View Full Version : 1000 Dark Elf Army (Friendly)

Dr. Acula
26-09-2009, 21:22
Hi all,

I've basically collected my VC army - only a couple of units shy of 2000 points and almost all painted, so its going well. I've also decided that rather than bump up the 2000 points further I'm going to make a start on some Dark Elves. They were another army that I wanted to collect but never did. Anyway, I picked up the book at GW today and wrote a quick list - tell me what you think.

Master - Beastmaster's Scourge, Heavy Armour, Sea Dragon Cloak, Ring of Darkness - 138 (with Corsairs)

Sorceress - Level 2, Darkstar Cloak - 160 (with Spearmen)

19 Warriors - Full Command - 146

10 Crossbowmen - Standard Bearer - 110

10 Crossbowmen - 100

19 Corsairs - Full Command, War Banner - 240

Reaper Bolt Thrower - 100

Total - 994

Any improvements?


26-09-2009, 23:36
If your aim is to be friendly, I'd cut down a little on the shooting. Shooting is absolutely devastating at 1000 points so I'd limit it a little.

27-09-2009, 08:35
Yes, I can't stress that point about the shooting. If you want friendly, I'd take only 10 RxB and a RBT. I made that mistake byt having 5 Shades and 20 RxB in 1000pts and after that cheese is an understatement. I never had a game that went past 3 turns.

As for the army... ditch the Standard on the crossbows and give them Shields and maybe a musician. Stick these guys on your flank and they work wonders. Gpood at shooting and pretty decent in combat. Your character set up seems pretty good and if you ditch a unit of RxB and make that change I suggested you have 100pts to play around with... maybe getting somehing that can pack a supportive punch in combat.

Dr. Acula
27-09-2009, 08:51
Is the shooting really that bad? I should (assuming 4+ to hit and wound) be getting 10 wounds per turn from the RXB - some of those will be saved, so it will probably only be 6 kills.

I'll have a quick rewrite and see what I can do to make it less cheesy. Would it be worth trying to fit in a small unit of Executioners?

Edit: How about this:

Master - Beastmaster's Scourge, Heavy Armour, Sea Dragon Cloak, Ring of Darkness - 138

Sorceress - Level 2, Darkstar Cloak - 160

19 Spearmen - Full Command, Shields - 146

10 RXB - Shield - 110

19 Corsairs - Full Command - 215

10 Executioners - Standard Bearer - 132

Reaper Bolt Thrower - 100

Total - 999

Less cheesy? Better overall?


27-09-2009, 09:01
I know the feeling about the shooting not beeing that bad when you right the list but when it gets on the table it's a different story completely. Just ask Kormas if you want a second opinion on it.

With Excecutioners some people aren't fans, me on the otherhand... I love the litle blighters and a small unit is worht trying... say about 7 with a musician I think should do you just about right. It's handy on a flank and packs a good punch on the sharge vs cavalry and on the flank of everything else. Should cost about 90pts if I remember correctly. With left over points just stick a shield on your master so he has a slightly better save and you have a nice friendly list... well at least I think so.

Dr. Acula
27-09-2009, 09:13
New list added above. In fact, I should only get 5 wounds (10 hits, 5 wounds) unless they're on a hill and shooting in 2 ranks.