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24-09-2009, 09:56
1 Chaos Lord
- Nurgle
- Chaos Runesword (+1 to many stats :) )
- Armour of Damnation (opponents reroll successfull to hit)

1 Sorcerer
- Nurgle
- Scroll x2

1 Sorcerer
- Nurgle
- Infernal Puppet
- Possibly magic weapon

1 Hero
- Nurgle
- Black Tongue
- Shield
- Great Weapon or Halberd

5 Marauder Horsemen
- Flails

5 Marauder Horsemen
- Flails

20+ Marauders
- Light Armour
- Shields
- Command Group
- Mark of Nurgle

10+ Chosen
- Halberds
- Shields
- Mark of Nurgle
- Command Group

5 Knights
- Nurgle

1 Giant
- Nurgle

1 Shaagoth
- Great Weapon

This is the rough scetch of the list I am going to make sooner or later. I will try to make a list that focuses on cool models and conversions over gameplay, and would also like it to be a Nurgle list, with one or two units being undivided, while at the same time not being a total loser. Hard one eh?

The general idea is that the sorcerers cast only the sniper spell, lvl 1, else they are in for anti-magic, possibly inside the marauder infantry block for protection. The lord and hero possibly go with the chosen.
The block and the chosen form the front line with some protection given by the horsemen, and the biggies and knights try to flank. Not easy since most ppl will have more units and more flexible than mine, but that is the idea :)

I am thinking that the points I have left for spending could either be more models (chosen mostly) or some upgrades as demonic gifts or the important horses for the sorcerers (2+save) and maybe lord. In general, I would love to see more warriors in the list...

Any suggestions?

24-09-2009, 12:42
you will lose half vps for the use of the black toungue-is it worth it?
maybe better on the lord. I like it with the pendent of slaanesh so you get an extra attack straight away and on your own terms.

I am afraid that you are sacrificing good rules for good models- the helcannon is decent and hard to kill without artillery but duel monsters isn't a terrible idea-why not mount the lord and another hero, possibly a bsb, so you can properly support the big lads?


25-09-2009, 09:27
I think that the combination of Infernal Puppet and Black tongue is a must and it can win a battle by itself (against heavy magic user armies).
Personally, I would suggest to change the Shaagoth with Hell cannon, and the infantries with more mobile cavalry units.