View Full Version : Which item pair to take?

23-09-2009, 22:02
Undivided chaos lord riding a manticore and carrying a shield:

Sociopath: Runesword + crown of everlasting conquest


Psychopath: Daemonsword + helm of many eyes


And what daemonic gifts fits best?

23-09-2009, 23:44
Not the Daemonsword. You have no Ward to protect yourself, and you will be killing yourself posthaste with it. Statistically, I think you die to yourself in 3 rounds of combat, and then your Manticore fails his Reaction Test, rolls a 1-4 and effectively is out of the game.

Go with the Runesword. For Gifts, maybe use the Bloodcurdling Roar so your Lord has something to do when he's waiting for a good charge.

24-09-2009, 00:03
The daemonsword is too likely to take the guys head off, plus stupidity can be a pain....even at ld9 (trust me, cold one knights and chariots are also ld9 and yet they still fail at inoppertune times).

I'de be more inclined to go for a setup like the following....
Diabolical Splendour (extra -1 to psychology tests he causes)
+ Blasphemous Amulet (you charge, 4 enemies in base contact can die meaning you can kill off annoying unit champions)
+ Sword of Striking (hitting on a 2+ is awesome)
+ Armour of Morrsleib (4+ ward save if you want it for cheap)

Same sort of hitting power with no worry about fluffing your attacks, plus you can do a fair bit of damage in the magic phase. Although you'll need to be wary of nearly killing 2 wound hero's and only being able to get +6 to combat res as a result, rather than +7.

Your unlikely to fail the manticores raarrgg on turn 1, but the amulet does give a bit of a safety net as you can potentially kill an annoying unit champion who wants to make use of that somewhat annoying drawback of having to charge.
Although after turn 1, baiting a large flying target is next to impossible.