob is charged by Dakkablitz, and the old man easily bests the soggy ork, taking him OOA. However, Gutmek takes advantage of Ancient Bob's vulnerability and strikes him down.

After such a drubbing and the loss of their Captain, the Eagle Eye pirates flee. They manage to retain their one bit of scrap, and leave the other three to the Orks.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++
Captain Eagle Eye- Full recovery
Mad Dog- Full recovery
Ancient Bob- Captured

Badmek- Full recovery
Dakkablitz- Dead

Gunnar= +5=+1 I
Crazy Ivan= +1
Ancient Bob= +10= Play Dead
Captain Eagle Eye= We's Pirates! skill
“Rudder” Ralphius= +1 Ld

Gobgutz= +1=
Boomshagga= +15= +1 I
RukkRukk= +5= +1 WS
Gutmek= +5= +1WS
Dakkablitz= +1- Dead (Boo-who?)
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++

He watched as the Rukkrukk and Gobgutz heaved the body of Dakkablitz over the side. The orks body quickly slipped beneath the waves of Ammoriss.

Dakkablitz had been their newest boy. That was no way to start a comeback run. Well, at least he had the satisfaction of throwing that no good human pirate over the side and into the drink.

Boomshagga let out a deep laugh as they motored away. that would make a good story to recruit yoofs at Da' Job Pole.

Easy E
27-07-2011, 00:18
Da Battle at Da Fort!

Eagle Eye Pirates vs. Da Lucky Gitz- Free the Captive, Pirates attacking
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +

Boss Boomdshagga sat in his favorite brewhouse nursing a squig beer. He had been nursing it all day, but he was a bit hazy in how long exactly he had been drinking his brew. The big ork shook his, things were getting a bit fuzzy now and then and he didn't like it.

So far, no new recruits had approached him. He had set up his bosspole in the middle of his table, just like the other Nobs. A few others were chatting up prospective yoofs and boyz. The occasional bellow of laughter would peel across the room, usually followed by a hurled gretchin. Just at the table across from him, a Nob was headbutting a potential new crewman for his boat. Boss Boomshagga just shook his head. He had a good story to tell today, but no body seemed interested in listening.

He had seen some of the other ladz grumbling to themselves and pointing his way. A few hexed themselves as he sat down. Maybe the rumors about Da Lucky Gitz were starting to spread? He would have to do something about that, or his days as a boat boss were numbered. If word got all the way back to the big boss... ah.... something would happen.

He was just about to finish his squig beer and go, when a lone Ork at the edge of another Nobz table caught his eye. The Ork was broad in shoulder, strong of arm, and the dull gleam in his eye hinted that he wasn't too bright. Perfect!

Like the true Morker that he was, Boss Boomshagga slipped up next to the ork. He was clearly interested in Nob Gobgrotz talking about looting an Oomie fort and making off with da scrap. That didn't deter Boss Boomshagga. He slipped an arm around the shoulders of the ork, and deftly turned him to gaze upon his Bosspole.

“Waz ur name lad?” Boomshagga whispered with a conspirators grin.

The ork blinked slowly, gazing at the bosspole, “Kersmash boss.”

The Boss nodded sagely. It looked like he might have a new recruit after all,“Oi, I gotz a reel tale of adventure....”

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +


Turn 1:
Captain Eagle Eye, and Sam treacherous along with two new recruits; Lucky Lyndh and Lady Deth swim towards the fort.


The alert Rukkrukk spots them, and takes a shot at the Captain. He is pinned.

Turn 2:
The Eagle's Claw roars into the fight and beaches right in front of the gate. Lady Deth's auto-pistol jams from the sea water. None of the shots hit Rukkrukk.

Rukkrukk fires on Captain Eagle Eye again and downs him. However, the shot used the last of his ammo.

Turn 3:
Sam Treacherous blows the gate with her only krak grenade. A flurry of grenades, bullets, and las shots fail to take out any of the Orks.

Oh no, Boss Boomshagga is suddenly struck dumb, and stands there confused. As the Boss stands there confused, Kersmash rushes out and attacks Lady Deth. The pirate fends him off with some deft sword work.

Turn 4:
The Eagle's Nest rushes in from the side, and unloads even more pirates into the Lucky Gitz' fort.

Boss Boomshagga stands there dumbly while Lucky Lyndh cracks him across the gob with the hilt of her chainsword. He reaches up and dabs the blood away with his finger tips.

Crazy Ivan keeps his wits about him, and charges in to help Lady Deth. He slips a knife past Kersmashs defenses and brings the Ork down.


Finally, Da Lucky Git returns from patrol to find their fort swarming with Pirates. Gutmek hits the thrusters, and they exploded causing the boat to spin.

Gobgutz opens up with his Eavy Shoota, and fails to hit anything. Badmek is still to far away to use his shoota.

Rukkrukk charges Mad Dog as the Pirate struggles to free Ancient Bob. The Ork let's out a mighty Waaagh! And clubs him across the body with his shoota, causing Mad Dog to stumble back and catch his breath. His Flak armor saving him from getting taken out.

Lucky Lyndh fails to finish the job on Da Boss.

Turn 5:
The Pirates that can fire on the Ork boat. A shot from jealous Eve causes Badmek to be blasted from the boat. Gunnar's Heavy Bolter rips into the Lucky Gitz engine and destroys it, immobilizing the craft. The Eavy Shoota also explodes, but Gobgutz flak protects him.

Boss Boomshagga shakes off his stupidity. He shoulder smashes the charging Lady Deth and takes her down, out of breath. The Boss then turns to face Lucky Lyndh. This time, she's not so lucky and gets pummeled into the ground.

Sam Treacherous twirls her flail and lands a crippling blow into Rukkrukk's weak chest, crumpling him to the ground. Mad Dog turns to continue trying to free the prisoner.

Boos Boomshagga charges in and takes Crazy Ivan out of action with a well placed kick from his Bionic Leg.

Turn 6:
After the horrendous battle, the Pirates decide to high tail it without Ancient Bob.


The rest of the boyz managed to paddle back to the fort, as Da Boss took care of Rukkrukk. By the time they made it into camp it was all ready dark.

“Oi, what took uze so long?” Boss Boomshagga rorared.

Gobgutz, a huge hulking Ork simply shrugged. Gutmek looked around nervously. Meanwhile, Badmek made himself busy tinkering with something or other.

Boomshagga just shook his head while Rukkrukk dragged himself over to the group nursing an injured leg. The injured ork looked around slowly before speaking, “Ah boss?”

Boomshagga world on his old comrade, “What now!”

Rukkrukk shrunk back timidly before continuing, “Wazn't der annuver boy wiff uz?”

Boomshagga scratche dhis head, and started countng the number of boyz in the fort with him on his fingers. When he finished he let out a loud orky curse.



Lady Deth- Bitter Enmity towards Morkers
Lucky Lyndh- Full Recovery
Crazy Ivan- Survives against the odds

Rukkrukk- Old Battle Wound
Kersmash- Captured!
Da Lucky Git- Bone Shaker- Since this was the second occurrence, the first was fixed by the Meks in the post battle sequence.

Boss Boomshagga- +25- +1 BS
Rukkrukk- +5-

Lucky Lyndh- +5- Gotcha
Sam Treacherous- +5- +1 WS
Jealous Eve- +5- +1 LD
Gunnar- +15- +1 BS (Yikes!)
Crazy Ivan- +10- Dodgy- Congrats Swab, you are now a pirate!