View Full Version : My thought on the 3rd edit game IMO

26-09-2009, 04:55
OK I read threw the new rules and pretty much it's just like Space Hulk 1st edit. The one big change is the guard action. Re-roll hand to hand attacks with stealers. Re-roll only one dice per hand to hand. I can see how this comes in hand but play time will tell.

Having a Sgt will allow you to repick command points. HMMM Nice and is handy. Always handing using command points in stealers turn too. Glad they brought that back :)

As for time. I think I'll go with the egg timer and take the 30 sec penalties. Makes for a funner game. HAHAHAH

I don't like the idea of having to shoot doors that close in Over watch. I can see this being abused. I would think marines are trained enough to know the difference.

Thank you for bring back the flamer old school. Flame the section DIE BUGS DIE!!!! The 2nd edition was too tactical for a really clumsy weapon. IMO

Glad to see Space HUlk back but will mod a little. Pretty much will use the first edit rules with new figs. Starting to ick up stuff to build the bugga
3d. :)