View Full Version : Ard Boys not sure on which to use

26-09-2009, 04:27
OK I have 2 possibilities for the Ard Boys this weekend its either skaven or demons.

3000 pt Skaven

Screaming bell

Grey Seer
2 Tokens
Tenerbrous cloak
Brass orb

2 tokens
storm demon

Death globe
Warp scroll

2 dispel scrolls

* all engineers have all upgrades except pistols

25 Clanrats FC ratling gun x3

5 Wind Globadiers x2

10 Tunneling team posion hndwpn

15 Plague monks standard x2

7 Jezzails

5 Censor Bearers x2

Warp Lightning Cannon

I know its alot of magic thats what i was going for.
Second list

Axe of Khorne
Obsidian armor
Immortal fury


Blue Scribes


HoN Plaquin BSB
Slime Trail
Noxiuos Vapors
Stubborn Standard
Lvl 1

Siren Song
Lvl 1

11 Bloodletters Champ stnd
d6 Charge standard

11 Deamonettes Champ stnd
Siren Standard

11 Horrors Standard
Icon of Sorcery

12 Plaguebearers FC

5 Flesh hounds

3 Horrors

The Demon list isnt the way id like it but its what I have.
the store I will be playing in won't expect Demons. I think the shock value would make it work.

Any input would be appreciated thanks.

Guard of Itza
26-09-2009, 18:05
Well if you want to give yourself and have some laughs (my preference) take the skaven, you have a chance if you have some luck and some good skills. If you want to win at Ard' Boyz the daemons list will give you better chances (while being less likely to have fun). Neither are fully cheesed out but that is up to preference as for how much cheese is needed.

26-09-2009, 19:05
None of them is really cheesy which probably means that none of the lists are going to win Ard Boyz so I would suggest taking the skaven since you are more likely to have more fun with that list. Your final tourny with them before the new book.