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23-09-2009, 01:09

Getting back into the game for the first time since 6th edition. Got about a half dozen games under my belt again with my old army (Tomb Kings) and decided to try my hand at the Ardboyz Tournament 3K on Saturday. Haven't played a 3K game in ages, so I have two lists in mind. Would like some advice as to which you all think would be better.

List 1
LHP w/Cloak of Dunes, Golden Ankhra, Neferra's Plaque
LP w/Casket, Collar of Shapesh, Dispel Scroll
LP w/Hieratic Jar, Dispel Scroll
TP w/GW, LA, Shield, Chariot, Chariot of Fire
TP w/GW, LA, Shield, Brooch of Great Desert
Chariots x3 w/Standard (Prince in Chariot goes here)
Chariots x3
Skeletal Bowman x12 w/Blessing of Asp
Skeletal Bowman x24 w/Blessing of Asp (Prince on foot here)
Tomb Guard x19 w/Champion, Standard, Banner of Undying Legion (Khalida)
Tomb Scorpion
Carrion x3
Ushabti x3
Catapults x2

Total: 2995

Basic gunline army based around Khalida, archers, catapults and lots of magic. Has two units for tarpits and some decent hammers.

List 2
TK w/Destroyer of Eternities, Collar of Shapesh
LHP w/Golden Ankhra, Cloak of Dunes, Neferra's Plaque
LP w/Casket, Dispel Scroll x2
LP w/Hieratic Jar, Dispel Scroll
LP w/Skeletal Steed, Staff of Ravening
TP w/GW, LA, Shield, Chariot, Chariot of Fire
Skeletal Bowman x10
Skeletal Bowman x10
Chariots x3 w/Standard
Skeletal Warriors x25 w/HW, Shield, LA, Standard
Tomb Guard x19 w/Standard, Banner of Undying Legion (King here)
Tomb Scorpion x2
Carrion x3
Ushabti x3
Bone Giant

Total: 2995

This list is more balanced. Some shooting, close combat, tarpits, and hammers.

So which do you think is more able to handle a 3K tournament? Thanks in advance.