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25-09-2009, 18:08
I am just starting up in WHFB
My army of choice is Warriors of Chaos. But very elite.
The whole force will be Chaos armoured. No Marauders or beasts.
All sorcerers will be of the hunched, black robed variety.

But where to start?
How to play?
Dos/donts, must haves/must avoids, pros/cons ect?

If it makes a difference my main opponents will be horde Skaven and shooty High Elves.

Thanks in advance

25-09-2009, 20:02
Do a search for Chaos Tactica 7th edition elsewhere on this site. After reading through that ask ahead and I might be able to help you with more specific questions.

25-09-2009, 21:06
You will need non chaos armour models to make a competitive list, at least some dogs for screening. Marauders are not necessary but bringing some horsemen is usually also a good idea.

Otherwise take as many units of knights as you can get into the list and support them with lvl4 Tzeentch casters with lvl 2 Nurgle casters as support. Warriors/chosen make good anvils although they are a bit slow and will need casters to make the enemy come to you. Supported by a warshrine or two chosen can be nearly impossible to kill.

Also consider a hellcannon or two since they are your only unit that can shoot and they are also at least decent in combat.

25-09-2009, 21:09
Without non Chaos Armour units could it still be a playable force?

25-09-2009, 21:21
sure it can be played but it will mean that all shooting / magic that comes your way will hit valuble units instead of screens. It also means that you cant use Mark of Khorne since you dont want frenzied units running off after fast cav and similar things and you dont have anything to screen them with.

If you can bend your wish for a few units of dogs you will do fine. marauders, monsters and similar things are not needed although they will make a more varied list.

26-09-2009, 02:59
You need a few expendable units, Warhounds are probably the best unit in the WoC list because you NEED something to protect your 40+ point Knights.

There are two popular and successful concepts for WoC;

Mixed with heavy magic and possibly Hellcannons or Cavalry, if you want elite go Cavalry.

Cav sports 4 units of Knights at 2k+, usually 6 models per unit, normally Khorne or Nurgle. Warhounds are a must to help you survive a bit of shooting and avoid being frenzy baited if you're Khorne. Minimum magic (1 caddy) and some Marauder horse to run interference and it's VERY effective. Most players know they're in for a tough fight if they see this across the field and Knights of Khorne hit as hard as any R&F troops in the game. I'll let others go into the magic/mixed format because that's not my game. But I'll leave you with this thought, 6x Knights of Khorne do 18 Str 5 and 12 Str 4 attacks in CC with T4 and a 1+ armour save, against most non-elite infantry that means they deal 10 or more wounds in a round of combat.

My 2250 list is;

Lord on Jugger
4x6 Knights
3x5 Marauder horse
6x5 Warhounds

27-09-2009, 17:38
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