View Full Version : is the librarian really that good?

26-09-2009, 18:17
Ive just played missions 6 and 7 (both ways) and i have found that the librarian, despite what he is like on paper, really isnt that good. I see him actually as weaker than sergeant lorenzo, and if he gets into trouble it can cost him a lot of psychic points to get out.

His force field power has come in handy a lot, but the psychic blast is expensive for what it does, and is very situational. prescience is ok but would be much more useful if it could be used in the stealers turn as well.

My suggestion would be just to treat the model on the board as a regular marine, and if you can use his powers then its a bonus. I think half the trouble was trying to use him as some kind of super hero, when really he would be better off just going onto overwatch like his squad mates.

26-09-2009, 18:42
Basically, I use him as a support unit.

Whereas the Lightning Claw Terminator and the Sergeants can smash their way through hordes of Genestealers single-handedly, I find the Librarian much better at supporting his fellow Marines than doing things on his own. A handily placed force field can be game turning. Combined with the flamer, this power can shut down the majority of a Genestealer player's turn by removing two avenues of approach, allowing you free movement throughout an area for a few turns.

26-09-2009, 19:47
As said, don't think he can win you the mission on his own. Sure he will survive better than a standard marine but he's no better at killing really.

Psychic Block is the power I use regularly and with the librarian in the centre of the squad and board he can reach and protect most marine's - not just himself.

Prescience is next to useless asnd Psychic Storm is too costly to be used regular.
Remember you can only use one power per turn anyway. If he could use more than one or had more psi points he could be a super character.

26-09-2009, 21:29
I am having mixed results with brother claudio and his lightning claws. He did fine in my first game with him, 2d6+1 is arguably better than the genestealers 3d6, as 5+ he wont die. The problem i find is that with one bad roll everything can be over very early.

26-09-2009, 22:34
Anecdotal evidence and bad luck aside so are the Librarian all that and then some. Its easy to blame a loss on your playing pieces. But consider the situation where you ended up having to spend alot of psi-points to keep your Librarian alive, how would a Sergeant have survived even half that?

But its ofcourse possible to use the Librarian badly and thus not get all the benifits from him. He is basicly an invincible super hero, but only as long as he has psi-points, so any waste of those are bad. There is no reason to actualy attack any Genestealers (with the possible exception of the Broodlord) as the Stormbolter does its job with no cost in psi-points. Speed is vital as the Librarians psi-points is a limited resource.

The Librarian makes for an ideal point man. He can shoot and overwatch as well as any Terminator with a Stormbolter. But in addition to that so does he have access to alot of tricks to solve problems he runs into. But he only needs to use those tricks when the normal Stormbolters are insuficient.

27-09-2009, 15:15
I kindof hate the Librarian. His force field is super-annoying because it has such a great range and can block everything without any use of AP points, or any line of sight requirements. At least with the flamer you have to spend 2 AP and usually have to move and turn around a lot to fire it. The Librarian can just block anyones back out of harm without much effort.
Also he is impossible to kill as long as he has some points left and while you might say "but he will use them up", this does not always make much difference, because some missions simply are too short (8 or 12 for example) to make that really count. In these missions he can just walk ahead as a kind of superhero and win singlehandedly. Not even the Broodlord can harm him in front (in fact he will most certainly die without big trouble) and everything in his back is simply blocked.
No other Marine can do that.
Therefore missions 8 and 12 more often than not turn into "stop the super-Marine-from-running", at least when we play it.

Now, I don't say he's unfair or unbeatalbe - because he surely isn't and missions 8, 12 and probably 11 aside I have probably seen him die more often than survive... after all a well placed hit in the back kills him just like any other Marine.

But I do think that his blocking and invincibility powers can make for duller games and I would much prefer to have a few more basic marines for most of the missions than the boring Librarian... after all the little bugger appears in 6 out of 12 missions which I think makes him kindof overrepresented (he appears as often as Gideon!)

27-09-2009, 21:25
I find him to be really good. The utility that he offers really makes him the best single marine, although he does look better than he actually is, if you simply read his rules. If he is put under some pressure, he will burn trough psychic points like crackers, and shortly therafter he will find himself on the wrong end of a genestealers clawy hand.

28-09-2009, 18:04
I think the librarian is as powerful as he SHOULD be, but the missions he is used in are too many and too easy - it's the missions that need altering really to keep the balance, as these would probably be perfectly playable if you replaced the librarian with another marine.

25-11-2009, 19:12
wilson how cant you love persistance when you remember you spent 1 action point too many then bam problem solved but in combat his psi spares can all be used to win any fight till he runs out

27-11-2009, 19:09
yes he is!

15-12-2009, 18:17
He's useless in hand to hand combat.

16-12-2009, 06:26
How can anyone say he's useless? He's basically the same as Sergeant Lorenzo, but with force powers as a bonus, and with his axe, can usually win that important combat using psi points. No mission requires you to use these psi points so if you use them early it doesn't matter too much, especially if it stops you losing a model.

He does appear much stronger on paper than he really is, I will admit, but he is still the best model overall, unless you only count firepower in which case he is nothign special. Force Barrier is the most useful ability in my opinion, with the others being used very rarely due to being unneeded or too costly in psi points.